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User Controls

Main Screen
The Main Screen opens when PicasaStarter is launched

  • Picasa Databases Tab
    Contains the controls for selecting databases and running Picasa.
  • Picasa databases: Box
    Select the Database to run in Picasa.
  • Add Button
    Starts dialog to add a database definition to the Picasa Databases.
  • Edit Button
    Allows the operator to edit the Database settings for the selected database.
  • Remove Button
    Removes the selected database from the Picasa databases box. The database is not erased, only it's name is removed from the list.
  • Options... Button
    Configure PicasaStarter Settings file location, and if Picasa is not installed in the proper location.
  • Run Picasa! Button
    Launches Picasa using the selected database.
  • Backup! Button
    Starts the backup process on the selected database and pictures if configured.
  • View Backups... Button
    Shows the backups for the selected database if configured.
  • Close Button
    Exits PicasaStarter.
Database Configuration Screens
The Database Configuration screen opens when the user clicks the Add or Edit Buttons.

Database Controls Tab:
  • Name Box
    User assigned name for this database. Name can be anything, but should probably tell which database will be used.
  • Description Box
    User's description of the database. Should describe the database well enough so user will know exactly the contents and location.
    The description will be shown in a tooltip when the mouse pointer hovers over the database name in the main menu
  • Database Path and Browse Button
    Define or select the path the database is stored in. If the database will be on a virtual drive, go to Virtual Drive and define it before browsing otherwise the drive will not be found.
  • Create Empty Database Button
    Creates an empty database in the Database Path when a new database is defined.
  • Copy an Existing Database Button
    Opens a dialog to allow the user to copy an existing database to the new database.
  • Convert From 3.8 Button
    If the database in the database path was created under PicasaStarter version 1.5, using Picasa 3.8, it is converted to the format for Picasa 3.9.
  • Create Shortcut Button
    Opens a dialog to create a shortcut to the selected database so PicasaStarter can start directly into Picasa.
  • OK Button
    Saves the changes and exits the database configuration dialog.
  • Cancel Button
    Exits the dialog without saving the changes. Changes made in real time such as copying databases will not be cancelled.

Map Virtual Picture Drive Settings Tab:
  • Relative Path Button
    Use a Relative Path when the Picture Source Drive path to be mapped to the Virtual Drive Letter may be on a different path in different PCs or for different users. This path must be on the same drive as the PicasaStarter settings directory.
  • Absolute Path Button
    Use an Absolute Path when the Virtual Drive Source Path is always on the same drive or URL for all users and PCs.
  • Virtual Drive Source Path and Browse Button
    Browse to the Drive or folder that will be mapped to the Virtual Drive Letter. The Virtual Drive Source directory is the parent directory of the PicasaStarter and Pictures subdirectories. This means that if a portable or network drive is connected to a new PC and not mapped to the expected drive, PicasaStarter will map it to the correct drive for the duration of that Picasa session.
  • Virtual Drive Letter pulldown box
    Select the Drive Letter the database will expect the pictures in. (A: to Z:) On a Portable or Network drive, this is the Drive letter the picture folder was on when the database was created.
  • Enable Virtual Drive CheckBox
    If the drive specified above is not mapped on the PC to the specified drive letter, PicasaStarter will Map the "Virtual Drive Source" directory to this drive.
  • Map Drive Now! Button
    Click the Map Drive Now button to test whether the drive can be successfully mapped. If mapped successfully no message will be generated. If not mapped successfully, a message box will explain the problem.
    Note: When Mapping a relative drive letter to the same letter, as is done for a portable drive, the message will indicate that the drive is already mapped, but this is the correct behavior.

Backup Settings Tab:
  • Backup Computer
  • The Computer that defined the Backup will be the only one that is reminded to do backups. That Computer Name is shown here.
  • Last Backup Date
    The last date this database was backed up.
  • Backup Reminder Box
    Specifies how often to remind about an incremental backup - Always, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Never.
  • Take Over Backup Task
  • Click to become the Computer that will be reminded about doing the backups. Your Computer Name will become the Backup Computer Name.
    The Backup path will often be from different PCs, so only the owner will be allowed to do the backup to avoid problems.
  • Backup Directory and Browse and None Buttons
    Selects the Directory PicasaStarter will use to backup the selected Database or Database and Pictures, Click None for no backup.
  • Back Up Database Only Checkbox
    Check this box if only the database should be backed up..

Copy an Existing Database Screen
This dialog opens when the user pushes the Copy an Existing Database button in the Database Configuration screen.

  • Select Database to Copy ListBox
    The selected database path will be placed in the Selected Source box
  • Selected Source textbox and Explore Button
    Click Explore to go to the source database directory and copy the source database folders.
    If a different database to copy is desired, the user can browse to the desired directory.
    If the database is on a Virtual Drive, Browse to the database copy in the Virtual drive Source Path.
  • Destination textbox and Explore Button
    Click Explore to go to the Destination directory and Paste the database folders to the destination.
    If The database folders already exist, they should be renamed or erased before copying the new folders.
  • Done
    Return to the Database Configuration screen.

Create Shortcut Screen
Creates Windows Shortcuts to run Picasa with the selected database without showing PicasaStarter
This dialog opens when the user pushes the Create Shortcut button in the Database Configuration screen.

  • Shortcut Name Box
    Give the shortcut(s) an easy to remember name that tells which database will be used or if it will be the select menu.
  • Shortcut will open the "Select Picasa Database to Run" Menu
    If Checked, this shortcut will show a Select Database to Run Box so the user can choose the database to run.
    Picasa will start using that database without showing the PicasaStarter screen. 
  • Shortcut will Start Backup...
    Instead of running Picasa, this shortcut will back up the selected database if checked.
  • Place Shortcut on Desktop
    Place Shortcut on the User's Desktop if checked.
  • Place Shortcut in PicasaStarter application directory
    If checked, a copy of the shortcut will be placed in the PicasaStarter application directory.