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 NOTE: The functions of RunPicasa.bat have been incorporated into PicasaStarter Version 2.0, Which works with Picasa Version 3.9 and above. So after upgrading to PicasaStarter 2.0 RunPicasa.Bat is no longer needed. See the PicasaStarter Users Guide, Virtual Drive function on the website.
RunPicasa.Bat Was written by Earl Bossaller with input and support from Pieter Roggemans.
2011-11-02 - Enhancements for operation from mapped network drives were added using input from Bryan Keadle's RunPicasa.cmd
To obtain RunPicasa.bat, go to the Downloads directory and download RunPicasaBat.zip
For support go to the Forum and prefix your post with "RunPicasa.Bat" or something similar
One problem with running PicasaStarter and Picasa using a portable drive is that the drive may be mapped to different drive letters when connected to different PCs. RunPicasa.bat Maps the portable drive to the same drive letters on all PCs, allowing Picasa to run correctly.
RunPicasa is a batch file that you can place on your portable/USB/ or Mapped Network drive to run PicasaStarter on a selected database in the correct directory.
PicasaStarter allows the user to place the Picasa Database on a portable or network drive along with the Pictures and view those pictures on any PC that has Picasa installed. Remember that the Picasa database on the portable/USB or mapped Network drive must be the database for the newly assigned drive letter!
  • RunPicasa.bat is placed in the root directory of the portable/USB/Network drive.
  • RunPicasa.bat assumes that PicasaStarter and it's settings are in the \Picasastarter directory on the portable/USB/Network drive.
  • The Pictures and Picasa Database also need to be on the same drive as assigned by PicasaStarter.
  • RunPicasa releases the drive letter as soon as Picasa exits. To keep the drive letter assigned, add REM or :: (2 colons) in front of the line %UNDO% in the WeAreThere section of the bat file to avoid releasing subst or mapped drive, but remember it must be released manually when no longer wanted.
HINT: Since RunPicasa is a .BAT file, a DOS command Window will open to run it.
If you don't want this window showing on the desktop, you can create a shortcut to RunPicasa.Bat.
In the shortcut Properties Select Run: Minimized and Apply. When the shortcut is run, thecommand window will come up minimized to the taskbar. This shortcut can be copied anywhere. (Example: the Desktop)
Warning: RunPicasa.bat still cannot be run from a UNC Network Path, The network path must be mapped to a drive letter!
Earl Bossaller,
Mar 30, 2012, 1:20 PM