When you select images in Picasa and select this button, the images will be exported to the folder "%UserProfile%\Pictures\Picasa\Exports\Cleaned" stripped of any metadata. So "date taken", keywords (or tags), embedded name tags,... won't be in the exported version.

How to install?
  1. Create the folder  C:\Tools\PicasaScripts\ and save the following file in it: 
  2. Install the button in Picasa using this link:


The script above was updated on Sep 14, 2013 to Automatically Create the "%UserProfile%\Pictures\Picasa\Exports\Cleaned"  folder.
If you have used ExportCleaned before, and you didn't already have the "Cleaned" Folder, ExportCleaned may have created a unknown file inside the  Exports folder called "Cleaned".  If this file exists, ExportCleaned won't be able to create the "Cleaned" folder.
If a file exists in the "Exports" folder called "Cleaned" (with no file type) please delete it so ExportCleaned will work.