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A brief biography of my Dad on Mike Gosling's site  Fiji; Land of our Fathers

The most exciting book I read in 2016, Boussole by Mathias Enard, a novel about everything.  See my unpublished, apparently unpublishable, review in pdf below.
My ruminations on my Canadian family in World War 1 and before. "My Father was Wilfrid Laurier and Why: politics in Huntingdon, QC and Russell, ON 1891-1918" See pdf  "Elections Story" below. 

My grandmother's history of Vanua Levu, which my aunts compiled from the newspaper clippings - it ran as a serial - then illustrated it with watercolours [the BL record says by the author, but I think they are more likely by her daughters] and bound in masi [barkcloth]. They then deposited it in the British Library. 
The BL bookbinding database has pictures:
Uncle Jack's family history
John Bright Parham's research notes

Gabriola Museum .DVD   Gabriola Tides: Stories of Silva Bay

The Art of Engagement Network has moved to Facebook Art & Survival  and is now inactive.  Archives of the Islands Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies, ancestor of the Network, remain as a Wiki

Essays & reviews
Some articles are available in pdf format on request.

"Roma and other Gypsies." Review of Gypsy Fugue; an archetypal memoir by Marlene Schiwy  Ormsby Review #402

"Letters to Drumheller." Review of Dead Reckoning; how I came to meet the man who murdered by father by Carys Cragg. Ormsby Review #396

"The Illusionary realism of E.J. Hughes." Review of E.J. Hughes Paints Vancouver Island by Robert Amos. Ormsby Review #326

 "Seaweed's nonchalant tough love." Review of Seaweed under Fire by Stanley Evans. Ormsby Review 299  BC BookWorld V.32. N.3 Autumn 2018 p,32

"Specific to the Pacific." Review of Refugium; poems for the Pacific. ed. Yvonne Blomer.. Ormsby Review 227 "Specific to the Pacific"

"Faces of Modernity." review of The Beaver Hall Group and its Legacy by Evelyn Walters and Emily Carr as I Knew Her by Carol Pearson. Dorchester Review V.7, N.2 2017.

Contributions to Travelling through Time; a Guide to Historic Sites of Gabriola Island ed. Ivan Bulic. Gabriola Historical and Museum Society 2017

"How would you like to die". letter in BC Medical Journal v.59. n.6 July/August 2017

"It takes one to Tanka." Review of The Way of Tanka by Naomi Beth Wakan. Ormsby Review #136; BC BookWorld Autumn 2017 p.30
"The making of Making Room." Review of Making Room; forty years of Room Magazine Ormsby Review 130

"History as Real Estate Development". review of Placemakers, emperors, kings, entrepreneurs: a brief history of real estate development by Herb Auerbach with Ira Nadel. Dorchester Review. V.6. N.2, 2016. 

The Literary Storefront, the glory years; Vancouver's literary centre 1978-84 by Trevor Carolan. review Amphora 171. Fall 2015.

"Is 'Canada' really just Empty Space?"  review of Negotiations in a Vacant Lot:  studying the visual in Canada.  Dorchester Review V.5 N.1 2015

"The Life and Art of Harry & Jessie Webb". by Adrienne Brown. review. Amphora 168,  Fall 2014.

"The Most dangerous book: the battle for James Joyce's Ulysses." by Kevin Birmingham. Amphora 168, Fall 2014.

"A Cree Olympian as Everyman." review of Running; the Alex Decoteau story by Charlotte Cameron. Dorchester Review  V.4, N.2 2014.

 With WLP cited in R, Ewins. Traditional Fijian Artefacts, 2014.

"More Wharves on Silva Bay." Shale 28. June 2014

"A Passionate Patron" review of Harold Mortimer Lamb; the Art Lover by Robert Amos. Dorchester Review V.4, N.1. 2014

"Mapping an Island Paradise" review of The Land of Heart's Delight; Early Maps and Charts of Vancouver Island by Michael Layland. Dorchester Review V.4.N.1 2014

"Art made from Books" compiled by Laura Heyenga. Review. Amphora165 Fall/Winter 2013.
"The Stuff of Culture"  Amphora 164  See illustrations on my Flickr site
"Learning from Silence; victims of Canada's Pacific War."  Dorchester Review V.3. No.1. 2013

"Island Books: a personal list" - handout for the Island Studies Conference, May 11, 2013. available as pdf below.
"Island Time, Metaphoric Realism and George Szanto"s Shores of Perception." paper presented at the Island Studies Conference on Gabriola Island, May 11, 2013.
For version in .pdf format, see below.
"Bogged Up not Down" review of George Szanto's Bog Tender. BC Bookworld. Spring 2013.

Review of "Laura Secord:  the Alphabet" by Barbara Klunder. Amphora 160
"Naomi's Roller-Coaster", BC Bookworld. Summer, 2012.  [First section is editorial addition]

Cover endorsement. Naomi Beth Wakan, A Roller-coaster ride; thoughts on aging.. (Poplar Press, 2012).

Review of Garrett Stewart, Bookwork: medium to object to concept to art. Amphora 159
"Shikataganai - Never Again". Dorchester Review V.1.N.2 autumn/winter, 2011.
See also letter from Ann Sunahara in V.2. N.1.
"Japanese Canadians in Silva Bay..." , Shale 25 
"The (Type) Faces of Lawrence Weiner", Amphora 156
Review of Gail Edwards and Judith Saltman, Picturing Canada: a History of Canadian Children's Illustrated Books and Publishing. Amphora 156
"The Classicist and the Cavalier; The World of Lord Falkland, Martyr of Conflict by Anthony W. Preston". Dorchester Review V.1.N.1
 "St. Catherine of Sienna". Kinesis V.4. N.35 1974. jpg
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