Errata and comments

From Rod, Feb 17, 2009

I noticed on 1935.pdf, in the notes of #11 [July 8, 1935] , vanuka(?) Should be vanua -

the socio-politico-geographical grouping Fijians recognise as that to

which a number of villages and/or groups of clans (mataqali) belong. It

is a complex word with many layers of meaning. There is no "k" in that

word anywhere in Fiji and it is not represented by a glottal stop in

northeastern dialects.

On 1933p.9.pdf, #9 [ August 16, 1933], if that great log is associated with building, it

would certainly at that size have been one of the two end-posts. It looks

too big even for one of the corner-posts. If it is indeed an end-post, it

would very possibly be a vesi log.

In 1934.pdf, #7[March 31, 1934], the greeting in Fijian should be "Na nona talanoa ko

Ramadi" (not "nono") - literally, "Ramadi, his (or her) message" and is

the correct form.