Tequila, Fast, Easy, Powerful PHP code in seconds.

What is Tequila? 

Tequila is a highly productive MVC-PHP framework to code super fast, clean applications. 

Just start with your database and make your applications in seconds. Maintaining and extending is fast and easy with clear division of models and views.

Tequila DOESN'T use active record, feel free to code your model in a real object oriented way and use Tequila DAO's data mapping functionality to store and retrieve your objects.

All code is security and workflow ready!

Code less, live more

Tequila requires a minimum amount of coding, it helps maximizing reuse of your code.

Write once and without writing a single extra line of code use you data in pages, blocks, XML data, JSON data or Excel.

More than a framework

Generators. Generate pages in seconds and "1 Click application" feature.

Mashup. Build impressive applications by simply mashing up generated pages.

Security. Flexible, Robust, Inheritable and highly granular security, without limitations.

Managers and designers. Built in user & security graphical managers

Packages and libraries. Packages to make your life easier!, Login, keepalive, view strategies.

Read Tequila in a nutshell for a quick overview!

Workflow ready

Tequila features a powerful work flow engine that integrates transparently to the framework so all the code you write is work flow ready, you can build powerful applications using simple atomic tasks.

 More info? Read more characteristics of Tequila


  • Lightweight: @666k, deploying is a breeze.
  • Full MVC pattern
  • View strategies
  • Easy to extend
  • Reusable code
  • Multiple database
  • Multilanguage applications
  • Templateable applications
  • UTF-8 Support
  • 100% OOP
  • Auto-loading
  • Robust, advanced security
  • Code generator
  • Workflow engine
  • Ajax support
  • Validation
  • Thai calendar/language support

Give it a try!

Take 10 minutes of your life and discover the Tequila way.

Where to start?

Checkout the install page

Read: RAD Sunrise, and realize the possibilities

Read: "Your first application", to understand the concepts used in Tequila

Experienced user:
Read: "In a Nutshell", to get a quick overview