Welcome to Tequila framework

Is Tequila for me?

If your project is on PHP, Yes

Will it make development faster?

Dramatically, you can expect to reduce your development times at least 10 times, get better results and stop digging code and copying in all your pages when you need to fix or modify something.

Is it difficult to use?

No, read or try the 1st tutorial to get familiar with it and you are done. As you learn more you will discover some nice tricks to save more time.

What do I need to learn?

90% of what you need to learn are good practices, patterns, proper code separation and OO that you can use anywhere.

10% file locations, template style, some tricks here and there

I use a Javascript framework is it compatible?

Yes, you can use any JS technology, just include your libraries (check JS section) and work as normally.

I'm a flash / flex / ajax developer is it good for me?

Starting from a generated page you can get most of the information your Rich client needs, later making changes to get specific data requires very few lines of code. 

XML and JSON support are built in, we are currently studying adding AMF support.

What do I REALLY need to start?
  1. Web server + MySQL *
  2. PHPMyAdmin / SQLYog or any tool to execute some SQL to create a database
  3. Download and unzip the framework in your web server directory
  4. Follow the 1st tutorial
* if you don't have a running server + mysql, You can quickly install LAMP (linux) / WAMP (win) or MAMP (mac) 

What about support?
Commercial support is available from blue ball. Community  support is provided in the forums or via email,  we believe any question you have is either documentation we have to write or functionality that is not clear or missing.  

So we always help as good as we can do it.

If you need professional support or trained resources visit blueballgroup page

Who made and maintain it?
Tequila is made and maintained at Blue ball, mainly developed by itzco, currently maintained and improved continuously by himself, a great group of developers in Thailand and Vietnam, and a growing university community in Chiang Mai Thailand.

Blue ball is looking forward to create an active community and now is collaborating with Chiang Mai university students, who currently are updating the work flow engine to version 3 and the designer screens which will soon be released to the public.

If you would like to join us drop us a line on twitter. Universities get free support from us.

Where is tequila?

You can download tequila from sourceforge: tequila.sourceforge.net

What is Tequila?

Tequila is an MVC framework based on PHP, It aims to simplify the life of developers and allow more powerful applications to be coded and mantained in less time

With Tequila:

  • Nearly nothing to learn!, You know PHP right?
  • Less coding more power
  • Generators
  • Your code is already secured!
  • Open source
  • Built in packages and client side libraries
  • Extend the core or keep it intact is your choice
  • Object-Oriented
  • Extensible trough strategies
  • Templatable
  • Multi-languages
  • Multiple databases supported
  • Full support for UTF8
  • You can integrate nearly any PHP class, sure is PHP :)
  • Hopefully will get an active community soon!
  • (Thailand Chiang mai university already join us with some projects! Welcome!)
  • Rich powerful workflow not application aware

Tequila pushes for :

  • Power and flexibility
  • Coding less and less
  • Focusing on the real problems, let the framework solve the rest
  • Reuse, reuse and reuse
  • Object oriented programming
  • Clean clear code
  • Using your existing PHP knowledge
  • Allow you to work on Agile

Tequila is currently used in Mexico, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, US:

  • All UTF8 ready
  • Date problems solved
  • Multiple languages ready

Well, enough introduction, ready to give it a try? Yes, go to install page; Already install show me the code goto tutorial page

Less code, clean, fast, powerful: Tequila!