Dynare Documentation


The mod-files from this page have mostly migrated to: https://github.com/johannespfeifer/dsge_mod

The following example Dynare mod-files (and more) that solve particular problems encountered in Dynare or are representative for a particular class of models can be found on Github:

    • Mod-file showing how to generate the impulse response to a pure news shock, where a TFP shock is anticipated for 8 periods in advance, but does not materialize: RBC_news_shock_model.mod
    • Mod-file showing how to exogenously shock the endogenous state variable capital within a given period: RBC_capitalstock_shock.mod
    • Mod-file showing how to compute state-dependent Generalized Impulse Responses (GIRFs) using simult_: RBC_state_dependent_GIRF.mod
    • Mod-file of Smets/Wouters (2007): Shocks and Frictions in US Business Cycles: A Bayesian DSGE Approach, American Economic Review 97(3), p. 586-606.
    • Classical Monetary Economy Model of Jordi Galí (2008): Monetary Policy, Inflation, and the Business Cycle, Princeton University Press, Chapter 2
    • Baseline New Keynesian Model of Jordi Galí (2008): Monetary Policy, Inflation, and the Business Cycle, Princeton University Press, Chapter 3
    • Replication file for Aguiar/Gopinath (2007): Emerging Market Business Cycles: The Cycle is the Trend, Journal of Political Economy, 115(1), p. 69-102. It shows how to generate the correct IRFs after a permanent shock shifts the steady state.
    • Replication file for the small open economy models of Schmitt-Grohe/Uribe (2003): "Closing small open economy models", Journal of International Economics, 61, pp. 163-185
    • Replication file for the Neoclassical Growth Model of Schmitt-Grohe/Uribe (2004): "Solving dynamic general equilibrium models using a second-order approximation to the policy function", Journal of Economic Dynamics & Control, 28, p. 755 – 775,
    • Replication file for the model with recursive preferences in Caldara/Fernandez-Villaverde/Rubio-Ramirez/Yao (2012): "Computing DSGE Models with Recursive Preferences and Stochastic Volatility", Review of Economic Dynamics, 15, pp. 188-206,
    • Conducting the ABCD-Test of Fernandez-Villaverde, Rubio-Ramirez,Sargent, and Watson (2007), "ABCs (and Ds) of Understanding VARs", American Economic Review, 97(3), 1021-1026, in Dynare
    • Replication of the ABCD-test conducted for an RBC-model with news shocks presented in Eric R. Sims (2012): "New, Non-Invertibility, and Structural VARs", Advances in Econometrics, Volume 28, pp. 81–135
    • Replication files for García-Cicco, Javier and Pancrazi, Roberto and Uribe, Martín (2010): "Real Business Cycles in Emerging Countries", American Economic Review, 100 (5), pp. 2510-2531
    • Replication file for Ascari/Sbordone (2014): "The Macroeconomics of Trend Inflation", Journal of Economic Literature, 52(3), pp. 679-739. It shows i) how to map steady state relations inside of a mod-file based on a nonlinear model and ii) how to manually map the determinacy and stability region.

Useful Tools that can be found on Github as well:

    • Tool for plotting policy functions in Dynare: plot_policy_fun.m
    • Tool for reading simulations generated by stoch_simul when simul_replic>1 into an array: get_simul_replications.m

Occbin toolkit for Dynare 4.6

An updated version of Occbin that is compatible with Dynare 4.6 can be found at https://github.com/JohannesPfeifer/Occbin_update