Research interests
  • Natural Language Processing 
    • (NLP) for low-resource languages.
    • Machine transliteration
    • World Englishes analytics
  • Artificial intelligence applications for the developing world.
    • Rule-based applications
    • Supervised and unsupervised learning applications
  • Several types of information systems:
    • knowledge-based systems
    • decision support systems
    • automation systems.
  • Data mining and Web mining techniques.
    • Big data analytics
    • Health analytics

Research Projects
  • Data generation and language technology for low-resourced African languages. Supported by some funding from Google Inc. 2012-2013
  • Team member on SIDA BRIGHT project from 2016-2020

Masters Research

  1. Rachel Mulyanga, PGD CS (Management Information System for Human resource allocation), 2007.
  2. Arnold Mangeni, MSc IS (Information systems - Web-based, Mobile-based & Knowledge-based systems), 2014.
  3. Wamundu Muzamil, MSc IS (Information systems - Web-based Evaluation systems), 2014.
  4. Wilfred Magambo, MSc IS (Information systems - Web-based & Knowledge-based systems), 2014.
  5. Brian Muchake, MIT (NLP - cross-language term extraction between Lusoga and English) [co-supervision], 2015.
  6. Jacob Katende, MSc IS (NLP - Phrase-based Machine Translation between Luganda and English), 2015.
  7. Akello Kalumera Christine, MIT (NLP - Phrase-based Machine Translation between Acholi and English), 2017.
  8. Janet Mundua, MSc IS (Knowledge modeling applied to e-learning for the visually impaired) [co-supervision], 2017.
  9. Pamela Nakubulwa, PGD IS (Pregnancy and Birth information system for Hospitals) [co-supervision], 2017.
  1. Samuel Senfuma, MSc IS (Classification/Prediction applied to loan applications in Ugandan Banks).
  2. Carmela Okot Akello, MSc IS (Decision Support Systems for the Agricultural sector).
  3. Mukhwana Moses, MSc IS (ICTs and Organizations - Evaluation of higher education institution ICT investments).
  4. Sentongo Joseph, MSc IS (ICTs and Organizations - Assessment of IPv6 readiness in Uganda).
  5. Emmanuel Okoche, PGD IS (ICTs and Organizations).
  6. Justine Katwesige, Masters of Health Informatics (Weather-based prediction of disease occurrence and trend) [co-supervision]
  7. Kevin Namutosi, MIT (Towards effective content delivery using electronic learning platforms: the case of Makerere University)
  8. Emmanuel Jjumba, MSc IS (River information systems)
  9. Irene Wanyana, Masters of Health Informatics (text mining applied to physician notes) [co-supervision]
Ph.D Research
  1. Irene Nakiyimba - multistakeholder-based evaluation of enterprise application integration: a system dynamics study
  2. Hawa Nyende - Maternal healthcare apps in Uganda: SD Logic-based survey, Design, Implementation, Use, and Effects/Impacts
  3. David Bamutura - Grammatical Framework (GF)-based resource grammars for Runyankore-Rukiga
  4. Mark Abraham Magumba - Social Web-based disease detection

Research Group

            I occasionally participate in the AI-DEV research group at the School of Computing and Informatics Technology in Makerere University