Research Papers

  • Magumba M.A., Nabende, P., & Mwebaze, E. (2017). Ontology-driven machine learning approach for disease name extraction from Twitter messages. In Proceedings of the 2017 and the 2nd IEEE International Conference of Computational Intelligence and Applications (ICCIA 2017), Beijing, China (pp 68-73). Print on Demand (PoD) ISBN 978-1-5386-2031-1/ Electronic ISBN 978-1-5386-2030-4 / CD ROM ISBN 978-1-5386-2029-8 [won Best presentation in session by Magumba, M. A.].
  • Magumba M.A., & Nabende P. (2017). An Ontology for Generalized Disease Incidence Detection on Twitter. In: Martínez de Pisón F., Urraca R., Quintián H., Corchado E. (eds) Hybrid Artificial Intelligent Systems. HAIS 2017. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 10334 (pp 38-51). Springer, Cham. Print ISBN 978-3-319-59649-5 / Online ISBN 978-3-319-59650-1.
  • Nabende P., Tiedemann J.,  & Nerbonne J. (2010) Pair Hidden Markov Model for Named Entity Matching. In: Sobh T. (eds) Innovations and Advances in Computer Sciences and Engineering (pp 497-502). Springer, Dordrecht. Print ISBN 978-90-481-3657-5 / Online ISBN 978-90-481-3658-2.
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  • Tiedemann, J., & Nabende, P. (2009). Translating transliterations. In International Journal of Computing and ICT Research, Special Issue, Vol. 3, No 1, pp 33-41. ISSN 1996-1065 (Online)
  • Nabende, P. (2009, August). Transliteration system using pair HMM with weighted FSTs Transliteration System using pair HMM with weighted FSTs. In Proceedings of the 2009 Named Entities Workshop: Shared Task on Transliteration (pp. 100-103), Suntec Singapore. Association for Computational Linguistics. ISBN 978-1-932432-57-2/1-932432-57-4.

Book(s) & Report(s)
  • Nabende, P. (2003, July). Design of a direct drive water pumping system using a used engine for domestic use. BSc. Mechanical Engineering report, Faculty of Technology, Makerere University.