"Really enjoy the training sessions. Craig prepares fitness programmes to meet my needs and pushes me to achieve my goals in a supportive way." - Allison

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"Outstanding, intelligent trainer. Plans careful programmes structured around client's goals and current capabilities.

Impressive professionalism." - Annie

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"Craig is an amazing personal trainer who creates personalised workouts that are both exciting and challenging. I have definitely enjoyed coming to you and look forward to sessions in the future!" - Dani

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"Since I have been going to Craig for personal training my sore shoulder has improved with no pain at all now and is far more flexible. My spare tyre has disappeared, and posture much better. I can get up off the floor without having to hold on to anything, and my tolerance of exercise is much greater. According to my Doctor my blood pressure has improved significantly. For the first time I'm really enjoying the time spent exercising." - Faye

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