I lost 14kg using a Fitness App. - Update

Post date: 17 May 2019

Ever been away on holiday, and come back a few kilos heavier, having suspended your normal fitness regime, and having eaten a little too much local cuisine?

I found myself in this situation last year, needing to trim down again and get back on the health train.

A previous article on this site I lost 6kg in 5 months using a Fitness App describes my early experiences and some important tips and conclusions you might find interesting.

The good news is that I lost a total of 14kg over the year. Now I'm back to my healthy weight, maintaining, and fitting into a whole bunch of clothes I was missing!

You can do this too!

If now is the right time for you to lose weight, talk to me about your options. Its not a "one size fits all" thing - there are many ways to approach this, and there is a way that will work for you - when you're ready. Call and chat without obligation.

Coming up

Next week I'll put up an article about a different method of losing weight that a client has been following - with tremendous success!