Register to play either via the myrugby website or you can download and complete the form at the bottom of the page. We accept cash or direct transfer to our club account online or in person
Registrations are taken on training nights.

*NEW 2017*
BSB  062 445
ACC  1104 7207

  • In 2017 Player Polos will be included in registration for u10s+. These are also available for purchase.


  • Teams from u14s and up are required to wear black dress pants and shoes to compliment their polos on match days.


  • It is a condition of registration that all new and transferring players should expect to play in the club's lowest graded team in their first year. This includes their own age group.



Penrith RSL Code of Conduct

Penrith RSL Junior Rugby Union Club Inc. expects its Players, Members and Supporters to have exemplary levels of Personal and Professional behaviour both on and off the field.

Failure to abide by our Code of Conduct may result in having your membership being withdrawn or another sanction based on evidence presented to the Committee of Penrith RSL Junior Rugby Union Club. 

Codes of conduct and policies from member unions including, but not limited to, the ARU, NSWRU and SJRU are supplementary to this document.

This Code of Conduct is designed with the following in mind:

The game is played for the enjoyment of players with sportsmanship emphasised at all times.

 To improve our physical fitness and encouraging participation and camaraderie in Rugby by making it attractive, safe and enjoyable for all people.

To improve our physical fitness and encouraging participation and camaraderie in Rugby by making it attractive, safe and enjoyable for all people.

To remind administrators, coaches, referees that rugby must be administered, taught and provided for the good of all who wish to play the game. It is their game!

Rugby provides the opportunity to meet new people and establish life-long friendships.

Basic skills and the laws of Rugby shall be imparted to all.


At Penrith RSL you will be encouraged to play hard and strive to win within the laws of the game.


  • Work equally hard for yourself and your team and your teams’ performance will benefit as well as your own. Remember at all times, Rugby is a team game, we score team tries!


  • When you commit yourself to a team for the season, honour that commitment. Attend all training sessions and games each week for the whole of the season.


  • Treat all other players, as you yourself would wish to be treated.


  • You will play by the rules, never argue with an official, referee or other players. Let the coach or manager sort out any problems. You must cooperate with coaches, teammates and opponents. Without them you do not have a game!


  • Players shall take pride and enjoy participating in sport. Learn to win with grace and lose with dignity. Be modest in success and appreciate your opponent's performance, even when defeated.


  • At the conclusion of the game, the opponents are to be thanked for the game as should the referee and officials who have made the game possible.


  • Ensure that you are always dressed in the correct uniform for all games. Penrith RSL members have a responsibility to its parent club and sponsors to represent them in the best possible light. Reduced registration costs and partnerships to benefit members are only possible with their involvement. Not wearing full RSL uniform may impact on being considered for end of season awards.


  • We are a club, not a service. Joining our club makes you a member. Members share in the responsibilities of the team and/or club. There are no “Golden teams”. All players, parents and officials will abide by the codes of conduct for the club and competitions they are entered. No one is bigger than the team, No one is bigger than the club.


  • Be punctual to all games. You should be at the ground at least one hour before the match starts/ present to clap on your club mates playing the game prior. If you arrive late you can expect to be a reserve if there is a surplus of players.


  • Wednesday is the official training night for Juniors 10+ (and Tuesday for Minis). If you are unable to attend you must notify your manager or the coach as to the reason why you were unable to attend.


  • If you are unsure of what to do or need to be assisted in any way, speak to the team manager for help. You will be provided with the telephone numbers of the coach and the manager.


  • Rugby is a winter sport and the game should be considered on despite inclement weather.


  • You are expected to help with the equipment at both training and at all matches. Equipment should be looked after and cared for by the whole team.


  • Always thank your coaching staff after all training sessions and all games.


  • Show respect for your own team`s opponents. Without them there would be no game.


  • Condemn the use of violence in all forms.


  • Respect the referee`s decisions. If there is any concern about a referee`s decision or any other aspect of the game, it should be raised with your child`s coach. Under no circumstances is the official`s honesty or judgement to be questioned in public.


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