Club muster training nights will begin Wednesdays in February from 6pm at Nepean Rugby Park.

Our Saturday Minis registration has increased slightly to $59 and will include jersey, shorts and socks. The increase includes a training top!

Club training will be Wednesdays from 6pm at Nepean Rugby Park. This includes u6s up to u15s. Wednesday is a compulsory training day.

Minis is whole club vs whole club so while we currently are involved in "Western Sydney Minis" with Parramatta district, kids will play at the same venue usually in age order. Whereas in some other sports Mum might have to be at Windsor with the u6 and Dad is at Blacktown with the u9 kicking off at a similar time. Ages are fairly fluid playing up or down an age as negotiated by the home and away coaches.

Girls automatically have a 1yr dispensation to play down if required. WSM play two hand touch on the shorts for u6s & u7s focusing on skill acquisition as kids learn tackle and ruck in u8s & u9s. As u6s is non contact we accept registrations from 4 year olds.

Sunday Junior u10s+ (before sibling discounts) will be $129. Includes jersey, shorts and socks, training shirt & Polo.

Please tag anyone interested in playing Rugby in 2017.

If you know you are not available to train Wednesdays by Round 1 we encourage you to check out the other Penrith DJRU clubs. Blue Mountains Blue Tongues, Western Raptors and Hawkesbury Valley.

u14s+ receive a gym membership if they commit to the Emus Junior Academy structure.

Our members are our best recruiters so get started RSL!