One of the most important principles we believe at Penrith RSL is that “Rugby is a team game... we score TEAM tries!”

Competing within a team for a top try scorer or point scorer award contradicts the values we wanted to be the cornerstone for Penrith RSL Rugby and to the detriment of genuine team play. This in mind, we have come up with 7 awards, 4 are opinion and 3 voted.

'Best & Fairest' is voted by the coaching staff. Players who have received cards or faced disciplinary action are deducted points rather than ineligible.

'Players' Player' is voted by the playing group for the player they enjoyed playing most with this season. The Players spend 40-50 minutes on the park together a week, but with training and preparation this quadruples as boys socialise and build bonds to strengthen their team and the club overall.

'Spirit of Rugby' is a combination of Best & Fairest and Players' Player votes to be nominated. It is the last award decided and other award winners may or may not be considered. The criteria to win includes having played for the opposition, a regular trainer, attending training or match days when injured and assisting to clean up after the game, "leaving it better than when we arrived".

The following awards should be awarded to four different players;

'Coach's Award' selected by Coach. The “MVP”. The player who is going to give his coach a headache, hair loss, grey overnight when he advises he’s injured or unavailable as he’s integral to his game plan. Possibly the first player selected in his position or considered when naming the weekend line-up.

'Manager's Award' selected by Manager. A “Team player”. Someone who is proactive on and off the field. The player who prepares well, listens to instructions, organises others, relays messages, generally makes the manager’s life easier as an important conduit between coach and players.

'Trainer's Award' selected by Head Trainer or Assistant Coach. A leader who makes a difference to the group as a model or example usually huddling around the drink bottles, in the in-goal waiting for a conversion or oranges at half-time. Consistently positive and enthusiastic. Present at training and enhances the session for all coaches and players.

'Most Improved' selected by Coach in consultation with staff. A committed trainer who has improved in both their rugby knowledge and skill.

Award Winners