A group created for Parents by Parents

We are a new "Booster Club" for the Parents of Special Needs students in the Penn Manor School District. We have no dues. We do no fundraising

We're parent-to-parent, sharing local resources,  a common interest, friendship, and support.

As parents of special kids, we appreciate the emotional "boost" from other parents who understand the unique challenges and frustrations of raising a special needs child.

Most of us deal with grief (as we come to terms with the "perfect" child we lost). We struggle to educate ourselves on our child's specific disabilities. We navigate the confusing nuances and lingo of both the medical and educational professionals who work with our child.

On this website, we want to share information of local interest: the stuff that will help us work with both Penn Manor School District and services that are available specifically in Lancaster, PA.


If you would like to join our email list, send an email to: PMSpecialParents@gmail.com. Our email list will be used to send announcements and information of interest to parents of special needs children. Emails will be blind-copied for confidentiality.

You will have the option to have more information added to a printed contact list in order to facilitate friendship and social interaction. This contact list will be shared only with the parents who choose to participate.


Next SNaPS Meeting:
How to Help Students with Disabilities Cope with Anxiety
Tuesday, October 18, from 6:30 - 7:30 PM
Manor Middle School in the library

See our Calendar for other meetings and services available locally. There are a whole lot of opportunities on that list!

Seeking submissions!

Volunteer: If you want to get involved in planning and organizing this group as we get it started, by all means say so! We'd like to have parents from all Penn Manor schools involved.

Stories: If you have an experience that might help others, please feel free to submit it. If you would like your story credited with your name, say so. If you would prefer to remain anonymous, that's okay too. Submissions will be edited for space and content.

Ideas: Share any and all ideas for content! What would you like to see here? What can a parent support group do to help YOU raise your special child? What do you have to share?

Questions: If you have a question you would like to have answered, send it. Questions may be posted for comments or forwarded to an "expert" for an answer.

Photos: We would love to use photos of your Penn Manor "special" kiddo on this website! Send photos only of your child or children, so that we do not have any privacy issues. 

Email photos, stories, ideas and comments to: PMSpecialParents@gmail.com