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Registration and Admission


Providence Creek Ballet Theater classes and programs are open to all students who wish to at train at its studio in Clayton.  PCBT is an equal opportunity school and does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, age, color, national origin, or sexual orientation. Applicants who register for the academic year program are required to pay an annual registration fee, Summer Concert costume fee, and their monthly tuition for classes upon placement.

Interested students must complete a registration form including publicity release and release of liability.  Dancers participating in The Nutcracker Suite will be required to complete a performance contract.

Placement Process

Students will take a placement class with the appropriate level based upon previous experience and age.  Following the placement class, the Artistic Director will discuss with the applicant and his/her parents the results of the placement class, how many classes are expected for that level and performance opportunities and responsibilities.  Placement in all PCBT classes is based on ability, not age and at the discretion of the Artistic Director and Faculty.


Conferences for student evaluation or issues are encouraged and should be scheduled in advance with the artistic faculty.  These matters cannot be discussed prior to the start of class.


There will be one meeting scheduled before each performance that all families should attend. Important information about schedules, updates, and performances will be sent by email. We ask that all parents read all emails and attend all meetings as part of your responsibilities to PCBT. Dates for meetings will be posted as soon as they are known.

Absences/Make-up Policy

Any student who must miss classes for any reason must contact the Artistic Director to report their absence.  Two weeks’ notice is required for all planned absences; dancers should provide a note to their teacher to be sure absence is added to the calendar. Please try to arrange your activities so that they do not conflict with your dance commitment. If there is a conflict, please discuss it as much in advance as possible with the faculty.  Missed classes should be made up during a class one level below the dancer’s assigned class level.  Please make every effort to attend all rehearsals and classes as attendance is required for progress.

There is a two week black out period prior to each PCBT performance.  Students may not be granted absences during this period. Every effort MUST be made to attend all rehearsals.  These could be scheduled on days other than regular class days.


  • All students are expected to behave respectfully and courteously at all times to other dancers and to PCBT faculty and staff.

  • Talking is not permitted during class or rehearsals.

  • No student should chew gum or use bad language near the PCBT studios.

  • Students must follow the dress code for all classes and rehearsals.

  • Students will show respect for the property of their peers, PCBT teachers, all PCA staff, and the facility.  Leave the dance bags and lunches of others alone; help keep the studio, bathrooms, and hallway clean by putting your trash in the trash can.

  • No food or drinks (with the exception of water) are permitted in the studio. All snacks should be in sealed containers and non-messy.

  • Water bottles labeled with the dancers’ names are encouraged and dancers may have water breaks during class.

  • Please put your belongings on the shelves provided.

  • Please do not interrupt classes already in session.  Dancers and parents must wait for classes currently in session to be dismissed before entering the studio.

  • PCBT is not responsible for any lost or stolen items and shall not be liable in any way for injuries sustained during attendance at the studio or any of its related functions.

  • Students may not leave the studio without their parent or guardian, unless a parental permission slip is brought in.  Parents must come in the building to sign out and pick up their child.

  • Students in danger of being excluded from performances due to attendance will be notified in writing as soon as possible.

  • If you are late, please ask the teacher/choreographer for permission to participate in the remainder of the class.  If you are more than 10 minutes late you may be asked to observe, due to risk of injury.

  • Any reference on the internet (i.e. instagram, Facebook, blogging, etc.) to Providence Creek Ballet Theater’s name or initials (PCBT), its artistic or administrative staff or fellow students and families in a derogatory manner could be cause for suspension or expulsion from PCBT.  Photos purchased from PCBT or taken at any PCBT event (including class and rehearsals) may not be posted on the internet without prior approval from the Artistic Director.

  • Parents are only permitted to observe class during Open House.  

  • School Attendance:  Dancers must be present at school for at least a half day to attend ballet class or rehearsal in the evening.  If a child is too sick to go to school, the child is too sick to come to dance.  Injured dancers are obligated to observe class.

  • PCBT’s Artistic Director may dismiss any student from the school for breaking the rules, for being uncooperative, disruptive, or for endangering the health, safety, and welfare of him/herself or others.

               If you have a question or a problem about anything regarding PCBT, its classes or faculty, please direct them to the PCBT Artistic Director.

Inclement Weather

In the event of inclement weather, PCBT will notify parents by email if classes are canceled.   PCBT will make this decision independent of Providence Creek Academy.  Make up classes and rehearsals for inclement weather will be scheduled as necessary.



Please check the website frequently. The Artistic Director will be making updates as information becomes known to her. This can include cancellations due to inclement weather or announcements about rehearsals and performances.

Arriving and Departing from PCBT

  • Students in the pre-professional division should try to be at or in the studio 20 minutes prior to the start of class.  Pre-class warm-up reduces the risk of injury.

  • If you are late, please ask the teacher/choreographer for permission to participate in the remainder of class.  If you are more than 10 minutes late, you may be asked to observe due to risk of injury. 

  • Dancers are not permitted to roam around the halls before or after class. Students should be picked up in a timely fashion.   

  • Please do not drop your child off in the parking lot. Walk them into the main lobby and watch them walk to the studio.  PCBT faculty is not responsible for students until they reach the studio. 
  • A security guard will be in PCA’s lobby beginning at 3:30 on weekdays. Everyone entering the school must present a photo identification. Older dancers walking in by themselves will need to present a school ID or driver’s license.
  • All dancers in Creative Movement, Pre Ballet, and Beginner I/II/III must be signed out by a parent/guardian at the end of every class.  If a person other than the emergency contact person is going to pick up the child, a written authorization needs to be sent in advance and the person picking up the child will be asked for photo ID. 


Summer Program

Providence Creek Ballet Theater offers a 4-5 week summer dance program each year.  We recommend the continuation of classes during the summer to retain and advance the technique and discipline that each dancer acquires during the academic year. This program is during the month of July. Without additional school responsibilities, more classes each day, and the ability to focus on technique, dancers have seen dramatic improvements at the end of the intensive.


All students are strongly encouraged to participate in the Summer Intensive. Applications for the Summer Programs are available for PCBT students in mid-March. 



All PCBT students will have the opportunity to perform in the Summer Concert at the end of the school year.  This performance will showcase vocabulary and skills that the dancers have learned throughout the year in ballet, tap, lyrical, jazz and hip hop classes.  Some PCBT dancers will also perform as a part of PCA’s K-2 Winter Concert. Additionally, students in Advanced through Company will participate in PCBT’s The Nutcracker Suite. Pre Ballet, Beginner, and Intermediate dancers can audition to perform as well; they must attend weekly rehearsals in addition to their regular class. The Nutcracker Suite and excerpts from the Summer Concert will be performed for PCA during the school day as well during a public show on Saturday and Sunday.  All dancers missing school for a performance will be given a letter that requests the school performance be an excused educational day from school.

Rehearsals will either be located in the studio or PCA’s auditorium in the week prior to the show (known as Tech Week).  The schedule for the week prior to each show will include a full run through, a technical rehearsal for lighting and sound, and a dress rehearsal. Specific rehearsal schedules with additional times will be distributed at least a month in advance. The performance packet has crucial information pertaining to the show. Theater rehearsals are closed to all parents.  Parents who wish to see their children perform should purchase tickets to all the shows they wish to attend.


Photo Day for both performances will be on a Sunday specified before the performance to eliminate missed classes and rehearsals. These dates will be posted upon scheduling. Both group and individual photos will be taken at this time. Photos are also taken of dress rehearsal by our resident photographer and shared with all parents via Shutterfly.


Special Events and Fundraising


Special Performances

PCBT has participated in various performances outside of PCA and plans to do so in the future. Performances include, but are not limited to, Dover Days, Delaware Dance Festival, Clayton Railroad Days, and the 4th of July Parade.



Parents, friends, and relatives of PCBT students are encouraged to play an active role in many areas of PCBT by volunteering their time working back stage, assisting with production tasks, or serving as an usher at productions.  The hours of volunteer work help to defray the cost of productions.  Volunteer opportunities and duties will be distributed during parent meetings and sign-ups will be available on volunteerspot.com.  We will need many parent volunteers around show time. These include, but are not limited to, dressers, ushers, ticket sales, costume alterations, and parking lot attendants.

Open House

Parents are not usually permitted to watch class because students focus better when parents are not watching class. Most parents are eager to see what the dancers are learning in class, therefore an open house is held in the fall for parents to observe class.  This is not a performance, but an opportunity to watch class.  Please save the aunt/uncle, grandma/grandpa invitations for The Nutcracker Suite performance and the Summer Concert when the dancers are better prepared to perform.  


Silent Auction

Bid on a variety of gift items donated by local merchants and PCBT families held in conjunction with The Nutcracker Suite.  We are accepting donations for this event beginning in November. More information will be distributed during the Nutcracker performance meeting.


PCBT will have a few fundraisers throughout the season and ask that every family contributes. Previous fundraisers have included Family Fun nights at Chick-fil-A, Friendly’s, and shirt sales.



It is a fact of artistic life that ticket sales and other forms of “earned income” cover only about 1/3 of the cost of bringing these productions to the stage. The rest comes from our extended family of generous donors, parents, and families of PCBT dancers. In lieu of doing numerous fundraisers, we encourage each dancer to obtain a minimum of 3 sponsorships. Sponsorship brochures are available upon request.


Regional Dance America

As of June 2016, PCBT was accepted into Regional Dance America/Northeast. Each year, select dancers from Advanced through Company will be participating in a Festival at various locations around the country.