Wait Until Dark: Composer/Sound Designer

Everyman Theatre - Directed By: Donald Hicken

“Patrick Calhoun's choice of incidental music and dramatic string chords were not overbearing but used seamlessly with the scenes playing out on the stage. The attention to detail is absolutely remarkable from the footsteps in the hall, the locking of doors, and the city sounds to the ticking clock, that emphasizes the suspense and has your heart beating just as loudly and in rhythm. Calhoun's design is extraordinary and is a major part of the success of this production." - Jason Crawford (Backstage Baltimore)


Mary Stuart: Composer/Sound Designer

Folger Theatre - Directed By: Richard Clifford

“The Music Composition and Sound Design (Patrick Calhoun) is staggeringly effective." - Sophia Howes (DC Metro Theatre Arts)


The Me Nobody Knows: Sound Designer

University of Maryland College Park - Directed By: Scot Reese & Alvin Mayes

Best of Sound Design 2014 in DC Metro Area Theatres - (DC Metro Theatre Arts)

The Gin Game: Composer/Sound Designer

Anacostia Playhouse - Directed By: Robby Lutfy

“Sound designer and composer Patrick Calhoun contributed a nightmarish ambiance of ominous rumblings that start imperceptibly low, then grow to terrorizing intensity accompanying the couple’s emotional turmoil.” -Debbie Jackson (DC Theatre Scene)


These Shining Lives: Composer/Sound Designer

Arts Collective at HCC - Directed By: Brandon McCoy

“Sound Designer Patrick Calhoun creates a world apart in this production, with sounds that creep into the background and subtly infuse themselves into the life of the play. Calhoun’s work underscores major moments of emotional development in the production and his sound designs add layers of reality to various scenes. The one that easily springs to mind is the calm lapping water of the beach during the picnic scene at Lake Michigan; soft and gently burbling in the background with just a hint of atmospheric noise to keep the reality of the scene present; Calhoun’s work is quite poignant.” -Amanda Gunther (DC Metro Theatre Arts)

After the Revolution: Sound Designer

Theater J - Directed By: Eleanor Holdridge Composer: Matt Nielson

“Patrick Calhoun's sound design expresses the sense of urgency in Emma's world without taking focus away from the telling of the even more powerful story.” -Jennifer Perry (Broadway World)

A Man, His Wife, and His Hat: Sound Designer

The Hub Theatre - Directed By: Shirley Serotsky Composer: Eric Shimelonis

“Sound Designer Patrick Calhoun is masterful in the understated use of sound effects. Just the hint of the sound of birds in the cemetery makes the Day of the Dead outing a fun occasion rather than a creepy event.” -Kim Moeller (DC Metro Theatre Arts)


On The Town: F.O.H. Mixer (Yes believe it or not, a mix got mentioned in a review!)

Barrington Stage Company - Directed By: John Rando Musical Director: Darren R. Cohen Sound Designer: Ed Chapman

“The sound was the best I have ever heard from Barrington Stage - Ed Chapman did the complex sound design. It had absolutely the best subway rumbles ever heard in a theatre anywhere on earth. Never ever mentioned in a review are the unsung heroes who operate the sound boards so here's a nod to you.” -Larry Murray (Broadway World)

New Music Trilogy: Composer/Sound Designer

Triad Stage - Directed By: Preston Lane Scenic Designer: Howard Jones Lighting Designer: John Wolf Costume Designer: Bill Brewer

Production Voted Best Design -Indy Week - A Year in Triangle Theatre


The Santaland Diaries: Composer/Sound Designer

Triad Stage - Directed By: J.B. Brady

“Also worth mentioning is Patrick Calhoun's experience enhancing sound design, which garnered a couple of laughs itself.” -Rob Taylor (Piedmont Triad Theatre Guide)

Oklahoma!: Production Sound Engineer

University of North Carolina School of the Arts - Directed By: Terrance Mann Music Director: John Mauceri Sound Designer: Scott Lehrer Assistant Sound Designer: Eric Schwartz

Mention - How Did Oklahoma! Sound in 1943? -Brad Hathaway (Live Design Magaizine)