Sons of The Prophet

By Stephen Karam


Composer/Sound Designer

Theater J

Directed By: Gregg Henry

Sons of The Prophet takes place in the small town of Nazareth, PA; home of the Douaihy family, an American family of Lebanese descent. As the play begins, the patriarch has just been in a serious car accident and Joseph (29) is now left with the responsibility of taking care of his high-school-aged brother and aging uncle. The play explores the ways in which we deal with our suffering and finding happiness in the ways that we can, whether it is through reconnecting to our history or forging our own paths. In a life filled with tragedy Joseph seeks to find peace.

The music for this play is intended to be simple, yet layered and reflect the family that the story follows. I have combined the sound of rural Americana that you would find in a small coal-country town where we are now, with a hint of Lebanese music to reflect where they come from. Additional comments about each piece can be found by following the corresponding soundcloud links.