Workshops on Psychological Game Theory


Guilt, Reciprocity and Reputation Building in Repeated Trust Games - Giuseppe Attanasi (Strasbourg)

Blaming the Messenger: Endogenous Communication Frictions and Organizational Culture - Mark Bernard (Swedish Telecoms Regulator)

Broken Contracts and Hidden Partnerships: Theory and Experiment - Cecilia Chen (Exeter)

Tax Evasion with a Conscience - Martin Dufwenberg (Arizona/Gothenburg)

First-Place Loving and Last-Place Loathing: How Rank in the Distribution of Performance Affects Effort Provision - David Gill (Oxford)

Your Fault: Shared Guilt and Trustworthy Behavior - Kiryl Khalmetski (Cologne)

Suspiciously Timed Trade Disputes - Georg Kirchsteiger (ECARES/Brussels)

Zero Prices: Optimal Pricing of Experience Goods under Consumer Dynamic Loss Aversion - Takeshi Murooka (Munich)

Co-Financing Agreements and Reciprocity - Amrish Patel (Gothenburg)

Losing Face - David Reinstein (Exeter)

Subjective Performance Evaluations and Reciprocity in Principal-Agent Relations - Alexander Sebald (Copenhagen)

Frustration and Anger in Games - Alec Smith (Virginia Tech)

Sponsor: The Jan Wallander and Tom Hedelius Foundation