I am currently working as an Assistant Professor at Department of Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Tirupati.  The primary goal of my research lies in determining performance limits of wireless systems and developing signal processing techniques for communication. My current research interest is focused on  physical layer secrecy, advanced communication techniques for future wireless networks and union of networking & information theory. 

  • Currently, I am looking for motivated PhD/MS students to work in the broad area of wireless communication. For more details about my research interest and activities, please see my research page. If you are interested, please see the IIT Tirupati webpage for the process of application. 
  • Mr. Aditya Sinha awarded for the best B.Tech. Thesis in the department of ECE, IIT Kharagpur. Congratulations!
  • Congrats to Mr. Aditya Sinha for joining the MS program in Electrical Engineering, Columbia University, New York!
  • Congrats to Mr. Aman Goyal for getting admission to the master program from the Electrical and Computer Engineering department, University of California San Diego, USA. 
  • Congrats to Rajesh Pachigolla for joining as an Application Engineer in Synopsys India Pvt Ltd.
  • Congrats to Shabnam Parmar for joining as Component Design Engineer in Intel Mobile Communications India Pvt Ltd.