Pope John Paul 1

Papa Éoin Pól A H-Aon

Albino Luciani 1912-1978

"The Life and Death of each of us has its influence on each other"

(Romans 14:7)

This site is dedicated to the cause for the canonization of Albino Luciani

Pope John Paul I



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Prayer for the Beatification 

Lord Jesus,

You Who gave to us the great joy of venerating Pope John Paul I as Your Vicar on earth, and then in Your inscrutable designs, gave us the immense sorrow of his unexpected departure, grant us the graces that we ask of You... so that, sure of his intercession with You, we may one day venerate him on the altars; then his goodness and humility presented as an example to the faithful, will be a perpetual invitation to translate his teaching into life and to spread serenity and love. Amen.

+Maffeo Ducoli

Bishop of Belluno-Feltre