Board Minutes

PAST Board Meeting

March 15, 2022

In Attendance: Fred Gaske, Hank Kratt, Lonnie Mann, Martin Menz, Marie Prentice, Lee Yawn

1)  New Hope Cemetery

·         Drone survey less than hoped for due to heavy foilage.

·         Calculating next steo in survey.



2)  PAST meeting in person/Zoom at Goodwood.

·         Mary Glowacki made presention.

·         First in person meeting well attended and successful.

·         Lonnie and Fred go above call of duty in cleaning fouled restroom.


3)  April 4th PAST meeting

·         Return to the Martin House.

·         New sound tech to be employed.

·         Tribute to Glen Doran with Barbara in attendence.


4)  Donation to FSU for Glen Doran

·         Still delayed due to communications.

5)  Volunteer opportunity at the Grove.


6)  Jim has received a good response from the FAS burial goods policy.  Says board came up with a very well thought out response.


7)  May PAST presenter to be Martin Menz.


8)  Lonnie pursuing security issues with Fallschase sites with Leon County.


9)  Hank has filed PAST IRS documents.


10)  Idea of getting some younger board members floated and agreed upon.


11)  Adjournment.

PAST Board Meeting

April 12, 2022

In Attendance: Fred Gaske, Hank Kratt, Martin Menz, Patrisha Meyers, Marie Prentice, Lee Yawn

1)  TCC History festival and Expo

·         A tremendous success with all brochures distributed and much attention.


2)  Martin Menz and NSF Grant

·         After much work and ambassadorship, Marty has been awarded the NSF Grant to continue with the Letchworth Project

·         Marty has met with tribal nations about his idea of proxy dating the mound with evidence from the plaza without disturbing the mound and has garnered their support.

·         The grant will assist with neutron activation analysis of ceramics and botanical sample analysis.

·         Plans are to continue in cooler fall weather.


3)  PAST Youtube Channel

·         Up and running but will need tweaking and connecting site to channel.

·         Glen Doran tribute meeting uploaded.


4)  Membership update.

·         Marie has shared Paypal memberships and Hank the mail in checks.  Patty is compiling data and will give a more detailed analysis.

5)  Martin House Meetings

·         The in person meetings will continue for the PAST membership.

·         Marty will be presenting via Zoom.

·         Board meetings will continue via Zoom on second Tuesdays.


6)  Glen Doran Scholarship update

·         PAST will be working with Jeff Thomas to identify a graduate student to receive this one time award in the name of Glen Doran.


7)  Other business and Adjournment

·         Dailey-Doran Fish Fry well attended with Barabara Doran as special guest.

·         Wakulla Springs Creature From the Black Lagoon screening well attended.

·         Fred asks Marty for advice on what to see in upper peninsula of Michigan while on a tour of the area.  Talk of Mackinac (pron Mackinaw) Island and Ed Green’s experiences.

·         Adjournment.


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