-755 2G-Enterprises cryogenic magnetometer in shielded room
-AGICO JR-5 spinner magnetometer
-ASC TD48 thermal demagnetizers 
-Schonstedt thermal demagnetizer 
-2G AF demagnetizer (max. fiel 250 mT) 
-Molspin AF demagnetizer (max field 100 mt) + IRM attachment 
-Bartington susceptivimeter: 2 frequencies sensor, k vs T equipment 
-Bussi pulse magnet (max field 1.5 T) 
-AGICO LDA5 - PAM1 Isothermal / Anhysteretic Magnetizer
-ASC Pulse magnetizer - 4 coils (up to 5T field)
-AGICO Kappabridge KLY-2
-VSM Lake Shore mod. 7410 (at INRIM)
-AGFM Micromag Princeton Measurement Corporation (at INRIM)
-X-ray diffractometer (XRD) PANalytical X'Pert Pro (at INRIM)

The "MSR" team tracing the perimeter of the MSR the lab (from the left, Luca, Giovanni, Roberto, Bonino, Giancarlo e Andrea).

755 2G-Enterprises cryogenic magnetometer

AGICO JR-5 spinner magnetometer