Spring 2023


Registration period: Feb 6 - Feb 12 Registration links will appear below Feb 6 morning

Class period: Feb 27 - Jun 2

This 14 week-session includes  11  Mondays,  13  Tuesdays,  13  Wednesdays,  12  Thursdays, and  12  Fridays.

No class dates (see calendar):

Leadership is during lunch this year.

Spring play: Rehearsals will start Wed Jan 18th and be Mondays & Wednesdays 3-5pm and sometimes Fridays (for leads). The performance is March 31 - April 2nd.

Meeting PACT Pals instructors

Students meet PACT Pals instructors at the lunch tables. Once students are gathered, instructor will take students to class location.

There will be signs the first week. Pictures here.


12:25pm classes:

After-school programs after class

YMCA will pick up students at end of class.

Right at School: PACT Pals instructors will drop off students at Right at School at the MUR. The MUR is the large building just to the right of the front gate.


Please let vendor know if your child is absent. Vendors are required to take attendance. If you arepick up your child early due to rainrain,.

PACT Pals is an independent after sinstructorchool program not affiliated with Stevenson Elementary school. Vendors are solely responsible for the children during class time, not Stevenson Elementary school or PACT Foundation. Please contact vendors directly for any questions.