Spring 2022



PACT Pals instructors will meet students at the front gate instead of picnic tables. If your child does not attend Newton or YMCA, tell them to meet instructor at front gate.

There will be signs the first week. If your child can’t read, ask them to look for a basketball, amusement park (Imagineerz), chess, legos, tennis, soccer, or mini-golf (pictures here).


12:25pm classes:

  • Before school dismissal, Tennis and Soccer coaches will pick up hot lunch (map). There will be 1 bag for Soccer and 1 bag for Tennis.

  • Right after dismissal, students meet instructors at front gate

    • Newton and YMCA will bring their kids to front gate (including K)

    • For Ks not in Newton or YMCA, Tennis and Soccer coaches will pick up Ks directly from their rooms.

  • Coaches will supervise lunch. Soccer will eat lunch on soccer field. Tennis will eat lunch on grass next to tennis courts.

Tennis #2 1:35pm-2:35pm - Please bring student to tennis court directly.

After-school programs

Drop-off at start of class

Newton and YMCA: Have your student go to after-school program as normal. After-school program will bring students to front gate.

Right at School: Have your student go to front gate after dismissal. Exceptions are Thursday K (Soccer and Tennis coaches will pick up Ks from their rooms) and Tennis #2 (RAS will bring students to Tennis #2).

Pick-up at end of class

Newton and YMCA will pick up students at end of class.

Right at School: PACT Pals instructors will drop off students at Right at School at the MUR. The MUR is the large building just to the right of the front gate.

After school programs are ok with virtual classes. Please send them login info.


Parents are not allowed on campus.

Indoor classes: Instructors will bring students to front gate.

Outdoor classes: Please go to the field/basketball court/tennis court directly.

Early pickup for indoor classes:

  • Parent arrives at front gate. Parent calls number below.

  • Instructor will have student walk to front gate, accompanied by an older child if necessary.


Please let vendor know if your child is absent. Vendors are required to take attendance.

Registration period: Feb 14 - Feb 19 Registration links will appear below Feb 14 morning

Class period: Feb 28 - Jun 3

This 14 week-session includes 11 Mondays, 13 Tuesdays, 12 Wednesdays, 13 Thursdays, and 9 Fridays.

No class dates (see calendar):

  • Mondays: 3/14 (Teacher Service Day), 4/11 (Spring Recess), 5/30 (Memorial Day)

  • Tuesdays: 4/12 (Spring Recess)

  • Wednesdays: 3/30 (possible Exhibition Night), 4/13 (Spring Recess)

  • Thursdays: 4/14 (Spring Recess)

  • Fridays: 4/1 (Walkathon), 4/15 (Spring Recess), 5/27 (End of Trimester Minimum Day), 6/3 (Last Day Minimum Day)

PACT Players will present a play this spring: Herotown! This is for 4th and 5th graders, and possibly 3rd graders. Rehearsals are Mondays and Wednesdays 3-5pm. See here for more information.

Please note the guidelines for close contacts. If your student is masked and unvaccinated and a close contact, they may attend school, but they may not participate in extracurricular activities.

PACT Pals is an independent after school program not affiliated with Stevenson Elementary school. Vendors are solely responsible for the children during class time, not Stevenson Elementary school or PACT Foundation. Please contact vendors directly for any questions.