Popcorn Sales Reporting

Thank you for your support of our Pack's activities by selling popcorn. 

When you and your son are done selling popcorn, we need you to let the Pack know what we need to order for you and select the prize your son would like based on his sales total. 

Step 1: add up the totals up for each product column and for the total dollar amount due for each sale row for the sales that you've done in person. This is your "take order" amount.  (please DO NOT include any online sales in these totals because they were already ordered.)

Step 2: fill out the Sales form located here: 2018 Popcorn Sales Entry  Enter your son's name and den so we know who sold what and enter the number of units sold for each item.  The items on the web form are in the same order as your take order form.  If someone made a donation directly to the Pack you may enter this next.  As a check, please enter your total dollars of popcorn sales (again take order only).  We will calculate a sales total based on your entered order quantities and contact you if something is amiss.  At the end enter the prize your son has earned.  Please include patch items.

If you have more than one son selling popcorn, you'll need to decide how to divide the sales between them. and then complete the forms above for each son.

If you have questions or problems, please contact Brianna.