Mission Statement

The Mission of the Oxford Township Police Department is to Prevent crime, preserve order, and to protect the rights, property of all People. We will work in partnership with our community to identify and Effectively respond to the ever-changing social and neighborhood Problems and needs. We will do this with respect, fairness and compassion.


· In fair, equitable, and impartial treatment for all. Our Community must be a part of the law enforcement and Crime prevention process, and that with it’s involvement we Will achieve our goals.

The police and the community are accountable for each other.

All people in our community have the right to live in a safe, Crime free environment.

A harmonious and healthy work environment improves the Quality of our services to the community.

·Open and honest communication within the department will Promote an atmosphere of trust, cooperation and respect.

·Self-improvement is an individual responsibility.

·The department must continuously provide for the development Of personnel.

·That, in order to maintain the public’s trust and support we Must hold ourselves to the highest ethical and professional Standards.

The goal of this website is to provide information for citizens and visitors about available police services in Oxford Township as well as other useful public safety information