English Language: Oxford & Cambridge Interview Questions

  • Why might it be useful for an English student to read the Twilight series? (Oxford University Website)
  • Why do you think an English student might be interested in the fact that Coronation Street has been running for 50 years? (Oxford University Website)
  • What books are bad for you? (Oxford University Website)
  • Why do we read literature? (Oxbridge Applications)
  • Read and date this short, anonymous poem. Who do you think wrote it? Comment on use of imagery used and its effect; does this poem remind you of anything you've read? (Oxbridge Applications)
  • Do you think the ending of 'The Mill On The Floss' is poor? (Oxbridge Applications)
  • George Orwell’s 1984 – is it still relevant? How does it relate to the media, politics and surveillance?  (Oxbridge Applications)
  • JK Rowling has just published a book for adults after the hugely successful Harry Potter series. In what ways do you think that writing for children is different to writing for adults? (Oxford University website)
  • Do you think children's literature should be studied at university level?  (Cambridge interview, The Student Room)
  • compare Stephen hero and Stephen daedalus to beavis and butthead (Oxbridge Applications)