Economics: Oxford & Cambridge Interview Questions

  • What is the point of using NHS money to keep old people alive? (Oxbridge Applications)
  • What would you say if Gordon Brown were to take a report which shows that people who go to university earn more than those who do not, and then proclaim that going to university causes you to earn more? (Oxbridge Applications)
  • Should governments subsidise agriculture? (Oxbridge Applications)
  • What are the consequences of changing interest rates? (Oxbridge Applications)
  • What is the point of privatisation? (Oxbridge Applications)
  • How would you make a hypothetical sandwich stall more profitable? (Oxbridge Applications)
  • What is a monopoly? What are the advantages and disadvantages? (Cambridge, Oxbridge Applications)
  • If the government passed a law requiring people to wear seatbelts, why might this result in more road accident casualties? (Cambridge Interview, The Student Room)
  • When I was walking around the college in the morning, what questions did I think or want them to ask me (Cambridge interview, 
    The Student Room)
  • define 'greed' (Cambridge, Oxbridge Applications)
  • distance from London to new York, work out (Cambridge, Oxbridge Applications)
  • tell me why playing your sport will make you a better economist (Cambridge, Oxbridge Applications)
  • why do Ryan air try and sell tickets for Dublin day passes on flights into London stansted? (Cambridge, Oxbridge Applications)