What to do on La Digue


Wanna and Alans Island home

You've already read the guide books. You know it is a small quiet place. So what to do when the sun goes down?

The best bar in town is the beach.  Buy a couple (or three) cold ones from a local shop and chill out on a beach.  Lovely way to just relax and watch the sun go down. Do this  on the west side!!!!! When done remember to get your 2 rupees back on the bottles!!!!!

Then home for a shower and a bit of food before going off to the Casino.  If you want instead to eat out there is always Tarosa or Chez Marstons.  Just ask a Local for directions. Then off to the Casino.Yes I know amazing with only 2500 people there you can spend a few hours on the one armed bandits. Cheapest establishment for beer.  Dress code is relaxed.

While sitting on the beach of an evening you might come round to wondering how people first came here and where exactly is the burried treasure? Well.....Pirates of yesteryear  Read this web then go back and relax on the beach for a bit long with another cold beer and get some more inspiration.  Who knows you maybe sitting on a chest of gold just a few feet beneath you!!