Surviving La Digue (Shopping for Basics)

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Shopping for Basics

Foods stuffs

All you require is readily available in most small shops. Gregoire's tends to have a range of  european stuff and a good selection to boot.  Howevr prices of some things are pricey. You are well recommended to use this shop for special stuff but check local shops for the more day to day things. You'll find a lot a re slightly cheaper.

There is a good bakery located to the left of the Police Station. About 20 meters off hte amin road.  Also sells a limited variety of basics and has a chest full of local beers.


Seychellois love their beer and spirits like everyone else. Drinking whilst on the road, walknig on on your bike is not permitted.  However drinking on the beach is OK. You can buy beer and spirits any time of day.  If the shop is open they sell booze, it's as simple as that.

Try a the Seybrew and also the guinness  (must be well chilled) and there ar e a few local rums which are not half bad.  I particularly like the Takamaka rum mixed with locak bottle of fruit cocktail. You decide....


Try Gregoire's and any of the local shops.  Again local meat is cheaper than imported  and good quality, available at most smaller shops. Ask around and you might get yourself a locla chicken. (Generally tough but with a lot of flavour) suggested used in long cooking curry or stews. Not of Bar B Q.


Available the beach.  Go down to the beach to buy a  packet of fish. I estimate 5 kilos costs 50 Rupees. Just ask around as to what timehte fishermen are expected in. You can sometimes hear the conch shell being blown by a fisherman to notify everyone he is back on shore with a boat full fo fish.  Be quick and don't stand back or it will all be gone before you know it.

Also try the smoked fish. best eaten with a squeeze of frsh lime. Delicious.


All shops tend ot have some small range of vegs. Buy what you need when you see them. Don't think I'll come abck later, as they'll be gone.


Local and imported cigarettes are readily available in the local shops.  Other types of local 'weed' is available.  Be careful. Posession of weed can land you 3 years in prison.i.e. extended vacation on the State.  Just be careful and discrete.