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Wanna and Alans Island home

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Facilities House

General facts about the house 

Finding the house is easy. It is easliy distinguishable as the small house with the blue roof and yellow walls situated 150 back from the sea behind the District Administration Offices in La Passe. (It is also known as the house with the Thai Spirit House in the garden.  The only onein Seychelles)

 The house is currently locked up.  Have screwed all the windon shuitters with Philips screwdriver.  (Electric drill and attachments and extension lead are in the small bedroom wardrobe).

Facilites.  The house is approximately 80 m2. Comprises a lounge/dining room, 2 bedrooms, toilet and shower rooms and kitchen.

The kitchen is complete with a double sink, fridge/freezer, gas rings, water heater, microware, rice cooker and the usual asortment of cooking implements,  and dining crockery and cutlery.

Cooking.  Grill two rings is gas. Gas bottles are kept full.  One needs to connect the black gas pipe to the back of the rings though a hole in the window frame and the other end on to the gas bottle.  We tend to leave the gas bottle in the kitchen to avoid theft.

Electric supply when the house is vacant is switched off at the consumer board inside the house located next to the bedroom door.

Emergency lighting is off as we removed the fuse in the unit on the wall between toilet and shower room. Reason being otherwise it will remain on when the power is disconnected. It comprises two spot lights. The fuse is left on top of the light box.  Just put it back in the side of the light box. Leave for a few hours then test by switching off the electricity at the consumer board. 

One small 'qwerk' with the electrics is with the lights to the Spirit house. The swithc for this is located on the wall of the lounge corner next to the sockets near the kitchen.  When the 'red' LED light is on the lights are off. Don't ask why as the electrician could not explain it.

Water.  Mains tap is on the left hand side of the house when looking at house front door. It is turned off when the house is empty. Water heater switch for hte shouwer is situated next to consumer board. Plpease ensure it is off at all times when not using the shower.

Washing machine.  There is a washing machine located in the smaller bedroom.  Check before use that the outside tap connecting to the mains water is on. (also check mains tap is on) prior to usage. Power point is located directly behind the machine on the wall

There is a gazebo available for use in the garden which is easy to put up. The bits are on the floor in the living room. Leave it up during your visit and put back inside when departing.

Garden chairs and table are also supplied and we keep in the lounge for storage and try to remember to keep them indoors at night! Bit of a bind but they might walk!

Outside facilities are limited to a sink to the back of the kitchen.  Ideal for washing and scalling fish etc prior to any food preparation.

Bicycles are in good condition and easy to use. Just wash them down when you leave.

Enjoy your stay.



  240 volts AC 50 Hz  (Same as UK).

  Sockets take square pin plugs (Same as UK).

Hot water     

  Electric wall shower heater.


  Cylinder. (Connect flexible lead to gas ring one and other with regulator to gas cylinder.

Ancillary equipment

  2 No Bicycles

  Tent Style pagoda

  Bar B Q

  Fishing rods