Academic Discussions

4. Being Stranded with Fossil Fuel Reserves? Climate Policy Risk and the Pricing of Bank Loans (2019) [Slides]

(Manthos D. Delis, Kathrin de Greiff & Steven Ongena), presented at the CEPR-EBRD-LSE Symposium on Environmental Economics and the Green Transition.

3. Financial, monetary and fiscal dominance in Europe: A game theoretical framework (2019) [Slides]

(Shahin Vallée), presented at the LSE European Institute Post-Upgrade Progress Panel.

2. How Do Individual Politicians Affect Privatization? Evidence from China (2019) [Slides]

(Hong Ru & Kunru Zou), presented at the 5th CEIBS Finance and Accounting Symposium.

1. Macroprudential Policy and Intra-Group Dynamics: The Effects of Reserve Requirements in Brazil (2019) [Slides]

(Chris Becker, Matias Ossandon Busch & Lena Tonzer), presented at the CESifo Workshop on Banking and Institutions.