Published Works
"How to Listen" article to be featured in Grain Magazine, Vol 6 by the Dubuque Area Arts Collective (to be published)

Swan - A serial science fiction story in progress. A few preliminary chapters were written in 2012. The entire work may soon be scrubbed and redone, meshing some characters, altering others, and generally mixing things up a bit for simplicity and a stronger punch. For now, Ora recommends reading "Chapter 0: Rappelling." Ora has many other sketches for other science fiction stories, some involving Swan, but none have been developed.

Ora has been writing in one form or another online since her first webpage in 1998. From 1998-2004, she had online diaries, Livejournal from 2004-2008, and various social media from 2006-present. All totaled, Ora has a collection of diaries, journals, and musings throughout the last 18 years that totals well over 1000 pages of potential written material, which would obviously be parsed down if collated. In the future, she may consider a book of quotes or a full blown auto-biography, but at the moment that is well on the back burner.