Fire Performance

Ora Uzel is a fully insured fire performer and object manipulation performer in the southern Driftless Area (Dubuque, IA). Her specialty tools include: poi, rope dart, swords (bokken), and contact staff.

Ora has been performing with fire since 2007, including private, public, professional, and informal performances and jams. She has performed with the Chicago Fire Tribe at the hugely popular Chicago Full Moon Jams, Burning Man (Black Rock City, NV), Burning Man Regional Lakes of Fire Conclave (Michigan), Burning Man Chicago Decompression events (Chicago & Michigan), Naper Settlement All Hallows Eve (Naperville, IL), Silver Beach Hotel (St. Joseph, MI), Kinetic Fire (Midwest), many events at Ronora Lodge & Retreat Center in Watervliet, MI, St. Joseph, Michigan, as well as private events in Chicago, Southwest Michigan, and the southern Driftless Area (Dubuque, IA; Galena, IL).

Ora first learned fire performance from members of the well-known fire troupe Pyrotechniq in Chicago. Ora was a founding member of the troupe Third Coast Fire in Southwest Michigan and now performs freelance at private events, always on the look out for other fire performers to work/play with.

If you would like to inquire about a paid fire performance, contact Ora with full information on your private event and request a quote. Ora will require speaking with the venue/homeowner before booking a performance to ensure safety and clear communication of precautions and venue/homeowner responsibility. For public events, please inquire with city officials, including for special event permits and the fire department, as well as the event coordinator(s) and the venue.

If you are a fire performer in Dubuque, please contact Ora to discuss starting a troupe. Ora recommends you do not spin fire on public property, including parks, vacant lots, or alleyways, to avoid being stopped by the authorities and charged for civic code violations. Upon inquiry to this matter, the City of Dubuque has recommended expensive special use permits (which may require fire department presence at your event and the subsequent expenses to pay for them), even for practices and recreational fire spinning. If you would like to discuss strategies for civic engagement toward this matter (possibly introducing an ordinance that would allow recreational fire spinning within reasonable safety parameters), Ora would be happy to discuss them.

Photography by Olivia McCrevan
Photography by Olivia McCrevan