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Mr Concept

Mr CONCEPT! 1982

 Welcome to The People's Republic of Concept City

This is the disembodied typing of Mr Concept welcoming you to this website. Who would have thought it way back in 1980, when The People's Republic of Concept City was founded, that one day the Compact Cassette would only be found in land fill sites and the words 'reel-to-reel tape recorder' would mean absolutely nothing to the spawn of my loins... But it is from these ferric coated beginnings that Concept City arose and offered you audio treats such as 'The Amazing World of Mr Concept' and 'Twango Twango' - and who could forget 'CONCEPTVM UMBILICVS' our most least selling cassette tape.

This website is an extract from a CD-ROM that was created in 2008 and given to friends of and contributors to Concept City productions. Now thanks to Google's free web hosting everybody can enjoy this fairy tale 'from rags to britches' tale so dear Listeners find out more and in the comfort of your own underpants as you browse these humble pages...


This site is currently being created and new pages and tunes will be added as it develops so keep coming back.

 A small selection of audio miscellany both old and new from Concept City can be found at this link  for thy perusal...