Update 6 MARCH 2013: Nobel laureate for quantum physics Brian Josephson agreed in a debate with yours truly that there are too many coincidences in this Nobel Prize dispute case and that the argon affinity value matching Omerbashich gravitational resonance is a remarkable coincidence (personal communication, 2013).  >> more

A note on "Rational Wiki" & the rest of Jesuit camp's smear campaign against this author

(Google top return for "Omerbashich" and "Mensur Omerbashich", unlike other less biased engines)

As there is no article on yours truly on the English wikipedia.org (after I banned them to have one through their legal counsel), TPTB dedicated a whole page to me on a wiki which they maintain "just in case" a tough target pops up. And just as with the big Wikipedia, the Google's (the NSA's) rating system is programmed to immediately place the alternative "wikipedia" article atop of search results for the targeted individual (in lack of a genuine Wikipedia article on them). Their alternative weapon is called "rational wiki" (an oxymoron) and it is allegedly ran by a student named Toulouse, from Hamilton, Canada. This (allegedly) Canuck kook is as real as that shady guy who runs wikipedia.org, with an added character feature of inferiority complex. Of course, it is possible that he also does not exist (a made-up character), or that he has been co-opted by intelligence services, as they do draft students.

In any case, he fills "rational wikipedia" with all sorts of profanity, thus obviously suffering from coprolalia. If such a character really existed (hard to believe), this alleged psychology student is already so mentally ill that he even has audacity to use such an f-worded sickopedia to -- beg people for money!! Now, yours truly has seen quite a few Canadian hillbillies and junkies (isn't that same thing?) during PhD studies in Canada, but this character is quite something. ('Good though that hillbillies are now coming online; they will make the Internet even more bizarre than before, if that's possible.)

So he (or they) scribbles, among other gibberish, about the comet Elenin, portraying Omerbashich as a doomsayer (imagine that). He even "notes" that "it's the claims of Elenin destroying the Earth that made Omerbashich famous" -- although Omerbashich never, ever made any such claims whatsoever. On the contrary -- constantly talking against that, as you can find, for instance, in this preprint which is time-stamped by arxiv.org before the Elenin approached the Earth in September 2011: see the last paragraph on p.6 in the original, April 2011, version. At the same time, his bros polluted the Internet both with articles and even videos saying Omerbashich confirmed "the Elenin was going to destroy the Earth", and those articles (and videos to match, of course) attacking Omerbashich for "saying that the Elenin was going to destroy the Earth". Both "parties" to the fake debate (character assassination) now make most of Google returns for Omerbashich. Compare that to a less biased engine. You get the idea...

They even proclaimed yours truly a Jew hater -- after he pointed out that Einstein too was a Jesuit victim: they misused his imperfect theory of general relativity to put it on pedestal of all science precisely because it was imperfect, so that they can continue keeping the mankind in the darkness (of: "God's" particle, fairy-tale cosmology which allows for the possibility of "heavens above", inconclusive seismology which allows for the possibility of "hell below", etc.); and then when Albert himself tried (and tried hard!) to recant his theory, they simply -- ignored him (like they ignored Tesla, Jeffreys and many others who were saying that general relativity was bogus, or now Stephen Hawking who practically recanted his concept of "black holes"), saying "he wouldn't know because majority holds a view that his theory was absolutely correct" (but who would know if not them -- Einstein, Hawking, etc?! Also, since when democracy matters in science?!) Get the picture? Hatchet-jobs, fixing numbers, assassinations, war-business, or anything else from the Cosa Nostra toolbox is how they do it, including disinformation war; they just love to first create a problem, and then "solve it". They historically go by many names, for which sort of a tactic the Internet provides a perfect means, equipping them with unprecedented levels and breadth of anonymity at which their dirty business can be conducted with an ease.

Interestingly enough, the above mentioned "so cool, rational dude" labels many people as "cranks" for their political stance obviously, such as Dr. Ron Paul, Dr. Ron Begich, etc. Quite amazing, when you think about it: a student's raving is given top rating by Google for his character-assassinating scientists, politicians, etc. Not only that, but repeated requests to Google for removal of the page from the search engine (as Google is obviously the main distributor) gave no result. Not only that, but no explanation was ever offered by Google, though the page is clearly against law, and even against many of Google's own policies: on spamdexing, on libel, on copyright protection, etc... The difference between Wikipedia and "rational wiki" is in that the latter openly bites and that it won't stop. So this "wiki" is some sort of a bully on a long leash: if you don't like being ridiculed by "big wiki" (in their infamous in-between-lines way), here comes their starved bloodthirsty puppy which bites. For a truly revealing info on the joke called "rational wiki" hit-men squad, read: http://en.metapedia.org/wiki/RationalWiki. If you experience problems opening the link, here it is what it said before they started spoofing it:

RationalWiki is a genetic-egalitarian race-denialist propaganda website that is run by Ontario resident Trent Toulouse. RationalWiki is a wiki founded by secular humanists in response to Conservapedia. They regard Richard Dawkins as their messiah. It is based on MediaWiki, like Metapedia. The wiki has around 4200 English pages middle of May 2010. The information is inaccurate and sparse. The wiki begs for donations. The site is extremely anti-Christian and anti-Conservative and promotes sodomy and gun restriction.

The website fraudulently portrays itself as being “rational”, and opposed to “pseudoscience”, yet promotes exactly the thing that they claim to oppose: the irrational spiritual pseudosciences of genetic egalitarianism and race denialism. On top of such deceptiveness, Trent Toulouse solicits donations (on the website’s main page) under these false pretenses. That fits within the definition of criminal fraud.

The first members of the website were leftist editors that trolled on Conservapedia. The main Judaic propagandist on RationalWiki is a user named Nebauchadnezzar, who fills the website database with reels of spittle about "anti-cementic conspiracy theorists", up to and including shilling for the Rothschild family and George Soros.

As you can see, Google does not provide cache for Metapidia (no encyclopedia would do this voluntarily!):

Note Google repeatedly refused to remove the "Rational wiki" trash from its search engines, although it violates their spamdexing policy, and although Google was provided with a proof that Toulouse intentionally polluted the Internet with his article in order to make it the top-return (see below email exchange with him).

On the other hand, Yahoo still has some remnants of cached Metapedia article on the Canadian:

The above is an email showing what "Rational Wiki" staff get kicks doing -- believe it or not, they use their little site to try ruin people's reputation (or they would hope so) by spamming Internet search engines. You can't get more pathetic than that. Which is not surprising, given that the owner of that site is a psychology student. Of all professions, mental illnesses are proportionately most prevalent amongst psychologists and psychiatrists, which is why they have to stand (every few months) before a panel of peers who check if by then the examined colleague had gone -- crazy! For example, just like Masons from Australia such as Ian Musgrave (a pharmacist who "debunked Omerbashich" lol), this student also pretends to be well versed in no less than: physics, astrophysics, astronomy, cosmology, statistics, law, and tight knitting should need arise. Not to mention the student already practices psychology (who needs a 'Dr.') and decides who's crazy and who's "rational". He enjoys his newly gained powers from Krypton so much, that he stacked a collection of minds and labeled them as "cranks" (see image below). Indeed, what a great honor and a privilege for this author to find himself in the same group of independent minds as Hon. Dr. Ron Paul, Dr. Nick Begich, etc. (Of course, the student "forgot" to include titles, as that wouldn't fit with their strategy when character-assassinating.)

Come, precious!
Selected financial institutions that keep visiting...

"I don’t like the way a person has used my work in a derivative work or included it in a collective work; what can I do?
- If you do not like the way that a person has made a derivative work or incorporated your work into a collective work, under the Creative Commons licenses, you may request removal of your name from the derivative work or the collective work.

What are moral rights, and how could I exercise them to prevent uses of my work that I don’t like?
- In addition to the right of licensors to request removal of their name from a work when used in a derivative or collective they don't like, copyright laws in most jurisdictions around the world (with the notable exception of the US except in very limited circumstances) grant creators “moral rights” which may provide some redress if a derivative work represents a “derogatory treatment” of the licensor's work. Moral rights give an original author the right to object to “derogatory treatment” of their work; “derogatory treatment” is typically defined as “distortion or mutilation” of the work or treatment that is “prejudicial to the honor, or reputation of the author.” Creative Commons licenses (...) do not affect any moral rights licensors may have. This means that if you have moral rights as an original author of a work, you may be able to take action against a creator who is using your work in a way you find objectionable. Of course, not all derivative works you don’t like are necessarily “derogatory.”

Proofs of illegal activity: definition of moral rights, copyright-protected under arXiv terms by Creative Commons license. After receiving a notice to that effect, they refused to remove their hateful or amateurish "critique" material.

The separation of science and politics means little without first separating science and geopolitics.

A classical example are English magazines" Nature" &"Science": top editor at Nature one Henry Gee, generalizes his hatred towards Muslims in his blog:


Quite unbelievable, whom they deem fit for making decisions at the fundamental sciences level!

After I contacted the Nature German-Catholic billionaire owner (nobility no less), Gee got disciplined by just a warning and his blog was taken down.


Some visitors to this page over the past three weeks (27 Apr-17 May, 2011). Besides showing that Jesuits are embedded in all facets of the society, and that they are running the show, it also raises an important question: why are they assessing this page from so many different angles, over mere three weeks -- if it's all just a "coincidence" as NASA claims it to be? Shouldn't NASA's word be sufficient for them all?!

While others assess this page, those who operate THE mental hospital (Bedlam
) visit, perhaps to assess too:

He who dares dislike his golden cage must be crazy... Sure thing, me lord, where do I sign, pleeease?! By the way, the Bedlam Hospital, operated by the above Trust, is world's oldest coo-coo institution. It was founded when the Crown realized that locking up its enemies in the Tower got too impractical due to lack of space (and, more importantly, due to Magna Carta, which limited the Crown's absolute power). When the "psychiatry" invention became insufficient, they started exporting state enemies to N.America and Australia. It is most notorious for its cruelty, so much so that its name -- bedlam -- became a word in English language (for turmoil, chaos...)  But before l sign the loony form, wouldn't it be nice if they assessed those who directed them to this page, at least for morbid jealousy disorder that this Trust specializes in! And yes, I do mean Jesuits... After all, both the Bedlam and the Tower were erected for Catholic freaks anyway.

"I see people!"
("Why do they look like mushrooms?")

Now, why would AF 509th Bomb Wing out of the Whiteman Air Force base, and whose only mission is „drop Atomic bomb anywhere on Earth on orders from the President of the US“, and which bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki, be interested in what a scientist in Sarajevo has to say on earthquakes and physics?!