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How Wineland & Haroche Stole My Discovery

(and got the 2012 Physics Nobel Prize for it)

09 January 2013

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Tužna strana bosanske nauke - kako ne raditi doktorsku disertaciju

Omerbašić, M. (2012) Primjedbe, mišljenja, prijedlozi i pitanja na predloženu disertaciju kandidata Mr. Medzida Mulic : "Istraživanje uticaja ITRF realizacija na koordinate, njihovu tačnost i određivanje vektora i brzina GPS tačaka na području BiH" (14.02.2012; odbrana: 27.02.2012 na JU "Građevinski fakultet" Univerziteta u Sarajevu) PDF (in Bosnian; The sad side of Bosnian science: how not to do your PhD dissertation - example of Medzida Mulic)

Dopuna 1 - Asim Bilajbegovic PDF

Dopuna 2 - krivična prijava MUP Centar Sarajevo - Kukuruz, Crnčalo PDF

Dopuna 3 - krivična prijava MUP Centar Sarajevo - Avdispahić, dopune PDF



Elenin's sky-path over the past four years, infrared telescope. Note radio-source GR0947 (Grakovo Catalog) in the background of the Elenin's position on discovery in 2007. It is this radio-source that led some to confuse it for the Elenin itself, claiming that the comet is a star, a dwarf, etc. But that's how you discover things: you point telescope towards a catalogued object, and observe it over time to see if an uncatalogued object moves relative to it...


15 JUNE 2011 - Elenin path since entering our Solar system in 1999 (click image for animation). Incidentally, all planets were at that time grouped at the opposite side of the Sun. This made it impossible to assess gravitational and electromagnetic (EM) effects of the Elenin on planets as it approaches the Earth. The only close encounter was with the Saturn, of 2008/2009, which coincided with record auroras on Saturn (caused by the alignment or, simply, EM interactions with the Elenin). At that time, the Elenin lagged >1.5AU behind the Saturn's orbit. This indicated that either (A) Elenin is a charge-packing comet, or/and (B) a previously unknown physical phenomenon is at play, probably also responsible for the Moon's abnormal eccentricity since 1960-es as a phenomenon unexplainable by gravity theories including Newton's/Einstein's (and calls for mundane explanations such as those that redefine physics or G -- back to the drawing board!), which sounded the alarm with government scientists by 1970-es. Elenin too began affecting seismicity by mid-1960-es.


Flyby closeup (click image for animation). Elenin is now at ~1.8AU from the Earth (as of May/ June 2011), so we now know there is nothing hugely massive ahead the comet either. Then the most viable option from the three above is (B) which is where alignments-triggered resonance magnification for seismogenesis/tectonogenesis comes to play...

How special the comet Elenin really is (inclination-wise), and why it is a perfect

candidate for increasing the robustness of the alignments-quakes empirical proof: