Testimony: How Zionist Morons Seized Science

Dear Mensur, I believe that I have to inform you that there is in science a strong "Establishment" that controls the large majority of papers and thoughts. People have the right to publish only some ideas but not others. Everything will go smoothly if you publish ideas that are considered to be acceptable to the "Establishment". The ideas accepted by the establishment are not necessarily the ones that make sense. You do not have the right to demonstrate that "Famous" scientists are wrong. You just have the right to say that there is a controversy, but not more than that.

It cannot be fought by an individual. You need an army. In my case, I waited to reveal my opinion ("Absurdities in Modern Physics") (free copy) until about 20 years after my Ph.D. after I received some recognition from the scientific community and also from my Country. Let me give an example (sorry, it is the only one I know) how one single person cannot do anything:

Following my research in physics, I have been nominated member of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, and also I received the Order of Canada (which is the highest decoration given by the Canadian Government) and I became National President of the Canadian Association of Physicists (I am no longer a member now). However, after I mentioned my disagreement about Science, I had to change jobs (twice), I lost all my grants (and most of my friends), and I have been forced to retire. The book that you have found in your library has been totally paid (mail included) with my personal retirement pension. I wish I could form an army of scientists that would accept common sense.

I have read your paper. It should be published. It is certain that they will not let you write this report in your thesis. My opinion is that you win nothing fighting them. You will not win against them. It is bad for you (now). In the absence of knowledge and common sense, they have the power. They will not understand. If you insist, they get mad. If you tell them that I agree with you, it will be worse.

Best regards,

Paul Marmet, 26 July 1999

From Personal Communications with Paul Marmet (1932-2005), 1999.

(NOTE: circle the correct answer to the question of Who had the motive and means to do such harm to Dr. Marmet (according to his son, Dr. Marmet was expelled forcibly out of his university office by a team of gorillas — as a proven method of dark psychology to humiliate the victims so to make them feel guilty instead of blaming the tormenters)?

a) Simpsons protecting Homer's job at the nuke plant

b) Tooth Fairy protecting Dreamland

c) Zionists protecting their bro Albert's "sainthood".)

[May 2018]

The Protocivilization Where It All Began

Stećak is a ritual stone slab of Old prehistoric Bosnian civilization (pre-Illyrian-to-Illyrian) - the forerunner to Ancient Greek civilization and Ancient Rome - found mainly in Bosnia (Illyria proper) which is thus the cradle of European and Western civilization. The indigenous population from various cultures of the Bosnian civilization have painted with petroglyphs and engravings just around 2% of all the stećci. Many stećci got destroyed or damaged so that, of the total of estimated 150,000 pieces, about 70,000 survive until this day, which makes Old Bosnian stećci the largest concentration of stela dolmens (prehistoric burial blocks) in the world. Continue...

[Apr 2018]

On Google's Character Assassination of Dr. Omerbashich

Like so many others who had to go to court to fight Google's joyful destruction of their usinesses, careers, and lives, for years I too have been a victim of a vicious character assassination by Google. Thus top result in Google search for my name is a private wiki article dedicated to me (in an Internet's dump called "Rational Wiki") along with its clones. It appeared on the Internet right after I forbade Wikimedia foundation's legal counsel to have an article on me on Wikipedia. The above article was then created in form of a hate attack channeled through that wiki's owner I've never met or been acquainted with in any way. They said it was my 2011 unpublished and unfunded research that offended them (imagine that!) namely my "promoting comet Elenin doomsday" although I claimed exact opposite (the last paragraph on p.6 of that preprint's version time-stamped before comet's passing Earth).

It all started in late 2009, when USPTO, after delaying patent procedure for 5 years (world record - as average is 18 months) turned down my 2 patent applications (US2009192742 & US2009192741) that were based on my Ph.D. dissertation, stating shamelessly that the US Government filed for my patent as its own, and then granted the patent - to itself (!) pursuant to an Act passed by Obama Administration assigning the US Government "the right to claim results revealed in a Ph.D. thesis as long as the Government claims them first, and does so within 6 months since the doctoral oral defense"! (The final marked version of my Ph.D. thesis got "lost in US Mail", delaying my oral defense for 6 months - upon investigation, USPS mailed me a 1x2" piece of an envelope without any markings and claimed cynically "it's all that's left"). My second patent ended up in 2006 in hands of Johnson & Johnson and was sold as a one-person company Animas Corp. (formed around a patent) - for $518 m.

At some point during my 1998-2004 doctoral studies, all hell broke loose. The pressure to leave my studies before finishing them included: my two Ph.D. committees resigning, local Canadian police (where I was doing my Ph.D.) pulling me over more than 100 times - often at gunpoint in downtown in a most humiliating manner - searching vehicle and me (sometimes twice in a same day) and never filing any charges, SWAT team with dogs and automated weapons breaking into my apartment at 4 a.m. with me in it and later claiming my "phone wasn't hung up which triggered their response" (imagine that!), Canadian police/MI5 reporting me to US Border Patrol on my usual weekend trip to family in Boston as a "person of interest with a US Driver's License containing false data" - for which I was held captive at the border at gunpoint and released by the end of the day with nothing wrong found on my documents, and other forms of sheer hatred. At that time I didn't see my new bad as too bad, having escaped Sarajevo siege in 1995.

However, from 2001-2004 I became busy not only with completing my studies but also fighting for life after hospitalization due to a deadly illness which, according to medical tests, could have been caused only by poisoning. At the same time, my findings that were the crux of my Ph.D. research were patented in 2000 by Johnson & Johnson's own serial patent hitman (company's VP who left J&J in 1986 to "develop" patents likely stolen in corporate espionage which she then sells back to them as "new patents"). Under that well-oiled scheme she sold my stolen patent too to Johnson & Johnson, in 2006, as a patent for insulin/blood works (which according to USPTO was identical (screenshot also at the bottom) to my patent even at her application stage - meaning before she was granted the patent), and for which she made $518 million while J&J made 10s of billions...

My other stolen patent according to USPTO was identical (screenshot also at the bottom) to a 2004 patent by Dwight Miller et al., for the US Government, Health and Human Services - again even at their application stage. I had referenced to my patent applications in my scientific papers as late as 2005/2006 while I was well within 5 years granted to me under Canadian law as exclusive right to protect patents resulting from my Ph.D. work. Of course, the only way four simultaneously processed patent applications (mine for 5+ years while official statistics say average is 18 months!) could be identical is if either (A) I spied on the Government and Johnson&Johnson, or (B) they spied on me. Spied - and stole from me...  So, imagine that: no one has come up with my 2 fundamental discoveries for 100s of years, only to both end up patented at the virtually same time, by others (one being the Government you ask for patent protection?!), in the same field (bio), where both were granted priority at the application stage as my both filings were being delayed 5+ years - all while I was fighting for my life and for years learning how to walk again after "mysterious" illness. More details on those events can be found here.

After I confronted Obama's health secretary Sebelius, they tried character-assassinating me via Wikipedia, in 2010. When I dodged that (see above), Google and Internet forums were used. Soon after, I narrowly escaped from 1 total car crash and 3 airplane accidents in a row (easily verifiable). Other troubles followed - such as applying to 20+ positions at NASA and never receiving any response although Federal law mandates all candidates be notified whatever the application outcome. When I reported it, an investigation found "computer glitch was to be blamed" (imagine that!). I was blacklisted. Then I began using my birthright to claim the throne of Bosnia taken from my family 500 years ago in order to draw attention to my case (what else?).

The article is filled top-bottom with lies and insults. I've been trying to have Google stop distributing it, but to no avail. After I did an analysis, to my shock it turned out that they are spreading it more prominently in Protestant countries (like the UK and Canada) than in Catholic/Muslim or generally more sovereign countries such as US & France, where the offending and my own wiki article I created as a countermeasure, appear next to each other for "balance" (Thank You, President Trump for MAGA - although your Administration also continues ignoring this case). Unless they change it of course...

It's not just about one (top) result; all the negative ones and those that make me look extremely insignificant (say, Internet posts on me but with none or few follow-ups) are being grouped into the first few pages, so if you want to use Google to learn something about my science for example (first expressing of gravity via speed of light as hinted by Einstein, first theoretical value of gravitational constant matching an experimental value, discovery of astrophysical cause of tectonics and M6.2+ earthquakes (see VIDEO which the searches for "Omerbashich" in most Google sites won't return although it is a unique surname that is also part of the video's title!), or on how Wineland of NIST stole my discovery abridging quantum-scales and everyday-scales physics I sent him for verification and has received 2012 physics Nobel Prize for it), you'll have to dig deep. But how many people dig deep? Sadly, Google accounts for 60-80% of the search market.

The "rational wiki" has been used to target others as well, see for instance here and here. This is an example of modern-day character assassination, which has been the focus of several scientific research groups (like this one), but mostly ascribed to totalitarian and past regimes, not contemporary democracies. Litigation against perpetrators including Google seems the only option. But then, there’s something lawyers call “The Google Rule”: "Google never loses as a defendant - at least not in the U.S. - mainly because they hired the lawyers who literally wrote most of the laws they get sued under!"

As to the theft of my other intellectual property - fundamental scientific discoveries primarily - they were also "processed" through an entire control system used to that end in academia, akin to the above corporate espionage network. They were then distributed to always Roman-Catholic researchers worldwide who then claimed those goods theirs without citing me. The theft of my fundamental discoveries resulted also in at least 2 patents granted to those thieves. A most disgusting theft of intellectual property resulted in me being unable to patent that property as mine again (you can patent nothing twice). Having graduated from one such modern-day "cotton plantation" where Jewsuits exploit (minds of) today's "slaves" (after Church's centuries-long "business" with real cotton plantations had failed thanks to Abe Lincoln whom, according to his friend Samuel Morse and others, Jewsuits assassinated over profit losses in slavery industry) - I can say it was a far worse experience than the 1992-1995 war.

Me, Pope's Make China Great Again

Why I won't participate in pope's Make China Great Again (while being treated same as Alfred Wegener): "-As it turns out, 100+ of Jewsuit-ran journals had rejected my historic discovery so that  the Earthquake Science (Chinese Academy of Sciences) can offer to publish it in the #pope's Make China Great Again game (with #China projected as new beacon of freedom, and #Trump as new Hitler). I rejected the offer, of course."  (Twitter) [8 Feb 2017]

Nature of Monkey Business (Letter to Nature, 2016)

LIGO - a Billions-scale Physics Scam

Here are 10 points (in addition to below listed geophysics ones) making it clearer that LIGO is a scam perpetrated by those who benefit from fairy-tale physics the most i.e. one-way into their pockets. Following the BICEP2 scandal (a premeditated scam as cosmic inflation is impossible to prove), "big physics" (billions-scale physics) panicked, and figured they had nothing to lose that they already haven't. So they're trying to pull off the scam of all scams:

1. They claim that LIGO proves Einstein's prediction of 100 years ago. Einstein however maintained that "gravity waves" are simply another weak point of his mathematical concepts, same as for "black holes" that are simply mathematical singularities (comes from that moment in which you realize that you're equations don't work). Those bridge salesmen from "big physics" are now trying to give one mathematical concept a physical meaning - thinking that they got away with bringing "black holes" to life too (which, of course, no one can see but claim can "feel", so they'll now try to fake photographs of them holes).  However, space-time isn't a medium, so there's nothing for compressional waves to travel through. Their latest claim is akin to that lame line "time can shrink/expand" - although time doesn't even have an absolute definition to begin with, as all these concepts were just that - concepts i.e. ideas.  Taking Einstein literally, and holding him captive of his own ideas, has made the man so angry that it forced him say things like "Since mathematicians invaded my theory I don't understand it myself anymore", or show his tongue to camera (there, now you know the reason). Princess Diana comes to mind.

2. When faced with lack of confirmation from other observatories (if waves propagated at the speed of light, telescopes must see the gamma-ray bursts), they started calling the noise from Fermi observatory - a signal... Nice trick, but they now must produce a matching signal from Swift too (that's the other like observatory). A virtually same bag of tricks was used in defense of the Higgs' theory "proof": right after releasing that ridiculous claim, they started monitoring Internet forums and blogs and picked commenters' brains. Then in months that followed their "scouting" campaign, they addressed all the objections with yet more of nonsensical justifications, this time carefully crafted. Now we see it again, with turning the Fermi noise into a signal... One of the things they could never fake in the Higgs tale though, was the fact that it was a proof of a theory - "in theory". Meaning, not a proof at all. None. Zero.

3. Before LIGO, physicists were saying that sound (waves) couldn't propagate in Space, so that all those neat surround-sound scenes of Space explosions in sci-fi movies were - for dramatic purposes only. Ha! In reality, they said, Space is mute.  Now however, we are told that Space actually features compressional waves no less, and that those are coming to us from 1+ billion light years at that. Turn on those loudspeakers!

4. Theory says that alleged waves do not interact with matter (how could they, given the deafening lack of a medium, and the fact (sic) that they propagate at the speed of light). One must ask then: how did the alleged waves make it even to the first mile-stone as they were moving away from the detonation site, let alone 1+ billion light years away?

5. Since they do not interact with matter (again, so we were told), the alleged waves can never stop on their travel, even if something was stopping them. So LIGO is in fact a perpetuum mobile, proving infinite medium i.e. Multiverse. Hooray! (Are you catching the drift here? For points 4 and 5 tell opposite stories yet both apply equally - which is the characteristics of all cons, i.e. you can take it any way you like and it "works".)

6. When they arrive to the Earth, the alleged waves from the alleged black holes allegedly start making an alleged total mess (at an alleged scale) at the speed of alleged sound, though they allegedly travel at the speed of light but can then also switch alleged gears - just like a radio signal can. All this although you're not told anything about the medium - simply because there is none. It's all in the beholder's eye. Speaking of which, can we see them "black holes" on our TV? And what if we waited until nighttime when broadcast end, can we see them holes in the screen's static? That would be awesome. (Who knows, perhaps in a few days after they read this.)

7. The alleged waves are described to us as compressional, like sound waves, so gravity suddenly (by the way of editors of morning shows/editions) stopped being a pull as Newton and Einstein told us, and mysteriously became a push (or was it a shove - financially speaking).


8. If the alleged waves were detected, the one thing LIGO does prove is aether. But what now about those celebrated guys, Michelson and Morley who, so we were told, showed in their famous experiment(s) that no such thing as aether exists? Conversely, if there is no aether, what is it that the alleged waves are compressing? Ah yes, the idea of spacetime...

9. Mass converts to energy as heat or light, not gravity. We were told by Hawking (whom budget managers won't let back away from his own theory, same as they shushed Einstein as he tried to back away from his relativity) that nothing could escape an alleged black hole. Apparently, when them holes "merge" (whatever that meant), they go so mad about their failed marriage or something, that they start throwing things everywhere, littering Space at even 1+ b. light years away.

And finally - after their cherry-picking from Einstein's basket of eggs - Bingo:

10.  What gives rise to a waving (previously gravity-curved) spacetime that LIGO "observed" - is it gravity curving spacetimespacetime? (Pretty sure they're going to dodge this one, as they dodged the main problem when faking the Higgs "proof": If Higgs boson created everything, what created Higgs boson?)

In conclusion, you really need no education in order to realize that LIGO found nothing and proved nothing, period.

It's a sad story much like NATO's - a need for armies and/of suckers to justify the biggest budget that ever was.  Quite similarly, billions-scale physics, which amounts to pretty much nothing except for once in a blue moon (and that's oftentimes with zero funding - take Einstein's best works for example), needs armies of/and suckers to continue with fantasy production nobody really cares or should care about. Unless of course, you too expect to suck some milk from that big fat taxpayer's tit.

And for those who really like the "zombie argument" ("It's our responsibility to make up tales, or else the mankind will rise and chaos will erupt"): according to UN statistics, some 95% of the mankind dies in the municipality they were born into, without ever leaving it. And that's the same majority that has limited access to electricity and water, let alone smartphones. So who's more dangerous, the majority that amount to sleeping through their existence, or the elite that amount to not much really (including the fake Space Program)?

Same old? Dark Ages reprise? Of Jewsuits and men. A tale that never ends...

[17 Feb 2016]

Expanded article >>

While BICEP Saw Dust, LIGO Heard It !

Geophysical background noise spans the LIGO band of interest, infinitesimally approaching 0 s for any modeling to work. The Earth's noise is a random mix of random, systematic, and random-systematic (randomly occurring periodic info) errors which include blunders, and cannot itself be modeled. All one can do is discard information from the noise band (that naturally includes the band of the alleged waves, at around ~0.01 s). Thus LIGO was trying to hear through the "audio dust" barrier, same as BICEP was trying to "see" through the cosmic dust.  Utterly implausible.

Candidates for LIGO "sensational signal" that can't be modeled, are virtually unlimited and include geophysical and man-made events from underneath/above the 2 stations directly (large events), or somewhere half-way between the 2 stations (smaller events so arrival time is roughly same). They can include: Earth crust relaxation, reservoir collapse, fault breath, slow quake, oil fracking, blasting, hydro injecting, sonic boom...

Especially given that the signal they allege is traveling at the speed of light would be picked by telescopes at the same time - but it wasn't. Not to mention that blast energy is converted from mass to light and heat - not via gravity...

After BICEP2 trickery for hijacking cosmology this was the second attempt at hijacking geophysics. The first one being the infamous "global warming" sham, which even disregarded 1/2 billion years of data that show temperature variations naturally bigger than the ones alleged for last century.

[12 Feb 2016]

Expanded article >>

My Dispute of 2012 Physics Nobel

Related response to Peter Woit on my 2012 Nobel dispute  and my proof of Multiverse >

I sent my  basic discovery that abridges the quantum and the mechanist worlds to one David Wineland of NIST, back in 2008 for verification. But instead of doing what taxpayers pay him to do, Wineland stole my result, presented  it as his own in 2009, and was awarded the 2012 Nobel Prize in physics for my discovery. A famed Nobel laureate for (quantum) physics Brian Josephson has agreed with me in a debate: there are too many coincidences in this Nobel Prize dispute case and the argon affinity ("particlequake" energy output) value matching my gravitational resonance is indeed a remarkable coincidence (personal communication, 2013). This is a forensic evidence that a theft of intellectual property has indeed occurred in this case: simply put, apart from my gravitational resonance and argon affinity (pivotal in "Wineland's" result for which he offers no theory), there is no third quantity in physics with the value  of 369.2...! The discovery which David Wineland of NIST thus stole from me to make praised, allegedly magical apparatus (while "forgetting" to spell out a "theory" behind the abridging of quantum and macroscopic worlds), shows quantum physics is a byproduct of secondary, resonant effects of the Moon (tides) against the Earth. This confirms Einstein's claims that (a) quantum mechanics is bogus (locally real - see under "EPR paradox") - albeit only beyond resonant systems such as Earth-Moon that hinder locality and impose common-resonance settings for quantum phenomena to trivially apply even "at a distance" (but only within the system), and, (b) geophysics would have the final word. [16 Mar 2013] More >>

more >>

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W o r k

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The American Association of University Professors: an outstanding dissertation is of highest level of originality; "outstanding dissertations are rare - they come along once or twice a decade, if that often".

[Scroll down for details on how the US Government then stole ideas from this brilliant thesis, turned those into multi-billion patents they filed for and protected under their own (FDA's) name, in a record-breaking time -- a mere few months after the oral defense! They admitted this (and more) in writing -- full 5 years after I filed for patent protection (18 months is the publicly stated average!), as they exhausted dirty tricks such as "losing" and "misfiling" paperwork a dozen times. The final (of all!) draft of the thesis itself got "lost" in US Mail too, delaying oral defense for half a year -- just enough for the FDA. By now, those stolen patents were applied in areas/discoveries such as fast blood tests, weapons design, Space program...]

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[Scroll down for details on how the US Government stole these multi-billion patent and protected them under its name in a record-breaking time -- only months after the idea was defended/published in my PhD thesis.]

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• Theoretical physics (astrophysics & geophysics),

Gauss-Vaniček Variance Spectral Analysis in physics and genetics,

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Artists's impression of two universes interacting

"Scientist develops absolute cosmological theory, discovering how to express gravitation in terms of speed of light. The Hyperresonance Theory states all matter orbits and oscillates in tune regardless of scale or energy. The theory shows gravitation is stringdom's eigenoscillation at exactly multiples of c..."  Read >> [23 Dec 2012]

CERN & Berkeley Lab Confirm HUT

How (in 2006) I killed Einstein's bullshit General Relativity theory (& spares such as MOND, which jews came up with "just in case")

G re-proportionated (gravity expressed) via c - at quantum and everyday scales (classical & quantum physics abridged), which forbids (continuous) physics as such. 

Meaning: this discovery instantly invalidates/makes impossible any (general) relativity theory (including Einstein's) as well as any alternatives such as MOND, which jews came up with "just in case" - to keep us/goyim dumbed down so they can easier get away with being the supreme race of our masters:


(It's OK to trash your fundamental physics textbooks - they are all irreparably & fundamentally incorrect!)

But this discovery has been stolen from me (and then manipulated with) by two jew "bros" - Wineland and Haroche - who shared the 2012 Nobel Prize for "their" abridging of classical & quantum physics!


The first-ever macroscopic time crystal discovered: Earth

I showed that the Earth is a time crystal. Polish American Nobel laureate Frank Wilczek first theorized on the concept of time crystals in 2012 as a time-based analog to common crystals. In the quantum realm, a time-crystal supposedly cannot lose energy to the environment and come to rest - it goes on and on. Researchers proposed a few years ago that time crystals could exist in realms other than quantum. Indeed,  as I have just demonstrated, the Earth is the first macroscopic time crystal ever found. Extending the concept: what we describe as quantum physics here on Earth is a set of phenomena controlled/highly localized tidally-resonantly by the host star (in the same or similar way as the Earth-Moon-Sun resonance system does it in Earth's vicinity). Quantum physics as such (i.e., its fundamental properties) varies from one stellar system to another.

[24 Jan 2023]

Sun and trillions of solar-type stars are magnetic alternators (not dynamos) - as forced by the offset, wobbling solar core!

I showed that the Sun operates as a magnetic alternator instead of a dynamo (as believed previously and simplistically). The "engine" consists of a wobbling solar core, offset away from the apex (as tugged by the Sun on its traversals of the Milky Way galaxy). The wobbling gives rise to global decadal resonance that, due to a lack of engine caging, permits the Sun to resonate freely and is therefore responsible for the solar wind shake-off, core flipping (and thus magnetic polarity reversing), flaring/sunspots (akin to sparking in rotating machinery), etc. This is the first total computation of the Sun's global vibration, including resonance and antiresonance. Since our Sun is the standard for comparing other stars against, the stellar dynamics of billions of trillions of little-understood sunlike stars (most stars in the known universe, not counting dwarfs) are now known too. In addition, the same result confirms that the well-known Rieger period of ~154 days, which dominates our solar system, is solar in origin. This discovery enables accurate macroscopic forecasting of space weather anywhere (including here on Earth and in its vicinity), since the solar wind resonates at the Rieger period and its harmonics. The Gauss-Vaniček Spectral Analysis, which I used to solve the above greatest puzzle of heliophysics, brings a true revolution to physics too - as it enables direct computations of nonlinear global dynamics (renders spherical approximation obsolete). Read the Press Release on this discovery.

[update: 18 Dec 2023]

How Sun spews superflares

While checking if the ongoing Jupiter magnetoactivity increase also affected the Sun in addition to causing some seismicity on Mars and elsewhere (below), I found that it did! Sun & Jupiter have tangled in opposite fashions since ~2002. In reaction to the Jupiter increase, the Sun temporarily deactivated its own magnetic field - to an extreme solar minimum. The lock appears to represent the mechanism for generating solar (non-extinction) super-flares. But besides saving the Earth from mass extinctions that would ensue from the Sun had pulsar Jupiter not been kept in check regularly (whenever it starts turning into a flare-brown dwarf), the mechanism could also be providing the last line of a star's defense against "incoming fire" — the ever migrating gaseous giants. 

[Oct 2021]

Data confirm Jupiter is a pulsar on steroids, and jupiters a new class of pulsars - Jovian pulsars

I computed the Jupiter v. Saturn magnetic field activity in the band of highest planetary energies. As data revealed, the magnetosphere of Jupiter is in turmoil, while in contrast, the magnetosphere of Saturn is tranquil. The increase is of a type seen in magnetars and dwarf novae - and it is the highest possible. The Jupiter's magnetic field is on steroids and could spew up to 20% of its vast magnetic field energy in the form of global dipole discharge beams (jets). Such changes in the Jovian magnetoactivity could indeed be facilitating marsquakes as an electro-magnetic phenomenon themselves, as I proposed earlier (see earlier post).  Finally, it's not just that Jupiter is a real (relatively high-power) pulsar - but this result has revealed a whole new class of pulsars: Jovian pulsars!

[update: Aug 2023]

First detection of a LaViolette galactic flare

After the recent detection of traces from an ancient flare at the Galactic core by ROSAT and Fermi satellites, I now report the first detection of an ongoing LaViolette flare (posited by Paul LaViolette half a century ago), with the apparent return period of ~3600 years. This flare likely is an energetic-transient event that started a few million years ago at the Milky Way center. The gamma-ray repeater/event now is in its final stage - cycling into the oblivion regularly still, but merely as a firecracker at what appears to us (from the limited Vostok, Antarctica. ice-core records) at the millennium scale. Alternatively, it marks the transition from the seeding phase to a full-blown event.  While this particular LaViolette flare seems to have caused trouble with climate in the past, its next comeback that I predict for the year ~4463 AD should not be overly dangerous.

[Aug 2021]

Interplanetary magnetic field causes most of Moon & Earth seismicity

I have discovered that variations in the interplanetary magnetic field (IMF) at Rieger periods cause most moonquakes and earthquakes - the same as I previously demonstrated for Mars.  Except, the reason why no one has detected Rieger-forcing of Earth/Moon seismicity so far was in the way you take your data: when data are looked at together (or even stratified - by depth, magnitude, etc.), Rieger periodicities split due to constant Earth-Moon magnetic interference. But when you separate the data with quakes' times into parts when the Moon was traversing the Earth magnetotail v. IMF - bingo!   The Rieger process is the driver whose ~30-days and ~15-days higher harmonics coincidentally contribute to the Moon-tidal resonance I observed previously from cGPS (below).

[update: this discovery is now published; Mar 2023]

Mars seismicity caused externally by solar wind

I have discovered that marsquakes are caused externally at the Rieger periods - commonly reported in the Solar system and previously linked to increased magnetic activity. Since the Rieger process is detected in solar cycles 19-24 only, this discovery means that Mars is tectonically inactive. The extension of the Rieger process to Mars indicates possible changes in the Jupiter magnetic field - also indicated by the current Juno mission. 

[update: this discovery is now published; Mar 2023]

Earth precession flips magnetic poles, fakes mass-extinctions

By exposing the Earth as the first macroscopic time crystal ever found (see the above post), I also solved a century-long enigma of why the Earth's magnetic North and South poles switch places. During short yet catastrophic Transformative Resonant Events, precession resonance flips poles and decimates strata, thus creating a record of falsely periodic mass extinctions. Other features due to Faraday instability include cratering and patterning. The long-sought precession resonance is also the missing centerpiece of the Milankovitch theory of climate change, which finally got its energy-transfer mechanism. 

[update: Jan 2023]

Earth resonance detected and mapped with GPS:

See how Earth resonances are detected and mapped using GPS. This discovery is definitive proof of Earth body resonance (EBR), now as actual waves in solid matter and on continental-to-local scales at that. The discovery enables (production of synoptic charts for) M6+ earthquake prediction.  Image: EBR during the week ahead of v. week following the 4-5 July 2019 sequence of M6.4 and M7.1 quakes at Ridgecrest, CA (just north of LA).

[Mar 2021]

Galactic Cult - debunked

Believe it or not, the geophysics community has its own cult - people who profess periodic mass extinctions on Earth. Since they claim that the Milky Way is the culprit, I'll call them the Galactic Cult. This cult has its diehard following, regular meetings, and even publications that love promoting their prophecies (led by the most flashy journal for promoting Zionist pseudo-science, called Nature Magazine). So, why should we care about groupies of some periodic mass-extinctions movement, you ask? Well, because no periodic mass extinctions exist (never did, nada, zilch!) - as I show today in this paper (there is also a preprint). Thus the Earth axial precession plays tricks on this poor cult by leaving all sorts of reflections on all kinds of data (and you can show it mathematically - exposing most if not all of the previously reported such periods as bogus). What Nature and like outlets promote are some very bad analyses of some very bad data, using some very bad techniques. Such a mash Naturally results in claims of periodic loss of life when looking at those (many, many!) reflections of the Earth's axial precession period (of ~26,000 years) and other astronomical cycles.  But even if I hadn't revealed the simple mathematical connections, think of this: since the cult members have claimed 100s of such periods (I kid you not!), and if all of them are right - as they certainly believe so - then no life on Earth has ever existed!  lol

[Mar 2021]



"The Most Important Discovery of 2019:

Seismic Universe"

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 P A P E R   D O U B L E T :

(2) Discovery of Moon Body Resonance

Journal of Geophysics

To conclude proof of solid body resonance, I computed spectra of moonquake occurrences recorded by Apollo Program (1969-1977). Here is the first-ever computation of the (first 50) superharmonic resonance periods from those data. This spatiotemporally independent confirmation is conclusive proof of global mechanical tectonics View this discovery's  peer-reviewed paper .

[Aug 2019] [Update: Oct 2019]

(1) Discovery of Earth Body Resonance

Journal of Geophysics

After 100+ years of the Earth-on-Turtle's-back geophysics (aka the heat transfer / flow hypothesis), I am announcing the discovery of Earth body resonance as the only cause of seismotectonics. The discovery is in the form of the first precise computation of the Earth's mechanical resonance. My computation eradicates both the "heat flow" hypothesis and the recent attempts to "settle for a middle solution by admitting that heat flow and mechanical resonance could co-dominate the Earth dynamics". But they can't - according to my first-ever computation of the exact band of 72 superharmonic resonance periods from real data (time-series of earthquake occurrences). (By the way: for all of you who were told that there's no periodicity in earthquake occurrences - it was there all the time, the whole bunch in fact!) The demonstrated phenomenon's energy-band contains 99%+ of the energy budget of the planetary mover (see Cover Art). This is the final proof of mechanical global seismotectonics. View this discovery's peer-reviewed paper .

[Apr 2019] [Update: Aug 2019]

Astrophysical Cause of Tectonics

VIDEO accompanying the article: Omerbashich, M. (2016) Astrophysical cause of tectonics. (Accepted for publishing in Earthquake Science (Editor-in-Chief: Chen Yuntai, a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences) on 31 Aug 2016. I rejected the offer as part of protest against the way scientific community treated me and my seminal discovery, akin to the way they treated Alfred Wegener and his seminal discovery. HAL France

(If video won't show in your browser, watch at YouTube)

Elsevier's boycott buyout

50,000+ researchers and scientists are now boycotting publisher Elsevier, corporate fascists ("old money" = colonialism, slavery, Nazis, Oil...) trying to own scientists (minds) too. It has been rumored that  Elsevier is buying out the entire boycott by acquiring journals in which petition signers do publish, making the signers look less credible. Apparently, journals are cheap to acquire when you're a multi-billion monopoly. As a signer myself, I was shocked when Elsevier acquired a journal I published a paper in - for which databases now say "published by Elsevier" (except - it wasn't). Ha!

[Mar 2018] [Updated: Feb 2020]

David Gross - Master Thief of HUT !

There is no doubt that stealing from Omerbashich has become a sport (see left, down for examples). Given so many attempts, it is not surprising that there is a system behind, all with its  mastermind. And as you might expect, the Master Thief must have an aura of "untouchable". In physics, there is no better cover for the role than the mask of a Nobel laureate (an award created by Pope's front-man stooges - the Protestants, and given out by a Protestant king, mostly to other Protestants; and since Protestants are a religious minority, it means that Nobel committee doesn't reward intellect but rather lack of it - meaning Nobel Prize is a RELIGIOUS AWARD which, as such, discredits its recipients rather instantly: either as thieves who pose as geniuses of stolen discoveries, or as useful idiots for paddling the fake science such as cosmology designed by a Catholic priest, or as both). So without further ado, and according to insider tip, meet Master Thief David Gross, aka "I'm gonna find damn GUT and fetch mEself anothah NobAhl"... By the way: TPTB picked Mr. Nobel to name The prize after, based on his name (no, not his fame)! Nobel  is backronym (a word spelled backwards) of LeBon, cf. Gustave Le Bon (Eng. "good") who mastered collective mind-control... Isn't it amazing, for the simplest sophistry works the best! As male-only (at 97%+ in sciences; 95%+ overall; statistics), Nobel is just a gig...

Even Franz Kafka himself couldn't come up with a play as filthy as this one, filled with psychotic characters like Wineland or Gross (who is chasing a second Nobel - say it jokingly Dave, perhaps they won't get it!!). These psychos will go any distance in order to quench their sick ambition, including tormenting anyone who stands in their way, meaning, who has the superior ideas...

The game began unfolding with BICEP2 fake (due to bogus science behind inflationary theories), which made Gross announce last summer that he and others are "very close" to discovering Holy Grail - Grand Unifying Theory (GUT). But while busy opening his jaws too wide, and flying on the punctured wings of BICEP, poor David forgot that having received a Nobel does not qualify one for knowing everything (see under "David Wineland", left column). Gross for example, never learned how to be - a liar. So in his latest public lecture (above link @ 1:37:25-1:38:10) he dodges a question from audience about his announcement of past Summer, refusing to answer the question on camera. Namely, given he's a novice thief, he learned his lesson hard time - since in his Summer speech (as guest of Brian Greene) he played his cards too soon, all while musing about "great breakthroughs awaiting behind the corner", and in relation to his obvious obsession: scale-jumps of fundamental physics, in which, thinks he, lies GUT...  Ah, if only Omerbashich hadn't planted them naughty booby-traps everywhere... Why does "David" more and more sound like a common name given usually to natural idiots (regardless how technically educated and how many awards they won, idiots never get to see whole picture - oh divine justice!).

Those "others" who Gross referred to, are clowns like one Nima Arkani-Hamed of Iran, and one Jaroslav Trnka of Czech Republic, who claim to have developed (in 2013-2014 - oh the timing!) "ingenious" mathematical solution Amplituhedron (kid you not - that's what this latest modeling idiocy is called). It, claim Lolek & Bolek, can work miracles (if it smells like Jewsuits...). Such as: avoid Einstein-Podolsky paradox (thus ignoring entanglement now that Omerbashich resolved it!) abridge them scales, etc. Sounds familiar?! Of course, they all try to reverse-engineer HUT in order to learn Omerbashichese but without ever mentioning Omerbashich - the Nobody from a No Man's Land (which spells: "all for grabs").

So it's not just Gross that's sick-ambitious with getting (second) Nobel. Since Russia & USA lost them medals with the brave Steinhardt's BICEP2 bust, now Iran and Czechia enter the field of the physicist's favorite sport, trying to fetch Nobels for their own beloved nations. All while poor(!) Iranians along with countless poor Muslims round the globe who trust Iranian intelligence, await for "the arrival of a prophet" - Nobody who will never come. Simply, myths have a naughty habit of never coming true, and so is the case with the latest meme promoted even by Ahmadinejad in his last (Sep 2012) speech before the UN; the myth was all about fetching Nobels for Jewsuit puppets such as Iran, where the West's sudden change of heart as they gave an Iranian lady Iran's first ever "math Nobel" (this year), was supposed to be a precursor to the news from Stockholm this Fall.

And why is it so important to governments? A simple example: a Nobel can't feed 80 million Iranians, but it can make them die harder in the coming oil war. (In case you're still wondering who Ahmadinejad and others had in mind when announcing the coming of "prophet Mahdi", a.k.a. Nobody on a Jewsuit outlet godlikeproductions.com - they meant yours truly). Of course I'm no prophet; they used the meme only to keep (smart questions from) their own audiences at bay - until they fetch my stolen ideas that is.

Or did you naively think that looting brains is any different than looting say, oil, and that the most powerful of presidents, monarchs and intelligence services wouldn't be rigging the game in the brains looting arena, too?  [6 Oct 2014]

Update 7 Jan 2015: as US delayed arrival of new ambassador to Sarajevo for amazing 2 years, leaving space for Jewsuit CIA/NSA to try finalize Project Dayton (split Bosnia; exchange territories in "permanent solution"), today Paris saw a massacre of journalists - likely a warning by CIA/NSA to the freedom-loving French (who in defiance of the US have published most of the Omerbashich's discoveries) as they were preparing to publish the prime news that the BIPM in Paris confirmed the Omerbashich's discoveries (right column).

As their favorite method, Jewsuit CIA/NSA and local /regional satellite agencies often claim plausible deniability - here while trying to finalize Dayton, this time in blood after years of mind-games for peaceful split of Bosnia failed (via "constitutional /law changes" etc.). They always do it by staging terror attacks (False Flags) and assassinations (including character assassinations) of most important targets such as Omerbashich whose ingenious discoveries and patents were stolen by Jewsuit-ran physicists and US Government (scroll down for patent theft info) over the past decade and with the help of none other than Omerbashich's mentor Petr Vaniček.

The stolen intellectual property was then "processed" through an entire system used to that end, and distributed to obedient/papist researchers world-wide who then claimed those goods theirs. Having graduated from one such modern-day "cotton plantation" - where Jewsuits keep today's slaves for exploitation (of mind) and then patent slaves' patents based on our discoveries (the result of that being: we're unable to patent them as ours again!), I can say it's a worst experience than my going through a war (more...).

Update 29 Jan 2015: After Gross was exposed for what he really is, he and Stephen Hawking seem to have entered in a sort of weirdo pact: Hawking will use his (undeserved) public fame in order to proclaim he developed new theory of everything - which is in fact the Gross's forgery of Omerbashich's work and discoveries. Their little ghost-writer gig is to provide a mask and, think they, save the day for the West. Little do they realize that what they're trying to save is a sinking ship - a "Titanic 2" at that: the Newton's physics sunk by Le Sage corpuscular physics?

Be it noted here that Gross isn't the only prophet of (fake) physics, trying to reverse-engineer my discoveries. Others have been trying too, such as a Jewsuit blogger by name Luboš Motl from Czech Republic. His attempt was the reason why I declared at end of 2014 (instead of waiting til 2015 as smarter from PR point of view) that Paris had confirmed my (first-ever) theoretical value of G.  You simply don't trust those people...

How Bush Re-discovered America

Just as you think they showed all evil that they got, The organized crime group a.k.a. Jewsuits surprises you. As it turns out, Wineland wasn't the only one into stealing quantum part of my seminal discovery (G via c both on quantum & mechanist scales): as I published it, in 2006 (a new "coincidence" - what a coincidence, to have such a long series of coincidences), one Yves Couder got "ingenious idea" of something making quantum mechanics not so statistical after all. This "something", as I showed, is just magnified mechanical resonance cf. tides in the Earth's geophysical setup...

In what seems to be a reprise of the Wineland-Haroche affair, there comes an American part of the duo - in form of one John Bush who now "confirms" Couder (me, actually). No, it wasn't The G.W. Bush, though he did steal two ideas from my PhD thesis and filed them as patents in the US's name (along with him/Obama passing an unconstitutional Act that allows the Government to protect ideas from anyone's PhD thesis within 6 months since oral defense!), but they're on the same team alright. As with others from the same gang, this Bush too has put his name on (parts of) my discovery, thus "discovering America" anew.

As you can read it in today's news, Bush v.2.0 has actually tried to fill the holes that Wineland left (and exposed himself as a crook) by inventing a "theoretical explanation" of why Wineland was able to "magically abridge quantum and mechanist realms". (In reality: because of my discovery I sent to him 3 months before he submitted his Nobel paper to Nature).  [15 Sep 2014]

BICEP2 Fake; Inflation Improvable !

Apart from stealing entire discoveries such as HUT (scroll down for 20 Sep 2013 post), Jewsuits also steal parts of discoveries. That's how they had made their boy Wineland a Nobel laureate, after stealing the quantum part of HUT. They are like small-scale (pun intended) bandits who steal a car and then take it apart so to make more money off of it. Their latest attempt is this paper signed by two Catholic boys (from Italy and Spain no less) Alberto Salvio and Alessandro Strumia. The ragazzi tried forging my fundamental derivation of g-via-c (at quantum as well as everyday scales) as the first and only proof that physics is scale-invariant! Salvio-Strumia paper appeared 17 March 2014, one day ahead of the BICEP2 announcement that allegedly proved inflationary cosmology. But this synchronization tells us that it's all a preplanned "package" where BICEP is a forgery as inflationary cosmology can't be proven (as Paul Steinhardt from Princeton correctly claims). It also says that Jewsuits had planned for their boy Guth to steal a cosmological part of the Omerbashich's discovery, just as Wineland stole a quantum part. Linde is just a dog-race lure, to be forgotten soon after "the race", i.e. after they give him too Nobel prize so that they can peacefully turn Guth into new Einstein, via controlled media... And we all saw in March what sort of influence they have on media. You know, a fanatical type like you'll see from no one but -- fanatics. And boy do they play all sides: republicans and democrats, atheists and theists... For all they care, today as ever, is how to mug you. True to their name - the Romans!

Anyone with two brain cells can readily see that the authors took the main idea from this and this paper by Omerbashich without giving due credit. The first of the two plagiarized papers is even titled "Scale invariability" (of physics). They fail to explain how they got the idea, same as Wineland had failed (who was equally "confused" as he stole from me the 2012 physics Nobel prize). Instead, they resort to making a ton of assumptions, such as on dimensionless gravity being a measure of entire physics, which too is my idea! The ragazzi even coined a title for the forgery: Agravity (shorthand for adimensional gravity), as their fingerprints are all over the Omerbashich equations (right-hand column) - the first and only gravity equations in existence that use no dimensions.

Ragazzi bastardi on heavy drugs!

Nobel in the making? Sure, together with Linde's and Guth's theft of Nobel, and as Jewsuits are preparing to misuse Planck Space Mission's data to "confirm" BICEP2 results despite Planck's Puget having told Zeldovich100 cosmology conference that Planck is utterly impossible to decipher statistically for BICEP2 purposes. Not less importantly: look at the Jewsuit Wikipedia - it drastically changed its Scale Invariance article right after 2 Aug 2006 i.e. when I posted the latter paper on Arxiv!

If you thought that stealing another Nobel after stealing one already is unbelievable (the logic says successful criminals repeat their crime!), wait - there's more: the duos' evil-minded character is apparent also from making reference in their (scientific!?) paper to - Mussolini when he says I don't care! You read it correctly. The dilemma is whether this is a couple of smart fasci boy scouts hiding (surely inappropriately) behind humor, or is it another case of open fascism like those seen in recent years from Italian soccer stars, lead artists, etc.? If it was any other nationality, one could probably take it as a joke, if anything then due to comedian's uninformed state of mind. But Italian scientists should know better. In either case, that's unacceptable behavior for anyone whose paper is paid for by both the Spain's Government and the European Science Foundation!

Most importantly, it speaks volumes about the contents of the Il Duce boy scouts' heads (besides or instead of neurons). Like when I caught the infamous Nature editor Henry Gee writing racist blogs, for which he got "a warning" (pat on the shoulder) by a German trillionaire who owns Nature.

Let's cut to the chase: Jewsuit physicist Joshua Schroeder, and Jewsuit archaeologist (for Roman and Illyrian/Bosnian Antiquity) Bruce Hitcher (father of Dayton "peace" accords for destroying the Balkans mentally), both of Boston MA (where I lived when all this shit started happening), are brains behind the Church's operation for stealing, and then handing out Omerbashich discovery to Catholic physicists - much like assignments are given to students. In pieces, at that. For "greater good"... As for the physics community, it turns out according to insider tip, that Jewsuits managed to sell to top physicists the "Omerbashich killing physics in 2 pages of high-school algebra is ominous" bullshit in order to bypass the "Omerbashich's g-via-c sly derivation" - by faking its intricacy, and BICEP and other experiments. Believe it or not - that's how these maniacs operate! For them, it was "101 How To Make 3 Nobel Prizes (For 6-9 Catholics) Out Of 1 Discovery (by a Bosnian non-Catholic Nobody)".

Good thing I set up precautionary "booby traps" around and inside this seminal discovery, so that the idiots get caught in their wrongdoings. A major trap was to proclaim in March 2014 that the Scale Invariance proof confirms the Type II Multiverse. This made Guth and his Jewsuit handler morons open their jaws too wide, thinking that new fairytale scenarios are possible (universes with different physics), paving the way to their Genesis v.2.0 gig via "parallel universes", "many-worlds interpretation", and other sorts of BS. But scale invariance says rigorously that only Type I Multiverse is possible (What you see is what you get!), putting a constraint on cosmology - the bone that they broke their teeth with by believing that scale invariance invalidates Multiverse as a whole; in fact, scale invariance only tells that no Multiverse other than Type I is possible.

This, combined with Omerbashich equations that express g-via-c as Einstein and Maxwell hinted, means inflation is not real, but neither is the Catholic Ding Dong/Big Bang. Multiverse of Type I is all that there was, that there is, and that will ever be, for all eternity. Bingo! [23 Aug 2014]

Maxwell Hinted at HUT 150 Years Ago

Great minds besides Einstein have hinted at HUT. In 1870, while discussing the then state-of-art in physics, Maxwell gave this inspiring talk: "[Maxwell's theory] denies action at a distance and attributes electric action to tensions and pressures in an all-pervading medium, these stresses being the same in kind with those familiar to engineers, and the medium being identical with that in which light is supposed to be propagated. [This theory and a theory of electricity by Riemann, Lorenz, and Neumann] are found to explain not only the phenomena by the aid of which they were originally constructed, but other phenomena which were not thought of or perhaps not known at the time; and both have independently arrived at the same numerical result, which gives the absolute velocity of light in terms of electrical quantities. That theories apparently so fundamentally opposed should have so large a field of truth common to both is a fact the philosophical importance of which we cannot fully appreciate till we have reached a scientific altitude from which the true relation between hypotheses so different can be seen."

135 years later, I succeeded in deriving the absolute velocity of light - in terms of gravity in a mechanical oscillator! This showed the underlying engineering concept (of mechanical oscillators) with which all forces of nature can indeed be unified as Einstein, Maxwell and others hoped for. Thus the gravitational constant, G (and therefore gravity, g, too) is fully expressable via speed of light, c. This seminal discovery, which Maxwell hinted at, had to wait nearly a century and a half for yours truly and HUT. But as great Chaucer wrote - better late than never.  Voilà!  [09 Aug 2014]

Einstein's Geodesy Work Hinted at HUT

§ 12th major confirmation of Hyperresonance Theory comes from none other than Einstein himself. While cosmologists and particlecysts are the ruling class of today's physics realm (and media alike), very few people know that Einstein was at least interested in geophysics and geodesy as he was in galaxies and atoms - and likely even more. There is an excellent EOS article from 1997 that presents Einstein in a refreshing light for all CNN fans (Omerbashich haters): as a seasoned geodesist who understood that answers to basic questions in physics lie in looking into the Earth as the most massive object we have within our reach amongst all lab masses, making the Earth our ultimate lab for the fundamental physics.  So here are just a few of many remarkable quotes from the article, showing how Einstein hinted 70 years ago at my recent discoveries:

(1) "Especially Einstein's own unified relativistic field theories included an electromagnetic field induced by changing gravity field".

Indeed, as I discovered long after Einstein had contemplated his own attempts at unified theory, heavenly bodies act as forced mechanical oscillators that by definition create own electro-magnetic fields. It was also shown that the Earth gravity field is lunar-synodically periodic (constantly changing as suggested by Einstein), and that a body's grave mode of oscillation is not a random number as previously believed.  Voilà!

(2) Then, there is this example: how Einstein stumbled upon a most remarkable relationship between values of gravity, g, and of velocity of light, c (and then unfortunately forgot about it while thinking it could all just be pure chance; which of course was/is hard to believe at face-value, and is normally used by scientists as an escape-term for phrasing that we don't understand something):

Indeed again, same as I showed for the former hint by Einstein-geodesist, also the gravitational constant, G (and thus gravity, g, too) is fully expressable via speed of light, c! This seminal discovery, which Einstein hinted at in the above (but unfortunately fixed his thoughts around Newton's take on G as being "assuredly constant"), also had to wait for 70 years for yours truly and HUT.  But as great Chaucer wrote - better late than never.  Voilà!  [28 May 2014]

"Black Holes" Are Just Whirlpools !

§ 11th major confirmation of Hyperresonance Theory comes from a sky survey and its analysis by George Mason U, which found out that the so-called "super massive black holes" aren't really a result of enlargement. Instead, they mainly come "as are". They occupy centers of galaxies (such as our Milky Way), while acting as whirlpools that suck in dust and other matter precisely because they are just whirlpools... Namely, the whirlpools (erroneously called black holes) arise normally as Keplerian foci - the result of "pinwheel toy" effect under HUT, as our universe moves relative to other universes within infinite Hyperverse of Multiverses. [7 Apr 2014]

UPDATE: Not only that "black holes" are just whirlpools in the pinwheel-effect as under HUT, but now it's been shown that they most likely cause stringdom  turbulence. Voilà! [8 Jun 2014]

Hawking's No-Black-Holes Backs HUT

§ 10th major confirmation of the Hyperresonance Theory: father of the modern "black holes" concept, Stephen Hawking retracted his basic work yesterday in Nature. This in turn confirms HUT as the only  cosmological theory which forbids the concept of "black holes". HUT instead likens that phenomenon to galactic Keplerian foci as galaxies normally tend to go whirlpool-like (see 3rd major confirmation below), thus appearing as "pinwheel toys" that are spinning due to our known universe traveling/orbiting about another universe(s)... Hawking thus admitted the ESA Planck Space Mission's recent finding (see 6th confirmation of HUT below) that data from that survey of the entire known universe do not support the concept of black holes altogeter... In doing so, he basically pooped on the magical "4D stars" forgery by Jewsuit-Turkish alliance from Canada (see below) that tried to explain the Planck Mission's historic find!  But as he retracted the decades-long fairytale concept, a number of Jewsuit-paid scientists are refusing to accept his retraction. The same type of denial had hit Albert Einstein as he retracted his General Relativity theory - when they simply wouldn't let him take it back. A smart and tactical man that he was, he came up with a witty protest, saying "he doesn't understand GR any more now that mathematicians took it over from him"... The money is simply too good, and too easy to pickpocket from taxpayers who are clueless as they are made to believe nonsensical concepts. But of course, who would know better than the men who created a concept, whether their concept was wrong to begin with?! The pope? [25 Jan 2014]

Kepler Mission Confirms HUT

§ 9th major confirmation of the Hyperresonance Theory: Kepler mission for detecting exoplanets has confirmed that most solar systems are nothing like ours. From 3000 exoplanets sample, Geoff Marcy and others have found out that most of those are gaseous and so different than ours that our planet as well as the solar system are just an exception. This is so no matter size or distance from respective suns. And since, in most solar systems, planetary orbits are not nearly as co-planar as they are in our system (where the orbits are virtually co-planar!), this discovery confirms the HUT's prediction that georesonance (as due to orbital co-planarity in a solar system) is a major driver of geophysics. Namely under HUT, orbital coplanarity is a necessary condition for the stirring up of masses (a.k.a. geophysics) to form rocky planets as well as life from mechanically induced chemical reactions. [7 Jan 2014]

Jewsuit-Turkish Alliance Forges HUT

For those who asked how Jewsuits actually do it (make up a fairytale like "Big Bang" and place it at the pedestal of Science): here's a real-time example. Over the past few days, global media were flooded with articles from Jewsuit-operated or financed outlets revealing "Big Bang" so-called theory is dead. Wow, did we read that correctly?! They are throwing towel in so soon? Isn't 100 years on the Sect's timescale a blink of an eye?! Shouldn't we wait for at least 1000 years more? Also, wasn't the BB their bestselling BS ever (after the Jesus one)?! Of course not: for instead of crediting me with exact proof of many 3D universes out there (as equations never lie, unlike the Sect which thrives on lies), they actually (sneaky, sneaky) came up with a replacement "theory" for BB (no data again, so same crap for all purposes), claiming there are many 3D universes -- originating from (you can laugh now) a 4D/5D star! Ha ha! The arXiv article was written by Jewsuit-Islamic holy alliance ("physicists" who spend more time in church or mosque than lab). They based it all on a previous also ad hoc theory -- meaning non-physical (not based on data) theory by an as worthy (baptized; meaning not a slave) boy... President of the university that made fuss about this pile of crap is -- oh -- Turkish. So basically yeah, that's how they do it as they try to push under the rug the ESA's Planck Space Mission discovery that data don't support black holes concept. Geostrategy 101, live...  [20 Sep 2013]

Hubble Deep-Space Confirms HUT

§ 8th major confirmation of the Hyperresonance Theory: Astronomers at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, discovered that galaxies in farthest regions ("early stages", as bing bangers imagine) of the universe have had same shapes as most recent galaxies. For this, Hubble Space Telescope was employed. This find constitutes the 8th straight confirmation of HUT. Namely, galaxies mainly come as-are, instead of popping up under imagined inflation scenarios. This is in agreement with HUT which predicts that universes orbit just like everything else does, meaning universes also come as-are. Then, our known universe did not appear out of nothing either (or from a tiny cube size of a nail, which is even funnier than from nothing), and it too is not alone... And after the latest ESA's survey of our known universe of last March (see below), this latest find is a new big nail in the coffin of the Jewsuits' "Big Bang" so-called theory. [15 Aug 2013]

Newton's 1680 Comet Confirms HUT

§ 7th major confirmation ofHyperresonance Theory: C2012S1-ISON is an extremely rare sun-grazer (comets which, when close to the Sun, due to their size i.e. regardless of inclination, can align (i.e., lock resonantly)  for more than 3 days with two other objects in our Solar system's “plane“). ISON has similar characteristics as, and is a fragment of the famous Great Comet of 1680 that Newton used for verifying the Kepler's theory. (Update Aug 2013: A month after this post, Jewsuit "astronomers" refuted a possibility that ISON is a fragment of the Newton comet. They offered no evidence of course... The catholic cranks never sleep!) As seen from June 2013 magnification of the Earth mass-resonance (magnified vibration) - obvious during Earth's alignments with two other Solar system bodies - ISON (the Great Comet of 1680) also verified the Hyperresonance Theory (that completes Newton's and Kepler's theories) - by total interference at multiple or very long alignments, i.e., a complete shutdown (to barely M5 levels) of Earth vibration magnification, from 16-24 June 2013, after which the magnification resumed as before. [25 Jun 2013]

ESA Map of Universe Confirms HUT

§ 6th major confirmation ofHyperresonance Theory: European Space Agency (ESA) released a long awaited map of known universe, as based on the  2009-2012 Planck Space Mission. The new map is the confirmation of king's Hyperresonance Theory, namely of its main consequence: our known universe must be gravitationally engaged with another universe(s).   Mission was named after

(Click here if your browser can't display the above video)

Max Planck as it was expected to confirm the cosmological model built on Big Bang theories and quantum theories first started by Planck. But instead, the new map showed significant disagreement with the two groups of theories, revealing drastic anomalies.  Due to these absolutely astonishing anomalies, the map shows that the cosmological model is far from being a perfect match to reality. The only perfectly clear thing is that the observed anomalies are so huge (on universe scales), and span an incredible 1/2 of the map (with a huge contrast-spot & forbiddingly non-homogeneous distribution for inflationary scenarios to work) - that the anomalies can only be explained by tidal effects by another universe(s). Finally, the Planck mission found out that data from its survey of the entire known universe do not support the concept of black holes. HUT on the other hand is the only cosmological theory which forbids the concept of black holes altogether. [22 Mar 2013]

§ 4th/5th major confirmationsof Hyperresonance Theory'sprediction that our universe is gravitationally engaged with another universe.  Indeed, researchers at Large Hadron Collider (CERN) have killed Theory of Supersymmetry -- thus killing the "dark matter" fairytale as a codename for "we don't know how to explain (23% of) our universe". Then, as we learned within a day (love the timing), astronomers at Berkeley National Lab have mapped Space in BOSS Survey, showing when exactly "dark energy" took over gravity in our universe. Since "dark energy" is just another codename for "we don't know how to explain (73% of) our universe", the instance that they pinpointed demonstrates by its sheer existence that indeed another universe is gravitationally affecting ours. This, by elimination alone: what else could pull/push an entire universe, in such a sudden yet uniform fashion? Another universe, of course!  So physics found out, in a single day, that "dark matter" does not exist except in the Wizard of Oz, and there is nothing dark about "dark energy". As in everyday life, it's all about push and shove, figuratively or literally.  [15 Nov 2012]

Caltech & Berkeley Confirm HUT

§ 3rd major confirmation of Hyperresonance Theory's prediction that our universe moves relative to other universes.  Indeed, astronomers at U of California Berkeley, CalTech et al. have just found out that all galaxies tend to go whirlpool-like! This is a direct consequence of hyperresonance as our universe is oscillatory-orbitally engaged with another universe. Just like a pin-wheel toy spins when moved frontally against the air, galaxies too spin as their common universe moves through the oscillatory-orbitally tuned environment -- the stringdom (including so-called "dark matter/energy"). The same applies to all scales (georesonance), for example Jupiter's Great Red Spot, Earth's Ring of Fire, etc.  [21 Oct 2012]

USGS & Berkeley Confirm HUT

§ 2nd major confirmation  was achieved by USGS & U of California in Berkeley: mega quakes "trigger" strong (M5.6+) earthquakes globally! Note that the king's patternapplies to M5.7+ quakes, i.e. they stumbled on the mechanism of externally forced Georesonator. In the original paper, they are obviously clueless about the mechanism as they try Earthbound approaches only, but here such approaches to global-scale phenomena necessitate too many ifs as well as coincidences which occur virtually simultaneously. So they use term "trigger" loosely as there cannot exist an Earthbound mechanism that actually triggers strong earthquakes globally yet so successfully (so fast and in such a perfectly ordered manner magnitude-wise) as was the case with the 11 April 2012, Indonesia mega-quake,they now call "the strangest ever". Of course, there are no strange natural events; we are supposed to decipher nature, not vice versa! In other words: all Earthbound global theories are now dead. One quake killed geophysics as we knew it!  [27 Sep 2012]

§ How can you tell when you've made it? When Uncle Sam's jealous lab directors hate you so much they go to conspiracy web (frequented by high-school kids) to say it!  [22 Aug 2012]

U. of Peloponnese Confirms HUT

§ 1st major confirmation comes from Professor Boucouvalas's research group, at U of Peloponnese, Greece: "virtually all M7+ earthquakes from 2004-2011 occurred on the day of Earth's astronomical alignment"! - EUREKA Conference paper  [02 Aug 2012] (Download the paper here or here if the above link is broken)

NOTE Oct 2017: Prof. Boucouvalas subsequently became greedy, and started writing papers about my discovery but "forgot" to cite my work again. Obviously (cf. the above link which was his first paper on the subject), it is my work where he got the idea, and the one that has made him switch from his electrical engineering to - geophysics. When I confronted him about this, he replied "You are lucky that I wanted to cite you - as you have no friends!". Amazing - those Masonic/cryp criminals of today. Did he watch one too many TV soap operas that made him believe he had superpowers?

Paper Downloads

How Elsevier hides plagiarism

A year ago, I noticed this 2021 paper ("Ademović, N., Demir, V., Cvijić-Amulić, S., Málek, J., Prachař, I., Vackář, J. (2021) Compilation of the seismic hazard maps in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering 141.") in a Brick Layers journal by Elsevier, containing Fig. 2 from our 2006 paper as their Fig.3 without citing the source. As it turned out, the lead author, one Naida Ademović, had done this before, like in 2013 and in 2018 - so this was premeditated: see for example our Fig.2 as Fig.1 in that 2018 paper of hers and the Erratum she wrote after the affair broke out here vs. original paper here. Upon reporting the 2021 case to Elsevier, they dragged their investigation for - one year! And in the end, instead of retracting this paper for obvious literal plagiarism (according to them), they only forced her to publish this Corrigendum, disregarding the fact that the entire plagiarizing paper is now invalid too. (She's a civil engineer who poses as a seismology expert, no less.) But what to expect from a "publisher" (just a printer styling itself as a publisher) which plagiarized "its" logo? As the cake topping, her University of Sarajevo then gave the serial plagiarizer Ademović an award for being their "top researcher of the year 2021"! Who knows what kinds of fairytales she told them - as Ademović's character can be seen best from the concluding sentence of her Corrigendum claiming she now even "obtained permission from Czech Academy of Science" for publishing the Figure - but failed to notice that there's no "©" sign on our paper (as authors of Acta Geodynamica retain 100% copyright)! So she's a proven serial plagiarizer and a liar. What perfect company she is for Elsevier company, and for one of the world's lowest-ranking universities. And what a divine justice this is for us, the Cost of Knowledge signers, to have all these tightly-knit academic scumbags (lowlife fake scientists and the world's most notorious predatory publisher) getting caught in an act like this!  LOOL

[7 Jan 2023]


General Soleimani assassinated as he wanted to go public on me being a new Einstein?

I have received an anonymous tip that head of the Iranian secret service General Qasem #Soleimani was assassinated because 1 week before death he visited Balkans seeking support for his plan to go public on me being a new Einstein (for the equation to the left; see arxiv paper). Serbia's president Vučić told the CIA about the plan, and the CIA assassinated the general. Supposedly, the Pope & Masonry (Jewry/Zionists) won't let "some Mansour" jeopardize / replace Albert Einstein's position. Is that a bizarre tip?

[29 Mar 2020]

How Masonry is using Corona virus scare to try split Bosnia in blood - again (and put a Corona on Karađorđević's head)

The bizarre Balkans scare about Corona-virus (which is far less deadly than seasonal flu) became clear today. Namely, two local Masonic overlords in the US-London-Vatican protectorate called Bosnia and Herzegovina (yep, the US is so messed up that it runs a colony - with slaves and all, but hypocrite US intelligentsia keeps quiet about it) - Milorad Dodik & Bakir Izetbegović agreed behind the panic curtain to split the Protectorate's Central Bank reserve like the bros they are: in the 50:50 ratio. (See Izetbegović's statement on camera for Sarajevo NTV Hayat of today, joyfully agreeing to "give" 50% to his bro!)

Why is this significant? Because it's an attempt at breaking into the multibillion economic system of the country whose natural resources are estimated at USD 4 trillion. It's also a country whose unnatural (designed in blood of millions in the 1992-1995 war) "entities" tried all tricks under the sky since the 1995 Dayton Accords to achieve their interrupted war goal and split Bosnia apart anyway. The Belgrade and Zagreb Masonry keep hoping to annex Bosnia's blood-created parts into their private pockets - either directly by seceding from the Protectorate (for which a crisis would create an opportunity as Kissinger remarked once), or indirectly by turning the Protectorate into a fake (federal) republic first, which, like Yugoslavia, would enable secession via the constitution.

So, when Milošević reached for Yugoslavia's bank reserve (in reaction to papist Slovenia and Croatia doing it first, but that's another story), papists used that as an excuse and accused Milošević of (their) destruction of Yugoslavia instead. Freemasonry is now trying the same trick on Bosnia after all else failed for them. But they're poor pupils of history: many other Masons and papists broke teeth trying to split Bosnia before them: Cvetković and Maček in 1939, Hitler and Mussolini 1941-1945, Milošević and Tuđman in 1991, Karadžić and Boban 1992-1995.

And given the weird name of the crisis curtain this time (conveniently, Corona means "Crown" in Latin), I wouldn't be surprised if the self-proclaimed prince of Yugoslavia Aleksandar Karađorđević whose father abdicated their family's regal rights - twice at that (once to his buddy Hitler, and once to Tito) - had been hired by Masonry as an extra who is in Serbia, waiting for a "Corona" to land on his head. The last (2003) attempt by a local Freemason to crown Karađorđević King of Yugoslavia (Serbia + Half of Bosnia) though - has ended kind of bad for him: he was assassinated. His name was Zoran Đinđić, the Prime Minister of Serbia.

Papists and Freemasons are one organization (two sides of the same coin, in the Vatican's and London's game of Good Cop v. Bad Cop), and a fake (quisling) aristocracy whose main goal is looting of the world. That's clear from the example of Bosnia's colonization attempts since 1939 when they first created their butchering brigades in the Balkans. Archaeology shows that local tribes had not attacked each other in 10,000 years. Until Papism and Freemasonry arrived to "civilize" and "free" them, that is - while selling the world on the story of "ancient hatred" among locals.

[16 Mar 2020]


The war-criminal (blackmailed as such by the West) puppet-president of Serbia (known for his wartime Nazi proclamation in Serbia's Assembly: "kill 100 Muslims for 1 Serb") Aleksandar Vučić has just declared military dictatorship - with all media in the Balkans hypnotically chanting "stay indoors - if we suspect you might have the virus and you're not home, we will arrest you!"

So with a few dozen reported Corona-virus cases and no deaths in Serbia (it's even less in other Balkans colonies) and strange-looking military with automated weapons marching Serbia's cities, Masonry in Serbia probably is trying to apply the Spanish model of the 1970s when king (monarchy) "saved Spaniards from a fascist dictator". Remember the proverb: - Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeating it. And where did logic go? Trump says "Corona-virus is now in all 50 states" - wow, imagine that, and so is the seasonal flu. It's like when climate alarmists declare "melting glaciers in the spring" - but when the same glaciers freeze again every winter, the alarmist "forget" to report it.  That's called faulty logic.

More and more, this seems like a classical Masonic conspiracy 101 - a cute little (apparently global) project for the personal enrichment of a few top Masons of the Masonic havens China (Jinping), USA (Trump) and UK (Johnson - now that the UK freely roams around again). So imagine the following scenario for a moment: "bros" create/order a rather-common-flu virus scare as no one has done reporting of every flu case/death before, so a scare like that is easy to accomplish as society has no previous experience and most people think "this is it"! So united in an attempt to install another puppet (fake) Masonic kingdom as a means of subduing the USD 10+ trillion-worth Balkans, Masonry is trying to get the theater ready for colonial exploitation in which all of the above have high hopes for personal war profiteering.

How did physicians fall for it, you ask? That's the easiest part: most physicians are Masonic "bros" too. Heck, chief Masons in Bosnia, Croatia, and Serbia are on record as being - medical doctors! And don't get me started on how many media moguls are Masons too - like one Fahrudin Radončić, Protectorate's security/interior "minister" and one of biggest narco-bosses in the region (I kid you not). His bros appointed this illiterate criminal (his highest education level: high school), who can be seen dining with the CIA director, to "coordinate" the virus scare in the Protectorate.

Yep. I call a bluff. In case you haven't heard: the West operates on a simple principle of "project geopolitics": all "crises" were/are just "projects" to this or that Western elite (take Roman Empire archaeologist Bruce Hitchner's Project Dayton for example). Thus the Bushes looted Iraq in one such project called WMD (and all of their "bros" in the media and politics profiteered from it); the Clintons started the Balkans Project; and so on... You get the idea.

Pope always pays his people for bringing him results (prey) in his global projects. How else could he remain the last guy standing in the geopolitical arena - 2000 years and 140 empires later?

[17 Mar 2020]


It's official - there's no corona-virus in huge Russia.

Russians aren't Superman clones, so how is that even possible, you ask? It's because their sovereign does not agree to play the scare game.

What does it mean? It means that corona-virus is NOT real and it is seasonal flu.

What else does it mean? It means Russia is the only one NOT meddling in the Balkans. It is Chinese and Masonry in other governments who are trying to colonize the Balkans.

People: wake up from the hypnosis before you wake up without Kosovo (Serbs) and without half of Bosnia (Bosniaks) as they end up in the hands of corrupt foreign politicians who are trying to get rich from your resources.

[19 Mar 2020]


As Serbia and Bosnia go on a (sham) lock-down in an undeclared military/police cue, there is no doubt anymore that this virus scare is an old English-original sham to install one Karađorđević dude as the (fake) king of "Yugoslavia" (Serbia minus Kosovo minus Sandžak minus Vojvodina, and plus half of Bosnia for the Serb suckers who would trade what's theirs for what's theirs).

Remember a historically documented event during the turbulent times of the formation of the Church of England by Henry VIII? When bishops told him they wouldn't allow it in the Parliamentary vote, he had them locked down in the basement until the voting was complete. The rest is history. Knock knock, everyone - yeah, this is that lock-down! History in the making. This time - real-time!

That's how the English/Masons do it, as their signature is painted all over this "Crown" virus scare. Learn from history, or history never stops repeating itself. Why would it, if there are plenty of suckers to fall for always the same tricks, time and again?

And for those suckers who fell for the "Nordic solution for the Balkans" idiocy (supposedly to mimic the kingdom of Sweden/Norway division of Scandinavia): no, Russia and the USA aren't coming to save you from the English/Pope and create the Kingdom of Bosnia / the Kingdom of Serbia either. In geostrategy, states perform only two types of sustainable (investment-returning) legal actions: either taking or defending. But it has never happened that giving took place, only an appearance of giving.

In geostrategy, bluffing is the only goal of diplomacy that ever was. Yep, this "Crown virus" scare is one such bluff (a live broadcast of seasonal flu cases/deaths by the same media that broadcast "glaciers melting" in Summer but never report on their freezing in Winter!). Think: why else name this specific seasonal flu the "Crown" virus? Surely you know that most viruses (not just flu!) look like a crown?



Since they were busted in their attempt to finalize the filthy colonialism for scoring the Balkans (priced at USD 10+ trillion), Masonic scum changed the tactics in the Balkans virus scare. So, while Russia (Putin) refuses to play the dirty game and spread the Corona-virus scare for monetary / geopolitical gain, Masonic bros from the Chinese and US governments (oh look, aren't the US and China "archenemies"? lol) came to rescue to their local baby bros, in a desperate attempt at saving the gruesomely genocidal Project Dayton (it was all one huge genocide by Masonry, something Masonry historically got quite fond of doing and then us applauding to it!) and to cash in on it. Therefore, they immediately sent "test kits" and "medical teams" for a non-existing pandemic. So where is the catch, you ask?

They are getting ready to apply a Medieval "witch test" on potential political opponents to the new drawing of Balkans borders in blood. They want to enter the homes of "virus suspects" (I kid you not - that is the lingo now!) and perform fake testing, and some even suggest they do it in mobile vehicles in the streets (oh look, just like in their favorite Nazi Germany and Mao's China!). If they test positive - the political opponents will be taken to a hospital (dragged by force, if necessary), for a "more rigorous treatment" (I kid you not, that is exactly what the Chinese "doctors" Mengele said) - where the patients could also "die of complications" (meaning, be murdered by the "doctors" Mengele). The same will happen to those who perhaps already contracted the virus but got cured without ever knowing it was The Virus - and now contain the antibodies in their organism (so they too would test positive and be deemed sick and thus eligible for a "speedy processing" = death row).

So that is the latest in the Masonic fascist/hardline communist blood-play that is unfolding as we speak. Also, don’t miss the newest interview with a leading clinical psychologist and Paris-educated psychiatrist Professor Dr. Mila Alečković (below). She now openly claims that the goal of the entire Corona virus scare is not the fight against this virus (which she deems as benign as any seasonal flu!) but the creation of panic for the psychological reshaping of the region for geopolitical goals. Great times indeed - when white-coats of her caliber are standing up to the Masonic (fake) doctors, the same as I stood up to fake scientists:



A German expert accuses Chinese colleagues and the Government of China for creating the "Corona-virus" scare. Not only is there nothing special about this year's "Corona" (which makes about 10% of all flues each year, where this year saw NO increase in the rate of flu deaths!), but the largest virology lab in China is located (oh, the "coincidence") in Wuhan - the city where the virus scare started! The whole affair is one huge bluff by many unethical (Masonic) doctors mostly Chinese, who were promised money and fame. Where should the money come from for this little project by the Chinese Government? From the Balkans where China has an enormous financial interest, and where it uses local Masonry like one Dodik to sell the Balkans countries into credit slavery and hardship while letting Chinese financiers build the infrastructure (electric power stations, etc.) So China has placed itself on the list of colonial powers of the Balkans, and that is the road without return. China has ashamed itself with this disgusting "project" for all eternity: just think about it - China even used forbidden psychological-biological warfare to advance its colonial interests and goals. Chinese colonialism is thus as frightening as British, Spanish, and other colonial methods used to be.



"- There is a list of 1000 individuals in Serbia who are under (security) measures and are on record as the enemies of this government and the regime. Of those 1000, 200 are under special (security) measures, while some 20 - who are at the very top - there are serious indications and considerations that they will be sacrificed to "Corona-virus". Do not even think of it! [President] Aleksandar Vučić will be personally responsible should someone, god-forbid, get hurt during the declared Emergency - meaning if you take them to the Clinic for Infectious Diseases, inject them with the virus and they die as the result." - Mutiny of Serbian opposition - 24 March 2020  (Imagine how many unwanted individuals are in the horrendous Protectorate of BiH!?)

Parliament of Serbia is the only parliament in the World that has been suspended due to the "Corona-virus": Serbian opposition asked today from the Constitutional Court to suspend the Emergency declared earlier: "- Basically, this is a suspension of the people's sovereignty!" In other words, they are trying to install MONARCHICAL sovereignty instead (as those are the only two types of sovereignty under international law). Since Masons Dodik and Izetbegović copy Serbian President Vučić's measures in the Protectorate of Bosnia and Herzegovina, is there anyone who believes that, along with these measures, they also won't try the secession of half of Bosnia as a Danaan gift to Serbia in "exchange" for Kosovo? After that, Serbia would most certainly lose Sandžak, Vojvodina, etc., while Bosniaks would become Palestinians of Europe:

[25 Mar 2020]


Dodik & Imbeciles Inc. are trying to declare Emergency/Martial law illegally as a means to secede Republika Srpska from the Protectorate of Bosnia and Herzegovina (under international law, no one in a protectorate is authorized to make such a decision). At the same time, Serbia's President (dictator, really!) Vučić tried to assist Dodik today in creating their common-goal "The State of Emergency" (smokescreen for uniting "Masonic lands" of the Balkans), by stating that "we will soon have up to 30 people die in Serbia daily". His manipulation with statistics is seen from the fact that in Jan/Feb last year, in Belgrade alone, 190 people died from the seasonal flu alone, meaning the "Corona-virus" is less deadly than the seasonal flu! Not only that - Italian experts have found the cause of somewhat increased death rate from the "Corona-virus" v. seasonal flu (only!) in that country: it is due to a soccer match at Bergamo during which 40,000 fans contracted the virus totally and in within 2 hours - which is a coincidental event that occurs once in a 100 years!  In the meantime, here is a new interview with a brilliant Professor Dr. Mila Alečković (who was viciously attacked on the Internet over her last week's interview below). She continues unmasking the viruprimitives: French experts issued recommendations (which even Macron, who is on the payroll of TPTB, could not ignore - so he adopted them) for people to NOT wear protective masks outdoor anymore, and to go OUT and walk every day and as much as possible to strengthen the immune system! The same is happening in Germany, Russia and many other large nations like the UK, Brazil, etc. Professor Alečković: "- If they come to your home to test you for "#CoronaVirus", just slam the door on them. If they try to use force, use self-defense. If they come to test me, I will shoot!"

[27 Mar 2020]


Watch new interview with amazing expert Professor Dr. Velo Markovski - respiratory infections SPECIALIST (and Director of Clinic for Infectious Diseases in Skopje, Macedonia): "- Corona-virus is so harmless that medical students volunteer to get infected with it to study the effects!" "-There are ABSOLUTELY no reliable tests for Corona-viruses because they are not interesting for science due to being harmless!" "-It is terrible that panic is spread by doctors like - surgeons and orthopedic MDs, who do not specialize in infectious diseases" "-Corona infection is NOT a quarantine-requiring type of disease!" "-Putting infected people on a respirator increases their death rate by amazing 8% since respirators enable secondary infections." "-The cause of allegedly high death-rate in China could be in aggressive medicine" - we all know that last week China kicked out of the country a group of foreign journalists who requested to visit morgues and emergency cemeteries! Welcome to the Circus Corona - now in your pharmacy-town too! LOL

[29 Mar, 2020]


German physician Dr. Claus Kohnlein strongly accuses his colleagues of PURPOSELY MURDERING "Corona" patients with way too strong therapies. He gives an example published in a leading medical science journal The Lancet, of a therapy recommended by WHO: "-A 50-year-old male who was NOT in any risk group was given VERY STRONG antibiotics (twice!), then VERY TOXIC drugs used for treating AIDS, as well as immunosuppressants like Cortisone that DESTROYED the patient's immune system! After pumping the patient (the VICTIM) with all that, he DIED of course, or in the words of Dr. Kohnlein, he was MURDERED!!! "-In case of Corona, I as a clinical doctor do not see ANY NEW disease... this year is no different from any previous year" "- I am not sure how much fake news is coming from Italy, but I notice MANY illogical things in the statements by Italian colleagues." "- All testing for Corona MUST BE DISCONTINUED." - Now imagine how many career-driven doctors (Masons etc.) are applying the WHO-prescribed Nazi "therapy" for something that even does NOT HAVE A TEST because IT TOO DOES NOT EXIST, all while thinking "I was only following orders." - just like in WW2 concentration camps!

[30 Mar 2020]


Great news: ancient Turkmenistan (population 5.9 million) is the first nation in the world that has BANNED the use of the word "Corona" in media, while the police are arresting those who WEAR MASKS! Thus it turns out that, contrary to what the West is babbling, Turkmenistan is one of the most freedom-loving nations (and most democratic too - since forced mass-masking of a population has the same psychological effect in mass control as putting of the muzzle on a dog has - it creates a barrier in an individual's mind that efficiently prevents the population from mutinying). Based on numerous expert opinions, Turkmenistan is now decisively denying that the flu is the same as the plague. This is how common sense wins over panic, and over those who use panic as a smokescreen to achieve geopolitical goals!


[2 Apr 2020]


Since brave doctors/scientists busted the bullshit "Corona tests", revealing those are junk, the papist-Masonic gang is now trying to use backup excuses to fake-diagnose people with "Corona" and put them on the Mengele "therapy" that the fascist WHO recommends (see the above post and previous updates for details).

So they now say that, in the lack of reliable testing, "Corona patients" can be diagnosed - symptomatically. What the gang of idiotic scumbags does not realize is that an allegedly new disease does NOT have known symptoms unless it is confirmed by lab tests, so that those which they pass around as the "symptoms list" could belong to anything - literally (as they do). Catch 22.

And since panic now totally took over them (they fell into the trap they had set up for the World - lol), they even have a backup-backup diagnostic tool - CAT scans!  As they claim, the CAT scan shows "changes on the lungs in the patients with Corona/COVID19". But the same as with the junk lab tests, those changes could be seen in patients who already recovered from the infection without ever knowing it!  LOL  (Besides, according to the Mayo Clinic "- American College of Radiology advises that no imaging exam be done unless there is a clear medical benefit." And an allegedly new disease sure as heck cannot be fitted under the "clear" in the above. Not to mention that national health departments throughout the World say no one person should have more than 25 CAT scans over the course of their ENTIRE LIFE. as the CAT scan CAUSES CANCER, increasing the chance for cancer in healthy adults by amazing 20+ % and in children by shocking 300%, so scientists say CAT scans should be done only on individuals who are indicated for CANCER! These are all fresh recommendations and findings, and apply to the NEW generation of CAT scanners for which manufacturers say are - harmless! LOL  Besides, who wants to spend the life-credit of 25 CAT scans on something as dull as flu - when those scans could aid surgeons (sometimes 10 scans at once) to operate and save the patient from a real illness like cancer?)

In the meantime, Germany is pretty much back to normal: Berliners do not wear masks anymore, streets are beaming with life again, and soccer teams are back to - group practicing, with games to resume soon. Basically, in the sovereign nations - Protestant, Orthodox Christian, and Muslim, there's no Corona. Could it be that those vast territories are inhabited by Superman clones and that Corona is a problem only where pope/Masonry has a decisive role in the government? LOL  Finally, did you notice how similar scaremongering from "Corona" and "Global Warming" are? Remember the "seas will rise by 2010",,, then "2015"... then "2020" - and now: "Corona to peak in the next 14 days"... then "next 10 days"... then "next 2-3 weeks" LOL

[6 Apr 2020]

When scum follows you around


Johnson & Johnson is part of the criminal enterprise that stole my patents and discoveries (others include the US Government/Health Department). Just one patent a serial patent-thief from this corporation stole from me was worth

$518 million (face value; and 10s of billions in profits) According to a lawyer who specializes in this type of crime, this is a "soft IP theft" case that's very common and most of the time goes unpunished even as dead bodies pile up. I reported it to the FBI (3 times) and "Scotland Yard" (twice) - to no avail. When I ask for the status of the case, they can't find any previous filings in the system as someone with "highest clearance" overrides the system and deletes my reports. The corrupt (fake) police agencies aren't interested in fighting trillion-dollar monopolies over robbing someone whose name those Rambos can't even pronounce. But what do you do when scum like the pigface depicted above by the name of Daniel Watts (Director of Global Contracting, Johnson & Johnson) follows you around (Linkedin)? They're not trying to be nice obviously - as there are plenty of means of direct contact for that. Are they trying to appear amicable to their partners who can google-up what these scumbags did to me? Hardly, as they have plenty of partners to choose from also. It's more like the scumbags are trying to show "who's the boss". Just look at that corporate smirk - yuck.

 [2 Mar 2020]

When France Wants It All


When Berlin Wall fell, the beast felt free to hunt again. But faced with WW1/2 stigma, German oligarchy and Deutsche Bank couldn't hire their favorite government to try to conquer Yugoslavia (=Serbs) and re-colonize Bosnia for the 3rd time in 100 years. So they hired the French government and its infamous mercenary Legion instead. Thus came about Srebrenica, Vukovar, etc. - the Legion committed all of the massacres in the 1990s Balkans in an attempt to draw borders of new mini-state colonies in blood and keep the colonies separated on the sentiment of hatred and desire for revenge. Thus Project Dayton was a reprise of the old Roman divide-and-conquer tactics, created by none other than Bruce Hitchner - an archaeologist (I know, it's weird) who specializes in Ancient Rome and Illyria (in case you're wondering, that's Yugoslavia and its nucleus Bosnia). Since Legionnaires were mostly locals (as they always are), it was a piece of cake for Hitleresque German courts to then pass all those nasty verdicts to Serbs, including for genocide. Papist Legionaries walked away free - like Croatia's own "Himmler" one General Ante Gotovina (a sergeant in the Legion, but hey - who's counting 'em stars).  Do you get the German-French (EU) game here? By "eternal peace upon Europe" - they meant no more war between Germany and France (but war everywhere else).

So what does that have to do with science? A day before Serb vichys (or quislings, in case you do not parlay Française) delivered him to Hague, Slobodan Milošević in his last TV address said something I refused to believe at the time: "- Countries deprived of sovereignty are as a rule deprived of the right to creative work, and especially creative work in the field of science. Large centers and large powers finance scientific work, control its attainments, and decide about the application of its results. Even if dependent states do have scientific laboratories and scientific institutes, these are not independent ones; rather, they operate as branches controlled by one center. Their attainments must remain within definite limits so as not to introduce in occupied countries and occupied peoples the seed of rebellion and emancipation".

Frankly, I thought the man had lost it - until today's (3 Dec 2019) weekly listing by Harvard ADS - the most complete free cross-referenced scientific database in the world. Why? Crucial references are missing from the ADS records of my 2 pivotal papers (see the left column for details on that paper doublet; or in ADS: this and this). For example, of all 21 references that can be found in the ADS system, missing from the ADS record of my Earth body resonance paper are only those to my precedence-setting 2006 paper and to 2 works by one Le Bars - a young French Freemason whom, as I had been told (but also refused to believe until today), they prepped to become the "new Einstein" based on his view of my discoveries (perhaps not less importantly: he's got an obviously smart name - unlike yours truly!).

The Earth body resonance paper is critical of works by Le Bars and associates. By omitting those references, the "Freemason Bros World-Wide & Co." are trying to cut off the dissemination of my discoveries and spawning of debate among scientists in the field, as well as to take priority from me and assign it to their "baby-Mason bro genius" - in the same manner as with my derivation of G via c (gravitation via speed of light) which they gave (along with the 2012 Nobahl Prize) to their Masonic bros Haroche (a French colony-born whitey-male with an obviously smart name) and Wineland (a US-born whitey-male with an obviously smart name) - the latter being the first-ever measuring help who has scored a physics Nobel - ha! (and for a discovery he never explained theoretically - like a monkey who hit a jackpot basically). By the way, while the latter is a trained physicist, note that the physics Nobel has been won by non-physicists - many times at that - including civil engineers, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers...

As a sovereign, Milošević had access to world's top secrets. Aware of his fate, he revealed one of the best-kept secrets of the West as his final revenge to his butchers. Milošević's revelation and the Harvard Nazis (German loyalists, if you like, are well rooted at Ivy League schools) now caught red-handed in 1930s-like censorship make you think: not even Hitler dared hide published peer-reviewed scientific works by Jews! But, that's the newest French-German Axis (aka pope's little helpers) - from Bonaparte to Hitler, and beyond, they again feel all-powerful, and so still want it all.

 [3 Dec 2019]



Although they officially update ADS references only once a week (Tuesdays), the Harvard Nazis re-added the censored references less than 24h after I posted the above text and sent them a not-so-kind complaint. See the difference between the 21 references of the Earth body resonance ADS record, v. the 18 references they allowed originally in the yesterday's (Tuesday, 3 Dec 2019) update. Also, note the difference between the 31 references of the Moon body resonance ADS record, v. the 27 references they allowed originally in the yesterday's (Tuesday, 3 Dec 2019) update. ADS system allows authors to be notified automatically when their work is cited by others. That's a great way to foster scientific debate, exchange of ideas, and progress overall. (But some thought they could steer that process.)

[4 Dec 2019]

Paris Bureau of Weights Confirms Omerbashich Theoretical Value Of Newton's Constant G

Paris Bureau of Weights Confirms the Omerbashich Theoretical Value of the Newtonian Gravitational Constant G

Famous International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM) in Paris, France (keepers of the metre standard) releases its new official value of the Newton's gravitational constant G, of 6.6754E-11, which in a historic precedent matches exactly with the first and only theoretically predicted value, of 6.675E-11 by Omerbashich - whose discoveries are thus confirmed independently and experimentally. This invalidates all other estimates of G, and makes unnecessary any attempts to "improve the experimental setup for estimating G" like this one. All such attempts will be forgeries - same as the impossible inflationary theory for instance makes all attempts to prove that theory (like via BICEP experiments) a priori forgeries and those behind such attempts - criminals.  News >>

Letter to Editor, JERSY >>

 Press Room >>

Infographic >>


Note how Google News, the world's largest news agency, tries to undermine this news - the first ever they allowed (were forced to by its importance) about the Omerbashich epochal discoveries: they hid it under "RationalWiki" link to a libel Google refuses to remove from search, and that's generally perceived as a hatchet job. (Later on they dropped it altogether, of course.) Note that educated people do also frequent that conspiracy theories site (see the preceding link), such as one geophysicist by name John Vidale - a US lab director who smears me in those conspiracy theory forums (imagine how righteous I must be then!) while he sells a gibberish "earthquake warning system" to great cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco (War of the Currents is repeating, but so do history's victors - in this case me with discoveries based on Tesla's work in geophysics v. Edison's disciple Vidale!), or a mathematician lady who has computed probability that Omerbashich is incorrect at amazing 1 in 640,000,000,000,000:

Chance that Omerbashich discovery is incorrect is 1 in 640 trillion, says a mathematician

A Pattern That Changes Everything!


Discovery of pattern in M6.3+ (tectonic) seismicity, showing tectonics is astrophysical phenomenon, not geophysical as previously believed. Discovery fundamentally rewrites macrophysics. (Image: pattern resolves better with increase in the lithosphere's response to M5.7+ earthquakes) more

Exact Proof Jewsuits Kill Presidents

...and numerous others - Obama was next:

Jewsuits (Vatican) and sects make human sacrifice killing US presidents (all 7 who died in office from Harrison to Kennedy), great women ("witches"): princess Diana, Benazir Bhutto, Indira Gandhi,Rosa Luxemburg, etc.; cause World Wars, genocides (Rwanda, Bosnia), disasters (Haiti 2010 earthquake)... [9 May 2013] More >>

Dr. Omerbashich's Fundamental Discoveries

Omerbashich equations express Newtonian gravitational constant (and thus gravity too) in terms of speed of light, as hinted by Maxwell & Einstein

Red: Newton's/Kepler's missing law expresses G (and thus gravity) via speed of light c (and scale s); relates orbital and vibrational periods. Black: detailed (firstanalytical) form of G, accurate to at least 39 places (the absolute accuracy of NIST G-experiments*) shows gravity isexpressible via c, and grave-mode of a body is not a random number as previously believed.

Levitation (Anti-gravity) Equation of the Earth-Moon system

* the 2006 NIST update closes the relationship an order of magnitude better than previous values used to, while the 2010 NIST update scores against the 2006 relationship less than half an order of magnitude better  (click equations for the paper). The above law is also a full disproof of Einstein's General Relativity and Planck's Quantum Theory.

-A mathematical equation stands forever

Albert Einstein

other discoveries:

■ Proof that strong quakes are caused by astronomical alignments (proof of Alfred Wegener's claim that the cause of geoseismicity lies outsied the Earth)

■ Moon-driven, mechanical tectonogenesis of the Earth

■ Lunar synodic forcing of the Earth gravity field

■ ~3600 yr cyclicity of Mg & Be10 in Antarctica ice cores 


- A summary presentation 


- INS/GPS navigation

Tutorial for aviation crews, NASA-STI/CASI database of world's for-Space-Program-significant Sci&Tech literature since 1915-present (Catalog #20020041935). Also by Japanese Space Agency JAXA

(Click here if your browser can't display the above Tweets)


Relativity  -  Jewsuits' greatest fraud ever

(if you can't explain it in layman terms,

it's probably bullshit...):

- A. Einstein's relativity is merely a mathematically different way of writing the equations of the Newton's theory (with an additional higher-order term), is related to largest scales, and has no proof;

- M. Planck's "Quantumity" is related to smallest scales, and has no proof;

- The only referee of the Einstein's relativity paper was Planck who had a personal interest: if a no-questions-asked principle were adopted for them largest scales, the same could be expected for the smallest scales too;

- The paper was without references but had copied main ideas from Lorentz and Poincaré -- hence it plagiarized;

- AdP editor-in-chief and prominent physicist of the time, P. Drude, "committed suicide" soon after accepting the paper for publishing;

- His "suicide" happened just a few days after Drude was admitted into world's most prestigious academy of sciences, and 1 week after he wrote Preface to 2nd edition of his book -- sounds like a suicidal mind to you?

- Planck was a hardcore nationalist;

- In 1917 British government made a deal (Balfour Declaration) with W. Rothschild, starting a long-term unrestricted partnership;

- This should have motivated British government to press one pacifist (during WWI) and astronomer A. Eddington to "prove" relativity, which he "did" in 1919 -- soon after, king unexpectedly pardoned him from firing squad for war-deserting;

- Media that then turned Einstein into a Saint were led by Nature and Times, both indirectly owned by Rothchild family (2007 combined wealth: ~$500 trillion) who financed "revolutions" and great wars in the last 1000+ years along with other richest families like Frescobaldi;

- All alleged proofs of relativity (neutron chain reaction, Mercury perihelion, galactic-scale observations...) are coarsely approximate. Yet, regardless how hard Albert tried to renounce his General Relativity (and boy did he try hard -- his famous tongue in camera for instance), they simply wouldn't let him. The cookie was out of the jar and tasted too sweet fort them Jewsuit manipulators to let go;

- Besides the fact that only Special Relativity is applied in it, GPS does not prove any relativity (especially not General Relativity) since it did not have relativity corrections from 1970-ies - 1990-ies yet it worked then with same accuracy (SA absent) as today. Also, alleged relativity effects on GPS position are indistinguishable from environmental geophysical noise, so like with all other "relativity proofs" the "GPS proof" can never be proved;

- The only person who advocates that GPS proves relativity is N. Ashby, a relativist ("he who preaches relativity for living") who alone pushed for introducing the corrections, thus, like Planck, having a personal interest;

- N. Tesla a genius who enabled 20th century as we know it, laughed out at A.E. (see a poem on "schemes so finely spun"). It was for this reason that those who turned A.E. into a star had also pronounced Tesla "weird" and sent him to Forgottenland;

- "Bending of light by heavenly bodies" could also be a mere refraction as light passes through stellar-wrapping layers of... something;

- Fast-moving clocks might be ticking slower due to  drag/friction of moving parts (be it spring mechanism or atomic orbits) which compose clocks against... something;

- Time has no absolute definition, so it cannot "change" in relative terms either (contract or stretch);

- "Wormholes", "black holes", "time-travel", "space-time"... exist in one's head only and were all a perfect fit for Jewsuits keeping cosmology as designed by their priest in 1927 (Big Bang - note capital "B"s)"inconclusive" so that "heavens above might exist" (the very same trick they applied to seismology also designed by them so it's nowadays called a "Jewsuit science" - but in case of seismology they did it so that "hell below might exist");

- "Black holes" could also be foci of never-understood so-called Newtonian multibody systems (extended Keplerian orbits concept);

- The Standard Model of cosmology, as based on A.E. relativity, cannot account for 97% of Universe's mass, which would normally expose anyone as a crank -- but not "him" though he tried to recant relativity but his captors of New Jersey Golden Cage aka Princeton (papists' US stronghold) simply wouldn't let him recant! Situation became so ridiculous that witty Albert came with his famous quote "Since mathematicians invaded my relativity, even I don't understand it any more". With all the media flash-lights blinding him directly into his eyes (as they will do later on with princess Diana and now with princess Kate) it took Albert a while to realize they were actually pulling his leg by turning him into a "holy cow" and that Princeton was his captivity after Nazis (Jewsuits) pushed him out of Germany. The result of his realization came in various forms, so in addition to the above witty statement we also remember him for his famous photograph where he shows his tongue to the camera.

- Relativists are desperate as the two "cheaters are caught" in act(ion)...

- So-called "epic experiment" (talk about big words) by NASA has found physical aether, but they claim it proves Einstein's Theory by demonstrating "space-time warping"; they forget to tell you that "space-time" is just a mathematical i.e. a non-physical entity; plus, no one has a slightest idea as to what gravity is, to begin with;

- The above "epic experiment" is as "epic" as the experiment in which they flew atomic clocks on-board airplanes thus "demonstrating" that the clocks slow down at high velocity but not why; basically, what they have thus "proved" (trivially) is that friction exists (wow!) and (erroneously) that math & physics are one the same (huh!?)

- The Large Hadron Collider,

the only thing that can instantly unmask the duo's fantasies, "broke down" before it was turned on. LHC took one decade, and world's best engineers, to make. (These things don't "break down" before ever working);

- And now that they realized they won't be able to find the graviton or other statistical mumbo-jumbo at the LHC energies in order to prove that gravity acts "on distance" (talk about black magic!), they now started talking of a need to build a yet stronger collider that will eat up tens of times the billions (trillions?) that the LHC consumed;

The Comedy goes on as they claim LHC detected "Higgs boson" so it must be that Higgs theory is correct too, where in fact it isn't (they are trying to prove a theory (Standard Model) in theory, which is nonsense; besides, if "Higgs boson" gave mass to everything as they claim, what was it that gave mass to "Higgs boson"? A Schmuck's hoson?.

- As the hijacking of Einstein's relativity (as with any theft) could take them only so far (as after a century the magic began fading), and since they were caught red-handed with BICEP/Inflation scam, TPTB are now swiftly transitioning to a series of new fables de jour (de next-century) - such as Higgs Boson and LIGO/Gravity Waves (see top-left column).

Hm, not laughing yet?

...how about this then:

- "I never came upon any of my discoveries through the process of rational thinking."

(A.Einstein, desperately in 1944, after decades of unsuccessfully trying to back away from his theory of relativity hijacked by Jewsuits - resulting in his famous statements like on mathematicians invading his theory, to showing tongue to camera...)

Cause of Most ~M6+ Quakes

How HUT Was Publicly Challenged -

And Subsequently Confirmed:

(Start time: 4:47, through: 9:04)

Indeed, as challenged by the guest of this radio-interview in Sweden of August, 2011, an M6.6 earthquake did strike Earth exactly on 22 Nov 2011 due to comet Elenin - as predicted by Hyperresonance Unifying Theory (HUT). This was confirmation of the predictive power of HUT, its special case (Earth-Moon forced mechanical oscillator - georesonator) in particular.

Here is the proof that strong (~M6+) seismicity (aka Jewsuit Science as they created it and set out its perimeters never to be crossed - so that it never takes us anywhere and thus preserve Italian bestseller fable/investment on "hell below", same as their priest created Big Bang/Cosmology thus setting out perimeters of cosmology never to be crossed either - so to preserve their fable/investment on "heavens above") arises due to magnification of mass resonance during Earth's long alignments to celestial objects. Note that alignments-seismicity causality is by exclusion, and 2011 empirical proof is just one part in the 3-step proof where the 2011 paper talks about body resonance (not orbital) and about tidally triggered resonance magnification (not tidal forces). Finally, the mechanism for the causality is in the 2007-2008 papers' equations,  while the M(6-5%)+ earthquakes are used for enhancing the pattern (that is, at the beginning and the end of resonance magnification).

III) empirical proof (2011) of the georesonator concept (the Earth thought of as a forced mechanical oscillator) is now available as a preprint. Strong (~M6+) seismicity on Earth occurs due to magnification of Earth masses' (mostly the mantle's) resonance during the Earth's long (>3 days) astronomical alignments with astronomical objects in our solar system. The causality is by exclusion: it stems from the fact that there are no alternative intermediaries in Space (relating earthquakes and alignments indirectly), other than the hyperresonator (see theoretical proof below). So the correlation is real. Physically, the concept is akin to a bridge possibly collapsing due to soldiers step-marching across it. Therefore, earthquake precursors like atmospheric (outgoing radiation of gases) or Sun activity (ionosphere disturbance) are not standalone. Instead, they are all parts of the same outer forcing that acts naturally along the forcing towards the Earth. Thus it is the mechanical shaking due to magnification of mass resonance, and not the rock compression due to seismic stress, which is the prime cause for the release of gases days ahead of activation of the seismic fault itself (by extension: if it is the prime energy supplier and thus the cause for  strong earthquakes, it is also the prime cause for their precursors). Since the here demonstrated concept is universal, the Sun’s largest coronal mass ejection recorded, of 7 June 2011, occurred during multiple long alignments Sun-Venus-Mars and Elenin-Sun-Uranus. (Real, logic-bound scientists are normally harassed and bullied for merely reporting on the correlation between Sun's oscillations and Earth's seismicity, climate, etc.) This particular ejection was a Sun equivalent of a M9+ earthquake due to the Elenin. (NOTES: the main reason why the comet C/2010X1 (Elenin) is included here with planets (in addition to the fact it drags gravitationally locked particles spanning 30k+ km) is because it is non-periodic (thus making an apparently static approach and therefore partaking in long alignments), and its trajectory is coplanar to our solar system. Other such comets have forbidding inclinations: their trajectories lie outside our solar system's plane so those comets never align with planets.) Strong seismicity during long alignments has mostly to do with object's low orbital inclination, low speed and large apparent size. Therefore only objects which are virtually co-planar to our Solar system's "plane" and which take up a significant portion of the sky are of relevance here, such as the Sun, the planets and the comet Elenin, but not any other comets or asteroids. The only M6- earthquakes included in this study were those flagged as significant (killer) by USGS. Here the M6 threshold was selected as ~M6+ seismicity emits ~70-90% (a range depending on deviation from the annual average, due to M9+ earthquakes) of all energy from all earthquakes and this 3-step proof is all about determining the mechanism responsible for Earth tectonogenesis as well as most earthquakes (something geophysics still cannot answer). This cutoff then enables also for a path of resonance magnification to be discerned: the M6-M7 earthquakes were then used also to increase the sample size and thus enable for demonstration of the path characteristic of resonance magnification (increase-peaking-decrease in strong seismicity). more::

II) Theoretical proof (2008; or see 2006 version with theoretical and instrumentation proofs lumped together), by showing that absolute generalization - so to apply to all universes at all times - of georesonator to hyperresonator (our Universe thought of as a mechanical oscillator tidally forced by outer universes), results in a first-ever analytical expression for a physical constant: the "Newtonian gravitational constant", G.  Gravitation, and not physics, is scalable along a scale, s, so that: G = s e^2, thus disproving both Einstein's and Planck's assumptions on modifiable physics along largest and smallest scales respectively, as being fundamentally flawed.  The derived equation is that of levitation (anti-gravity), and represents the 4th Newton's (Kepler's) law as the link between Kepler's orbital and all gravitational theories. What does it mean? For example, quantum mechanics is merely a misinterpretation of reality: "entanglement", "non-locality" etc. are due to georesonator providing common settings for quantum physics to trivially work at a distance within the Earth-Moon system. There is no need to look further for "God's particle"... The above "God's tune" means He composes for the Symphony!

I) Instrumentation-data proof (2007; or see 2006 version with theoretical and instrumentation proofs lumped together), by successfully matching world's most accurate gravity field records (decadal, 1Hz accelerations from the Canadian superconducting gravimeter) to decadal M7+ seismicity at or up to 3 days before luni-solar alignments. This paper showed that gravity of the total (all-masses inclusive) Earth responds strongly to Earth’s alignments with the Moon and the Sun, disturbing the Earth enough so that magnification of mechanical resonance is set off. The resonance magnification of the mantle (most of the Earth) gives rise to tectonics and, separately, strong earthquakes. This is now extended to our solar system as a whole and demonstrated.

Meant to Be Fun and Useful

Fudging of the Year:

Fitting (to) Einstein's relativity

Favorites Top 10 (or so):

Freeware MATLAB Code

Here's some useful MATLAB code. Use freely for non-commercial purposes, without removing the copyright notice:

% Randomly pollute a time-stamped time series for a preset percentage “p” of values, © Dr Mensur Omerbashich

A=load('c:\rsrch\tests\A00.txt');n=length(A);p=75;m=floor(p*n/100);q=n-m;k=randperm(n);B(1:m,1)=A(k(1:m),1);C(1:m,1)=A(k(1:m),2)+randn;D=[B,C];G(1:q,1)=A(k((m+1):n),1);U(1:q,1)=A(k((m+1):n),2);V=[G,U];E=[D;V];Z=sortrows(E,1);sp=sprintf('c:\\rsrch\\tests\\_output\\polluted_%d_percent.txt',p);fid=fopen(sp,'wt');fprintf(fid,'%8.3f %14.9f\n',Z');fclose all;clear all;


% Random-randomly purify a time-stamped time series at a preset percentage “p” of values, © Dr Mensur Omerbashich

A=load('c:\rsrch\tests\A00.txt');n=length(A);p=96.875;m=floor(p*n/100);q=n-m; k=randperm(n);B(1:m,1)=A(k(1:m),1);C(1:m,1)=0;D=[B,C];G(1:q,1)=A(k((m+1):n),1); U(1:q,1)=A(k((m+1):n),2);V=[G,U];E=[D;V];Z=sortrows(E,1);for i=1:n;Y(i,2)=Z(i,2);if Z(i,2)==0;Y(i,1)=0;else (i,1)=Z(i,1);end;end;X=Y;X(~any(Y,2),:)=[]; sp=sprintf('c:\\rsrch\\tests\\_output\\purf_%g%%.txt',p);fid=fopen(sp,'wt'); fprintf(fid,'%8.3f %14.9f\n',X');fclose all;clear all;

Omerbashich v. USA

(Patent Crimes)

•UPDATE 1/13/11: Reply to USPTO Communic. of 12/28/2010 To:USPTO

•Patent dispute & request to cancel the patent-To: USPTO

•Notice of patent dispute, and remedy request -To: Secretary Sebelius, DoHHS

PUBLIC NOTICE: The US Government stole these multibillion ideas from me, and protected them under its name in a record-breaking time -- within a year since the idea was defended/published in my PhD thesis. They played dirty afterwords too: USPTO dragged my patent application for nearly 5 years, "lost" filings  /amendments a dozen times, provided wrong instructions at least four times, etc. Even prior to the theft, the thesis's final draft "got lost" in the US mail, thus extending oral defense for more than half a year. Two PhD committees had resigned, and many other "nuisances" occurred along the way also. Those included: harassment by Canadian & US police, SWAT team with dogs & automatic weapons breaking in my residence at 4 am, cops pulling me over and searching my vehicle and me (often at gunpoint with hands up, sometimes twice in a same day) over 100 times during the last 2 years of my PhD studies, and other forms of pressure to make me leave the studies.  In late Fall of 2010, USPTO has admitted that the stolen PhD thesis's ideas are identical to what the Government had patented soon after my oral exam -- simply by passing a bylaw which literally grants the US Government a right to steal whatever idea they like in any PhD thesis as long as they do it within 6 months since that thesis oral defense! Since this grand theft, my ideas were applied in Space, medical, military and numerous other research fields in which the US Government sponsors R&D, like US national laboratories, but also in the private sector, like Johnson&Johnson. (For more info, see this public notice, this blog post; and the updates here and hee and here) If same happened to you, join this class-action lawsuit.

"Canons" of Fundamental Physics



*A theoretical construct with known or specified performance characteristics but unknown or unspecified constituents & means of operation.

Fake Science 

#Physics #NobelPrize (=#Fantasy) World richer for another bs confirmation of "entanglement" con by 3 Jews/Cryptojews (100%-match in avotaynu.com) = when 2 remote particles get simultaneously caressed by same world line/s of #Earth resonance: https://geophysicsjournal.com/article/313 #lol [17 Nov 2022 tweet]

While selling us on fake science such as "Space Station", Black Holes and Fuzzballs (LOL), the Medicis du jour (aka Rothschilds) tasked one Musk & his crypto-Jewish brigades with a real Space program to prep "Jews evac from a doomed planet" - such as those "1 million millionaires added each year in the US alone" (in case you wondered: mostly Jews by blood, as one of the goals of fake economy aka stock markets that created fake value in 9:1 ratio to real value - and which extra (fake) value is now getting pumped out to crypto brigades world-wide). if that fails, they may move on to a fake doomsday - all with the "1 million lottery-picked" (lol) evacuees to atomic shelters and caves - you saw it in so many Hollywood flicks so far, it will look something like pandemics flicks in the decades prior to their playing out the COVID drill.

[12 Dec 2020]

2022 UPDATE: system money gets pumped into jew pockets via rigged lottery too - for example to "the Luckiest Woman on Earth" Joan Ginther who won multimillion-dollar jackpots in the Texas lottery - four times (Ginter, according to avotaynu.com, is one of the oldest Hebrew bloodlines in the world, which is how this scheme is done - by surname). See more on how they do it in the 2022 movie Jerry and Marge Go Large whose screenplay is a composite of true stories of how this funneling is done on the national scale, and tells how one Selbee family did it (Selby is one of the world's oldest jew bloodlines).  The rigging is global, so for instance the Bosnian protectorate's (ran by the Rothschilds mafia) state lottery a few times even announced the winning numbers seconds before the respective balls were drawn in live TV broadcasts - lol

[18 Jun 2022]


Rothschilds pin #NobelPhysics to #Jew boyscouts #Penrose #Genzel #Ghez (100%-match Crypto-Jews in Dictionary of Jewish Surnames), try save Zionist #Einstein's GRT: Penrose for #BlackHole-GRT bait-n-switch (Einstein tried GRT-Black Hole), other two for NOT discovering a black hole! #lol [7 Oct 2020 tweet]


I've pranked DOE (lowlifes who stole my patents) and they fell for it! Lowlifes AND douchebags - can hardly get better than that! LOOL

[19 Nov 2020]


on "Rational Wiki" and Crypto-Jewish smear of Dr. Mensur Omerbashich.


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Dr. Mensur Omerbashich


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How Two members of superhuman race (Crypto-Jew Wineland/Winograd & Jew Haroche) Stole My 2012 Physics Nobel Prize 



(M6+ resonance forecast) My discovery of true cause of M6+ earthquakes: they arise due to tuning-forks effect as the Earth "aligns" longer than 3 days with two astro bodies in Solar system's "plane" - so that their body vibrations start resonating with ("talking" to) each other!

Sign this boycott against publisher Elsevier - text-book example of corporate fascists - "old money" (colonialism, slavery, Nazis, Oil...) trying to own scientists (minds) too. Intellectual property of artists, inventors, etc. is protected (which is great) - yet some think scientists should work for a meager salary while someone is making billions off of their intellectual property. Join 50,000 researchers and scientists now.

Sign this petition against the "Global Warming" scam -- or see why 30,000+ scientists think "GW" is crack-pottery. (IMAGE: natural periodicity of Earth temperature change over the last 500 million years)Why "Climate Change" is a hoax (e.g., surface temperatures before 1970s were measured to 1 whole degree C, so all centennial studies claiming < 2°C changes are fake).

Sign this petition against the official 9/11 Report -- or see why 20,000 architects and engineers think it's a lie. (IMAGE: "vanishing" wing of the obviously CGI-ed "airplane" during the near-live feed on 9/11/2001) Watch the full video or see the GIF animation. There is also this short video that the Ministry of Information (aka YouTube) keeps deleting. 

Sign this petition to disband the CIA -- a shameful blend between Gestapo and SS created to serve the Vatican con artists. Support also the Hon. Ron Pauls's call to Abolish the CIA.

Join this class action lawsuit if US Government stole your idea within 1 year since your Ph.D. defense, and protected it under its name.

** UPDATE: Since patentbuddy is shutting down their groups, here is a mirror at Google Groups

Fragments of Olympian Gossip

While listening on my cosmic phone, I caught words from the Olympus blown.

A newcomer was shown around; That much I could guess, aided by sound.

There's Archimedes with his lever, Still busy on problems as ever.

Says: "matter and force are transmutable, And wrong the laws you thought immutable."

Below, on Earth, they work at full blast, And news are coming in thick and fast.

The latest tells of a cosmic gun. To be pelted is very poor fun.

We are wary with so much at stake, Those beggars are a pest—no mistake.

Too bad, Sir Isaac, they dimmed your renown, And turned your great science upside down.

Now a long haired crank, Einstein by name, Puts on your high teaching all the blame.

Says: "matter and force are transmutable, And wrong the laws you thought immutable."

"I am much too ignorant, my son, For grasping schemes so finely spun.

My followers are of stronger mind, And I am content to stay behind,

Perhaps I failed, but I did my best, These masters of mine may do the rest.

Come, Kelvin, I have finished my cup. When is your friend Tesla coming up?"

"Oh", quoth Kelvin, "he is always late, It would be useless to remonstrate."

Then silence—shuffle of soft slippered feet—I knock and—the bedlam of the street.

Nikola Tesla, Novice

Can you tell why Tesla, a long-time fighter against imperial world-order, was declared by the Empire a "madman" and even a "lunatic-crank who created WMD" -- as a Discovery Channel documentary on Tesla, which aired on 23 Feb 2013, would want us believe? If he was alive today, a liberty-loving genius Tesla would be on the Terror Watch List of Jewsuit hijackers of the US Government!

"The scientists of today think deeply instead of clearly. One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane."

- Nikola Tesla


Adieu to particle physics

Wonderful SUSY

Don't know much about histery

Don't know much taxonomy

Don't know much about a silence look

Don't know much about the stench I hooked

But I do know that I love you


And I know that if I do find you

Oh what a wonderful world this would be

Don't know much about astronomy

Don't know much scientology

Don't know much about toxicology

Don't know what side effects may be

But I do know one and one is two

And if this one could be with you


Oh what wonderful pairs those would be

Now, I don't claim to be an A student

But I'm trying to beat it

For maybe by being an A student, SUSY

I can win world's love for me

Don't know much about histery

Don't know much taxonomy

Don't know much about a silence look

Don't know much about the stench I hooked

But I do know that I want you


And I know that if I do find you

What a wonderful world this would be

La ta ta ta ta ta ta (histery)

Hmm-mm-mm (taxonomy)

La ta ta ta ta ta ta (Silence look)

Hmm-mm-mm (stench I hooked)

Yeah, but I do know that I need you


And I know that if I do find you

What a wonderful world this would be.


Best taken to the tunes of The Mr. Cooke himself
First published on 28.04.2014 at NPR (comment deleted) 


Selected financial institutions that keep coming (the discovery of the up-peak-down pattern in M6+ seismicity (www.seismo.info) tells us when strong earthquakes are unlikely to strike, so they are probably placing negative bets in disaster insurance markets and others)