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HM The King sent his basic discovery that abridges the quantum and the mechanist worlds to one David Wineland of NIST, back in 2008 for verification. But instead of doing what taxpayers pay him to do, Mr. Wineland stole the king's result, presented  it as his own in 2009, and was awarded the 2012 Nobel Prize in physics for the king's discovery. A famed Nobel laureate for (quantum) physics Brian Josephson has agreed with the king in a debate: there are too many coincidences in this Nobel Prize dispute case and the argon affinity (particlequake energy output) value matching the king's gravitational resonance is indeed a remarkable coincidence (personal communication, 2013). This is forensic evidence that a theft of intellectual property has indeed occurred in this case: simply put, apart from the king's gravitational resonance and argon affinity (pivotal in "Wineland's" result for which he offers no theory), there is no third quantity in physics with the value  of 369.2... The discovery which David Wineland of NIST thus stole from the king to make praised, allegedly magical apparatus (while "forgetting" to spell out a "theory" behind the abridging of quantum and mechanist worlds), shows quantum physics is a byproduct of secondary, resonant effects of the Moon (tides) against the Earth. This confirms Einstein's claims that (a) quantum mechanics is bogus (locally real - see under "EPR paradox" - albeit only beyond resonant systems such as Earth-Moon that hinder locality and impose common-resonance settings for quantum phenomena to trivially apply even "at a distance" but only within the system), and, (b) geophysics would have the final word. [16 Mar 2013] More >>

09 January 2013


W o r k

Geophysics Institute of Hungary; Budapest - Marie Curie senior geophysicist

Berkeley National Lab; California, USA - lead geodesist

E d u c a t i o n

PhD theoretical geophysics (under Petr Vaníček) - UNB GGE, Canada (Ph.D. 2004)

PhD dissertation: Earth-model discrimination method (ProQuest ISBN: 0494068795), graded by the external examiner James Merriam: "-Whereas a PhD thesis needs to bring about 10% of new ideas, this thesis is the other way around - it is 90% original!"

The American Association of University Professors: an outstanding dissertation is of highest level of originality; "outstanding dissertations are rare - they come along once or twice a decade, if that often".

[Scroll down for details on how the US Government then stole ideas from this brilliant thesis, turned those into multi-billion patents they filed for and protected under their own (FDA's) name, in a record-breaking time -- a mere few months after the oral defense! They admitted this (and more) in writing -- full 5 years after HM filed for patent protection (18 months is the average!), as they exhausted dirty tricks such as "losing" and "misfiling" paperwork a dozen times. The final (of all!) draft of the thesis itself got "lost" in US Mail too, delaying oral defense for half a year -- just enough for the FDA. By now, those stolen patents were applied in areas/discoveries such as fast blood tests, weapon design, Space program...]

• Advanced CADD - MIT, Cambridge Massachusetts, USA

P a p e r s

Omerbashich, M. (2012) Hyperresonance Unifying Theory and the resulting Law. Journal of the European Royal Society 1(1):5-11 publisher PDF | HAL annotated preprint

Omerbashich, M. (2011) Astronomical alignments as the cause of ~M6+ seismicity. arxiv preprint.

Omerbashich, M. (2009) Galactic-bursts signatures in Antarctica 10Be spectra reveal cosmogenesis of climate switching. arxiv.

Omerbashich, M. (2009) Stochastic resonance for exploration geophysics. arxiv. PDF

Omerbashich, M. (2008) Note on: "Inevitability of Plate Tectonics on Super-Earths" by Valencia, O Connell and Sasselov. arxiv. PDF

Omerbashich, M. (2008) Scale invariability. arxivPDF  See the below note on the expanded (2006) version of this article. This article is the physics part of that 2006 paper; while its geophysics part, separated for publishing purposes, is:

Omerbashich, M. (2007) Magnification of mantle resonance as a cause of tectonics. Geodinamica Acta 20 (6):369-383. PDF

Journal cover design featuring HM's paper. Geodinamica Acta (European J Geodynamics) Vol.20, No.6, 12/2007
, non-special issue

Omerbashich, M. (2007) Reply to: "Gauss-Vaníček of Fourier Transform?" by JL Cornette. Computing in Science and Engineering 9 (4):5-6.  PDFHTML

Omerbashich, M. (2006) Gauss-Vaníček spectral analysis of Sepkoski compendium: no new life cycles. Computing in Science and Engineering 8 (4):26-30. PDF (Opposition paper to: R.A. Rohde & R.A. Muller (2005) Cycles in fossil diversity, Nature 434:208-210)

Magazine cover designed based on HM's paper and arising debates. CISE, Vol.9, No.4, July/August 2007,  non-special issue.
Magazine cover design featuring HM's paper and arising debates, CiSE, Vol.9 No.4, July/August 2007, non-special issue

A selection of citing review-papers/books:

- Aberhan, M., Kiessling, W. (2012) Phanerozoic marine biodiversity: a fresh look at data, methods, patterns and processes. Earth and Life pp.3-22. ISBN 978-90-481-3427-4

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Omerbashich, M. (2006) Boosting need for editorial policies revision. arxiv preprint. (Comment on "Long-period astronomical forcing of mammal turnover" by van Dam et al., Nature 443:687-691). PDF

Omerbashich, M. (2006) Springtide-induced magnification of Earth mantle’s resonance causes tectonics and conceals universality of physics at all scales. arxiv. PDF  NOTE: This manuscript was originally submitted to Annalen der Physik. Upon reading it, the editor-in-chief Professor Friedrich Hehl exclaimed "So it was that simple!" and was willing to publish it, only to change his mind a week later, quoting a second opinion according to which "mechanists are not allowed to use thought experiments (marching soldiers), unlike relativists (Einstein's elevator) or "quantumists" (Schrodinger's cat)"!? The e-mail in which the editor-in-chief wasn't hiding his excitement (the above equation expressing gravity via speed of light is astounding enough) has disappeared from the email account. Whoever erased it has also forgot to delete the cross-referenced emails, so the proof of that correspondence remains...

Omerbashich, M. (2005) State of affairs and future needs for geodetic activities at the Advanced Light Source. White Paper, 11 May, Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley California, USA.

Omerbašić, M. (2003) 2D Riemann-Christoffel curvature tensor via a 3D space using a specialized permutation scheme. Geodetski Glasnik BiH 37:5-12. PDF

Omerbashich, M. (2002) Integrated INS/GPS navigation from a popular perspective. Journal of Air Transportation 7 (1):103-118. PDF

Vaníček, P., Omerbašić, M. (1999) Does a navigation algorithm have to use Kalman filter? (Invited) Canadian Aeronautical and Space Journal 45 (3):292-296. PDF

B o o k s

Omerbashich, M. (2006) Earth-model discrimination method. Ph.D. dissertation, 2004, Ottawa, Library & Archives Canada pp.129, Published by: ProQuest USA. ISBN: 0494068795 ( more | ordering )

R e f e r e e   f o r   s c i e n t i f i c   j o u r n a l s

International Journal of Physical Sciences

Geophysical Journal International


C o n f e r e n c e s (sample)

Omerbashich, M. (2004) Seismotectonics of the Bosnia region with seismic hazard assessment.

Invited Speaker at the COST Action 625 "Monitoring of active tectonic structures" Conference, 12-16 May, Granada Spain.

P a t e n t s

Omerbashich, M. (2010) Method for Measuring Field Dynamics. US Patent #20090192741, US Patent & Trademark Office. [Scroll down for details on how US Government stole this multi-billion patent and protected it under its name in a record-breaking time, only months after the idea was published in King's PhD thesis.]

Omerbashich, M. (2010) Procedure for Increasing Spectrum Accuracy. US Patent #20090192742, US Patent & Trademark Office.

P o p u l a r

Omerbašić, M. (2012) Tužna strana nauke - kako ne raditi doktorsku disertaciju: - Primjedbe, mišljenja, prijedlozi i pitanja na predloženu disertaciju kandidata Mr. Medžida Mulić : "Istraživanje uticaja ITRF realizacija na koordinate, njihovu tačnost i određivanje vektora i brzina GPS tačaka na području BiH" (odbrana: 27.02.2012, JU Građevinski fakultet Sarajevo), in Bosnian. PDF

Dopuna 1 - Asim Bilajbegovic PDF

Dopuna 2 - krivična prijava MUP Centar Sarajevo - Kukuruz, Crnčalo PDF

Dopuna 3 - krivična prijava MUP Centar Sarajevo - Avdispahić, dopune PDF

Omerbashich, M. (2010) Skeptikov priručnik o "Globalnom zatopljavanju", prijevod s engleskog: Joanne Nova "The Skeptic's Handbook on "Global Warming" (translation, English to Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian) PDF

R e s e a r c h   i n t e r e s t s

Theoretical physics (astrophysics & geophysics),
Gauss-Vaniček Variance Spectral Analysis in physics and genetics,
• non-Newtonian dynamics,
• scale invariability,
proxies for paleoclimate studies,
• microgeodesy/nanogeodesy
stochastic resonance
DNA sequencing & DNA analysis
• geoscientific aspects of UN Law of the Sea

L e i s u r e   i n t e r e s t s

debunking Anglo-Jesuit pseudoscience (censorial science) that is exclusively in service of English Crown and Vatican.

M e m b e r s h i p s

European Royal Society

European Geosciences Union

American Geophysical Union

Seismological Society of America

Institute of Navigation

IUGG/IAG Spec. group 3.177; Comm.1 – Math.&Phys. foundations of geodesy; WG 6 – Comparison of absolute gravimeters (inactive)

COST Action 625, GPS monitoring of faults

American Translators Association

C i t a t i o n   i n d e x

B i o g r a p h y   l i s t e d   i n

Marquis "Who's Who in Sci&Eng in the World" 2008-09 (Invited)


Royal Coat of Arms of Viceroy Boril Borič, a Hungarian prince and first ruler of Bosnia (1141-1173), direct ancestor to all Bosnian Kings & Bans, as well as His Majesty's. Uncovered in Croatia, 2003.

Mensur Omerbashich Ph.D., is a titular King of Bosnia and All of Illyria. HM is direct (paternally; from father to son) descendant of Viceroy Boril Borič (1141-1173), a Hungarian prince (Hun. Borisz) and Black Knight Templar who was the founding father of Bosnia and direct ancestor to all subsequent bans and kings of Bosnia until the 16th century when Bosnia's sovereignty got usurped by foreign entities.

Upon occupation of Bosnia in 1527, the Ottoman Dynasty deposed and slaughtered all heirs from the Kotromanić dynasty (then-ruling branch of Borićs lineage) and most of indigenous nobility, and replaced them with Sephardi Jews imported from Spain and Portugal with aid of pope Borgia. The Sephardi "elite for pay" (common in the times of old) converted to Islam and were given non-tenured possession over usurped lands of Bosnian nobility. They rule Bosnia to this day, always in the interest of Rome's geostrategy since evil Borgia sent them, and popes Benedict XVI and his Jesuit puppet Francis (Jesuits are Praetorian guard - a global terrorist organization that controls NATO and intelligence services for the pontiff and Rome's oligarchy that designed and is using Church as its geostrategic mask; the Jesuits replaced slain Knights Templar, but unlike templars they pledge allegiance to a man (pope) instead of god. This group of people represents the same center of power that also sponsored Ottoman conquest of Europe in an attempt to keep Illyria down... The Sephardi elite is nowadays recognized by last name's "noble" suffixes of "...begović", "...begić", etc. 

HM is also a direct descendant of Croatia's most noble Berislavich family of Illyrian lineage, whose members included sovereign bаns (viceroys) of Croatia, and numerous high ranking Croatian officials and prominent public figures over the last millennium. Viceroy Borič and all Bosnia's bans and kings belong in Berislavich lineage.  According to some sources, it is one of the oldest royal bloodlines in the world. (Note that misleading opinions can be heard too, claiming that "whole mankind is DNA-related to ancient kings or pharaohs". Although true, this is legally irrelevant, and is used only to downplay sovereignty as a concept: under international law, only paternal descendants can inherit sovereignty right, as male ancestry is how the main biological features of a lineage are being preserved.)

It probably descends from the Roman Imperial Dynasty of Severan (2nd-3rd century), the last ruling family in the lineage of the Empire's founder and first Emperor Augustus (27BC-AD14). It is also the lineage of rulers of the Illyrian Kingdom (Empire in fact, but downplayed by conquerors' i.e. Roman sources) prior to the Roman Republic: Caesar's grand-nephew and adoptive son Augustus (Octavius) continued matrilineally the Caesar's Roman noble origin, and paternally the Illyrian Royal lineage. Following the assassination of the lineage's last legitimate member, Emperor Alexander Severus (222-235), a crisis ensued. It lasted for half a century, with Germanic (Saxon) agents attempting to destroy the Empire's Illyrian ruling lineage and thus the Empire too, from within. The crisis was overcome thanks again to Illyrian (today: Bosnia/Croatia/Serbia) able generals who were Severan' illegitimate offspring (for example, Emperor Philip the Arab was an illegitimate son of Alexander Severus who married into the Severan family so Severan-Illyrian lineage went on despite the Saxons murdering both Phillip and his 11-year old heir-son). Those Illyrian generals who had descended from the Phillip's remaining offspring among other Severans, had started in the 3rd century what's known as the period of Illyrian Emperors ("the Illyricana").

The Illyrian royal bloodline continued playing significant role in form of many more emperors all through the 6th century, that is, until the Empire got transformed into kingdoms. The Severan lineage extended afterwards too, to form the indigenous (Illyrian-Celtic) dynasty of Britain via "legendary" King Arthur. They were later deposed by the present-day ruling Imperial Dynasty of England (a Germanic/Saxon dynasty), which supposedly descends from Cleopatra of Egypt and Marc Antony who were deposed by Caesar and Augustus... (You got to love it how it goes around, and around, and...) According to the latest studies by British archaeologists, Arthur was indeed a Roman general originally from Croatia proper. His major "sin" that earned him a status of "just a tale" was in his Catholic faith. The English hatred of Catholics (more precisely: Germanic/Saxon millennial targeting of Romans/Illyrians) resulted not only in permanent misery for the "Western Balkans" (a Rome's sophism for Illyria proper; whereas an even stronger sophism they and the English have come up with was "Yugoslavia") over the past millennium, but also in attempts to erase traces of ingenious Illyrians throughout history.

The Church (a sect, rather!) serves Roman oligarchy's geostrategic interests. That this is true is seen from great personal suffering and tormenting that they inflict upon most ingenious individuals, many of whom the Church burned at the stake, poisoned or assassinated in another way, if not slowing them down over their entire lifetime so that only the Church could enjoy the fruits of great ideas and discoveries. (Galileo was not a Mason, and neither was da Vinci nor any other great minds that Masonry claim into its membership after those people die. Notable exceptions include political imbeciles such as Mozart -- heavily misused by Illuminati (Germanic geostrategists) to subvert royalist system of government as the most natural and most suitable type of regime according to Plato, Voltaire, and others.) Note that, at the top level of power schemes, Masonry is just another Jesuit cover - one of many faces that the sneaky priests put on.

Apart from the roles it played in ruling over many European nations throughout Mid Ages, the Illyrian bloodline continued in medieval Bosnia as well, via the founding father of  Bosnian state, Viceroy Borič (1141-1173). As Borič pledged allegiance to the pope, he founded a new Bosnian branch of his dynasty (the Hungary's founding Arpads) and called it Kotromanić, stemming from coutor Romanus (Latin for "co-Roman"; "pro Roman"), a term probably originating from the Illyricani period of the saviors of the Rome...

It is not only the Anglo-Saxons on one side, and Roman Catholics and Zionist bookies on the other, who understand what really goes on in the world, today as ever. For example, the Illyrian direct royal lineage continues playing important roles in today's world as well. Thus, while all American presidents descend from either Saxon or Franco-Italian kings (making US a London-Rome compromise, and the western world a Principate currently under Anglo-Saxon Empress Elizabeth II of England), Serbia's former President Tadić for example is an illegitimately-direct descendant of the Roman Emperor Philip the ArabNote that the last major (imperial) shift of global superpower happened in the 17th century, when a Saxon prince William of Orange deposed a British Stuart
dynasty -- Catholics seeking to restore Britain's allegiance to Rome. Queen Elizabeth II is a William's direct descendant.

Western history under Jesuit interference has been filled with geostrategic gibberish of great sophistic variety and tragic consequences for the quickly enlarging mankind, such as: colonialism, world/cold wars, famine, political movements, revolutions, economy of Adam Smith, scientific doctrines like Einstein/Planck GR/QM incorrect theories (perfect for Church's cause as they are inherently inconclusive), equally worthless cultural trends from Wagner and Picasso to the Space "program", etc.  But that entire show has one and one goal only: to keep the mankind so busy that we never realize we are actually miserable slaves; at the same time it masks the real power-struggle that goes on in the background for the control over the Western World and global resources.

Being the very heart of Illyria proper, today's Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia are one of the main targets of this Roman-Anglo-Saxon war of geostrategies. So much so that Albanians were magically turned into fake Illyrians although traces of Illyria in Albania are all in Greek Cyrillic. At the same time, the true Illyrians (Bosnians, Croats, Serbs) were given a false biological identity of "Slavs" though Slavs make mere 5% of the genetic pool in the Balkans. Namely, the only thing that Slavic hordes (who invaded in the 6th century and left soon after, just like all other looters used to do!) left behind was their language, which the locals adopted out of fear of extermination -- and after the Slav hordes massacred or took into slavery more than 4 million (then-majority of) Illyrians. Also, Illyrian topics including the very word 'Illyria' have been viciously suppressed in the region's education system and media (except in Albania), and even legally prohibited in Bosnia/Croatia during the Saxon/Hapsburg occupation of 18/19th century!

HM is also direct descendant of a Catholic Knight Templar and Borič's son-in-law (and brother-in-arms) Stefan Nemanja (Stephanus Neemanus), who was the founding father of Serbia and her foremost House of Nemanich. The last despotess (sovereign ruler) of Nemanichs' Serbia was mother to Bosnia's last sovereign, Duke of Dubotchatz (heir apparent) Prince Stjepan Berislavich in the 16th century. He was executed in 1535 on orders from Husrev, Sultan's grandson and
occupation administrator of Bosnia, for refusing to convert to Islam and thereby abdicate (sign his 3 kingdoms off to Husrev's grandfather). Then prince's offspring converted to Islam under a red-herring name of Omerbashich, cf. Omer + Basha (Semitic for firstborn king in Arabic, Hebrew, and old Turkish), so for instance today we have records of such nobles as Duke of Dubotchatz Joannes Omerbasich from the late 17th century...

HM The King
is a scientist who has made fundamental scientific discoveries such as expressed gravity via speed of light.
His discoveery which abridges quantum and mechanist physics was stolen by NIST's David Wineland to whom the King had sent his discovery for verification. Wineland went on and published it as his own. This was done not only to secure advantage for the Vatican in science and technology (so that Jesuit Wineland and a French Zionist shared the 2012 Nobel Prize for physics they received based on the idea they literally stole from HM), but also to give the Vatican time needed to "finish the deal" of exchanging half Bosnia for Kosovo (with its incredibly rich mines and energy, now owned by such global pirates as Madeleine Albright and general Wesley Clark). To achieve this, they use non-lustrated communists so that Bosnia, Croatia, and Serbia remain the only three of 30+ ex-communists countries that had no lustration. Those communists and their foreign sponsors (who always regarded Milošević as their ally for this supreme reason of re-colonizing Bosnia and Kosovo) first set up the bloodshed of 1990-ies, and are now playing "democrats" by fixing elections and referendums (like EU-referendum in Croatia) so that they can remain in power no matter the regime, all while doing lip service to improve life for the people in this region. Those communists and their foreign sponsors (mainly Vatican 2) are thus exhausting the region to the point at which people and independent intellectuals should lose focus ("victim goes asleep"). Then the planned exchange 'half Bosnia for Kosovo' takes place, as the very minimum they are hoping to achieve. They would however welcome the entire region into the EU shackles -- albeit only in the colonial status as delivered by communist in case of Croatia already. Also, the popes desperately want to fetch the whole EU once the fmr. communists (used to blind obedience) finish that project for Rome (they are the today's "elite for pay" along with the Borgia's Sephardi). Simply put, the EU has no army, and the popes have enough NATO resources under their (Jesuit) control to build a new "Holy Roman Empire" -- via EU and bizarrely re-Christianized Russia...

King is the sovereign of Illyrian lands that Rome had designed in its divide-and-rule geotactics after conquering the Illyrian Empire: Croatia (cf. Lat. for cretins), Serbia (cf. Lat. for slaves) and Bosnia (cf. Lat. [bos+nae] for true oxes).

HM resides in Sarajevo, Bosnia.
§ 12th major confirmation of  Hyperresonance Theory comes from a sky survey and its analysis by George Mason U, which found out that the so-called "super massive black holes" aren't really a result of enlargement. Instead, they mainly come "as are". They occupy centers of galaxies (such as our Milky Way), while acting as whirlpools that suck in dust and other matter precisely because they are just whirlpools... Namely, the whirlpools (erroneously called black holes) arise normally as Keplerian foci - the result of "pinwheel toy" effect under HUT, as our universe moves relative to other universes within infinite Hyperverse of Multiverses. [7 Apr 2014]

§ 11th major confirmation of  Hyperresonance Theory: a father of modern inflation theory, Andrei Linde, has just seen his odd version of inflation theory verified for the first time. If it sticks (as it seems it will), this verification in turn confirms HUT as the first mathematical and physical proof of the Multiverse, by expressing gravity via speed of light, based on world's most accurate geophysical data from superconducting gravimeter, which are used also for verifying Newtonian gravitational constant, G.  HUT had thus shown down to the NIST precision for G at mechanist and quantum scales that universes continue ad infinitum -- as they're normally i.e. tidally engaged with each other. How exactly does a Linde Inflation verification confirm HUT? Well in order for the Linde Inflation to work, the vacuum-energy outside the known universe must be infinite for any, including our known universe too to come into existence. Just as our universe came into being from such vast vacuum energy, by the same or different tokens infinitely many other universes came into being as well. So this Linde Inflation verification is posed to be a nice confirmation of HUT in that there can't be just one universe (the one we're in and that we can observe), but Multiverse is as real as it gets. Linde Inflation also disproves the Cyclic Model of the Universe, as well as many hypothesized types of Multiverse, but not the HUT whose mathematics is indisputable (as only fools like the Church fight equations). Importantly, Multiverse not only trashes most of cosmological theories, but it also counters bibleheads' favorite lollypop called Genesis (fairytale on Catholic God creating everything in a moment or so). The HUT's main proof is Hyperverse of Multiverses -- which explains why the Church has been tormenting (and, unlike less controlled search engines, Google and Yahoo mocking) HM since he first expressed gravity via speed of light, back in 2006. Of course, Church won't give up that easy, so they immediately activated their Jesuits like Scientific American magazine to try to create a "Multiverse controversy" (kid you not!), as well as their sterile media-guru by name Sean-what-the-hell-did-he-ever-discover-Carroll to question the above BICEP2 experimental data. Jesuits did the same when ISON comet was claimed by many astronomers to be the Newton's comet (scroll below for more on that) which would confirm HUT as well. Now, panicky Jesuits claim that BICEP2 data represent "a relict from  self-organizing of the universe since much later than beginning". The "only" problem with their latest trick is that it requires divine intervention for the "self-organizing" to conquer such vast distances so late (or did they think that matter didn't travel way too far and mostly randomly since the bang?!) But what do atheists know about divine interventions. [18-29 Mar 2014]

§ 10th major confirmation of the Hyperresonance Theory: father of the modern "black holes" concept, Stephen Hawking retracted his basic work yesterday in Nature. This in turn confirms HUT as the only  cosmological theory which forbids the concept of "black holes". HUT instead likens that phenomenon to galactic Keplerian foci as galaxies normally tend to go whirlpool-like (see 3rd major confirmation below), thus appearing as "pinwheel toys" that are spinning due to our known universe traveling/orbiting about another universe(s)... Hawking thus admitted the ESA Planck Space Mission's recent finding (see 6th confirmation of HUT below) that data from that survey of the entire known universe do not support the concept of black holes altogeter... In doing so, he basically pooped on the magical "4D stars" forgery by Jesuit-Turkish alliance from Canada (see below) that tried to explain the Planck Mission's historic find!  But as he retracted the decades-long fairytale concept, a number of Jesuit-paid scientists are refusing to accept his retraction. The same type of denial had hit Albert Einstein as he retracted his General Relativity theory - when they simply wouldn't let him take it back. A smart and tactical man that he was, he came up with a witty protest, saying "he doesn't understand GR any more now that mathematicians took it over from him"... The money is simply too good, and too easy to pickpocket from taxpayers who are clueless as they are made to believe nonsensical concepts. But of course, who would know better than the men who created a concept, whether their concept was wrong to begin with?! The pope? [25 Jan 2014]

§ 9th major confirmation of the Hyperresonance Theory: Kepler mission for detecting exoplanets has confirmed that most solar systems are nothing like ours. From 3000 exoplanets sample, Geoff Marcy and others have found out that most of those are gaseous and so different than ours that our planet as well as the solar system are just an exception. This is so no matter size or distance from respective suns. And since, in most solar systems, planetary orbits are not nearly as co-planar as they are in our system (where the orbits are virtually co-planar!), this discovery confirms the HUT's prediction that georesonance (as due to orbital co-planarity in a solar system) is a major driver of geophysics. Namely under HUT, orbital coplanarity is a necessary condition for the stirring up of masses (a.k.a. geophysics) to form rocky planets as well as life from mechanically induced chemical reactions. [7 Jan 2014]

For those who asked how Jesuits actually do it (make up a fairytale like "Big Bang" and place it at the pedestal of Science): here's a real-time example. Over the past few days, global media were flooded with articles from Jesuit-operated or financed outlets revealing "Big Bang" so-called theory is dead. Wow, did we read that correctly?! They are throwing towel in so soon? Isn't 100 years on the Sect's timescale a blink of an eye?! Shouldn't we wait for at least 1000 years more? Also, wasn't the BB their bestselling BS ever (after the Jesus one)?! Of course not: for instead of crediting the King with exact proof of many 3D universes out there (as equations never lie, unlike the Sect which thrives on lies), they actually (sneaky, sneaky) came up with a replacement "theory" for BB (no data again, so same crap for all purposes), claiming there are many 3D universes -- originating from (you can laugh now) a 4D/5D star! Ha ha! The arXiv article was written by Jesuit-Islamic holy alliance ("physicists" who spend more time in church or mosque than lab). They based it all on a previous also ad hoc theory -- meaning non-physical (not based on data) theory by an as worthy (baptized; meaning not a slave) boy... President of the university that made fuss about this pile of crap is -- oh -- Turkish. So basically yeah, that's how they do it as they try to push under the rug the ESA's Planck Space Mission discovery that data don't support black holes concept. Geostrategy 101, live...  [20 Sep 2013]

§ 8th major confirmation of the Hyperresonance Theory: Astronomers at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, discovered that galaxies in farthest regions ("early stages", as bing bangers imagine) of the universe have had same shapes as most recent galaxies. For this, Hubble Space Telescope was employed. This find constitutes the 8th straight confirmation of HUT. Namely, galaxies mainly come as-are, instead of popping up under imagined inflation scenarios. This is in agreement with HUT which predicts that universes orbit just like everything else does, meaning universes also come as-are. Then, our known universe did not appear out of nothing either (or from a tiny cube size of a nail, which is even funnier than from nothing), and it too is not alone... And after the latest ESA's survey of our known universe of last March (see below), this latest find is a new big nail in the coffin of the Jesuits' "Big Bang" so-called theory. [15 Aug 2013]

§ 7th major confirmation of Hyperresonance Theory: C2012S1-ISON is an extremely rare sun-grazer (comets which, when close to the Sun, due to their size i.e. regardless of inclination, can align (i.e., lock resonantly)  for more than 3 days with two other objects in our Solar system's “plane“). ISON has similar characteristics as, and is a fragment of the famous Great Comet of 1680 that Newton used for verifying the Kepler's theory. (Update Aug 2013: A month after this post, Jesuit "astronomers" refuted a possibility that ISON is a fragment of the Newton comet. They offered no evidence of course... The catholic cranks never sleep!) As seen from June 2013 magnification of the Earth mass-resonance (magnified vibration) - obvious during Earth's alignments with two other Solar system bodies - ISON (the Great Comet of 1680) also verified the Hyperresonance Theory (that completes Newton's and Kepler's theories) - by total interference at multiple or very long alignments, i.e., a complete shutdown (to barely M5 levels) of Earth vibration magnification, from 16-24 June 2013, after which the magnification resumed as before. [25 Jun 2013]

§ 6th major confirmation of Hyperresonance Theory: European Space Agency (ESA) released a long awaited map of known universe, as based on the  2009-2012 Planck Space Mission. The new map is the confirmation of king's Hyperresonance Theory, namely of its main consequence: our known universe must be gravitationally engaged with another universe(s).   Mission was named after
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Max Planck as it was expected to confirm the cosmological model built on Big Bang theories and quantum theories first started by Planck. But instead, the new map showed significant disagreement with the two groups of theories, revealing drastic anomalies.  Due to these absolutely astonishing anomalies, the map shows that the cosmological model is far from being a perfect match to reality. The only perfectly clear thing is that the observed anomalies are so huge (on universe scales), and span an incredible 1/2 of the map (with a huge contrast-spot & forbiddingly non-homogeneous distribution for inflationary scenarios to work) - that the anomalies can only be explained by tidal effects by another universe(s). Finally, the Planck mission found out that data from its survey of the entire known universe do not support the concept of black holes. HUT on the other hand is the only cosmological theory which forbids the concept of black holes altogether. [22 Mar 2013]

Artists's impression of two universes interacting

"Scientist develops absolute cosmological theory, discovering how to express gravitation in terms of speed of light. The Hyperresonance Theory states all matter orbits and oscillates in tune regardless of scale or energy. The theory shows gravitation is stringdom's eigenoscillation at exactly multiples of c..."  Read >> [23 Dec 2012]


§ 4th/5th major confirmations of Hyperresonance Theory's prediction that our universe is gravitationally engaged with another universe.  Indeed, researchers at Large Hadron Collider (CERN) have killed Theory of Supersymmetry -- thus killing the "dark matter" fairytale as a codename for "we don't know how to explain (23% of) our universe". Then, as we learned within a day (love the timing), astronomers at Berkeley National Lab have mapped Space in BOSS Survey, showing when exactly "dark energy" took over gravity in our universe. Since "dark energy" is just another codename for "we don't know how to explain (73% of) our universe", the instance that they pinpointed demonstrates by its sheer existence that indeed another universe is gravitationally affecting ours. This, by elimination alone: what else could pull/push an entire universe, in such a sudden yet uniform fashion? Another universe, of course!  So physics found out, in a single day, that "dark matter" does not exist except in the Wizard of Oz, and there is nothing dark about "dark energy". As in everyday life, it's all about push and shove, figuratively or literally.  [15 Nov 2012]

§ 3rd major confirmation of Hyperresonance Theory's prediction that our universe moves relative to other universes.  Indeed, astronomers at U of California Berkeley, CalTech et al. have just found out that all galaxies tend to go whirlpool-like! This is a direct consequence of hyperresonance as our universe is oscillatory-orbitally engaged with another universe. Just like a pin-wheel toy spins when moved frontally against the air, galaxies too spin as their common universe moves through the oscillatory-orbitally tuned environment -- the stringdom (including so-called "dark matter/energy"). The same applies to all scales (georesonance), for example Jupiter's Great Red Spot, Earth's Ring of Fire, etc.  [21 Oct 2012]

2nd major confirmation  was achieved by USGS & U of California in Berkeley: mega quakes "trigger" strong (M5.6+) earthquakes globally! Note that the king's pattern applies to M5.7+ quakes, i.e. they stumbled on the mechanism of externally forced Georesonator. In the original paper, they are obviously clueless about the mechanism as they try Earthbound approaches only, but here such approaches to global-scale phenomena necessitate too many ifs as well as coincidences which occur virtually simultaneously. So they use term "trigger" loosely as there cannot exist an Earthbound mechanism that actually triggers strong earthquakes globally yet so successfully (so fast and in such a perfectly ordered manner magnitude-wise) as was the case with the 11 April 2012, Indonesia mega-quake, they now call "the strangest ever". Of course, there are no strange natural events; we are supposed to decipher nature, not vice versa! In other words: all Earthbound global theories are now dead. One quake killed geophysics as we knew it!  [27 Sep 2012]

§ 1st major confirmation comes from Professor Boucouvalas's research group, at U of Peloponnese, Greece: "virtually all M7+ earthquakes from 2004-2011 occurred on the day of Earth's astronomical alignment"! - EUREKA Conference paper  [02 Aug 2012] (Download the paper here or here if the above link is broken)


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§ King's Hyperresonance Theory >> [20 Jul 2012] HAL annotated preprint


Another 100 years of Jesuit sophistry?  [04 Jul 2012]


III) empirical proof (2011) of the georesonator concept (the Earth thought of as a forced mechanical oscillator) is now available as a preprint. Strong (~M6+) seismicity on Earth occurs due to magnification of Earth masses' (mostly the mantle's) resonance during the Earth's long (>3 days) astronomical alignments with astronomical objects in our solar system. The causality is by exclusion: it stems from the fact that there are no alternative intermediaries in Space (relating earthquakes and alignments indirectly), other than the hyperresonator (see theoretical proof below). So the correlation is real. Physically, the concept is akin to a bridge possibly collapsing due to soldiers step-marching across it. Therefore, earthquake precursors like atmospheric (outgoing radiation of gases) or Sun activity (ionosphere disturbance) are not standalone. Instead, they are all parts of the same outer forcing that acts naturally along the forcing towards the Earth. Thus it is the mechanical shaking due to magnification of mass resonance, and not the rock compression due to seismic stress, which is the prime cause for the release of gases days ahead of activation of the seismic fault itself (by extension: if it is the prime energy supplier and thus the cause for  strong earthquakes, it is also the prime cause for their precursors). Since the here demonstrated concept is universal, the Sun’s largest coronal mass ejection recorded, of 7 June 2011, occurred during multiple long alignments Sun-Venus-Mars and Elenin-Sun-Uranus. (Real, logic-bound scientists are normally harassed and bullied for merely reporting on the correlation between Sun's oscillations and Earth's seismicity, climate, etc.) This particular ejection was a Sun equivalent of a M9+ earthquake due to the Elenin. (NOTES: the main reason why the comet C/2010X1 (Elenin) is included here with planets (in addition to the fact it drags gravitationally locked particles spanning 30k+ km) is because it is non-periodic (thus making an apparently static approach and therefore partaking in long alignments), and its trajectory is coplanar to our solar system. Other such comets have forbidding inclinations: their trajectories lie outside our solar system's plane so those comets never align with planets.) Strong seismicity during long alignments has mostly to do with object's low orbital inclination, low speed and large apparent size. Therefore only objects which are virtually co-planar to our Solar system's "plane" and which take up a significant portion of the sky are of relevance here, such as the Sun, the planets and the comet Elenin, but not any other comets or asteroids. The only M6- earthquakes included in this study were those flagged as significant (killer) by USGS. Here the M6 threshold was selected as ~M6+ seismicity emits ~70-90% (a range depending on deviation from the annual average, due to M9+ earthquakes) of all energy from all earthquakes and this 3-step proof is all about determining the mechanism responsible for Earth tectonogenesis as well as most earthquakes (something geophysics still cannot answer). This cutoff then enables also for a path of resonance magnification to be discerned: the M6-M7 earthquakes were then used also to increase the sample size and thus enable for demonstration of the path characteristic of resonance magnification (increase-peaking-decrease in strong seismicity). more::

II) Theoretical proof (2008; or see 2006 version with theoretical and instrumentation proofs lumped together), by showing that absolute generalization - so to apply to all universes at all times - of georesonator to hyperresonator (our Universe thought of as a mechanical oscillator tidally forced by outer universes), results in a first-ever analytical expression for a physical constant: the "Newtonian gravitational constant", G.  Gravitation, and not physics, is scalable along a scale, s, so that: G = s e^2, thus disproving both Einstein's and Planck's assumptions on modifiable physics along largest and smallest scales respectively, as being fundamentally flawed.  The derived equation is that of levitation (anti-gravity), and represents the 4th Newton's (Kepler's) law as the link between Kepler's orbital and all gravitational theories. What does it mean? For example, quantum mechanics is merely a misinterpretation of reality: "entanglement", "non-locality" etc. are due to georesonator providing common settings for quantum physics to trivially work at a distance within the Earth-Moon system. There is no need to look further for "God's particle"... The above "God's tune" means He composes for the Symphony!

I) Instrumentation-data proof (2007; or see 2006 version with theoretical and instrumentation proofs lumped together), by successfully matching world's most accurate gravity field records (decadal, 1Hz accelerations from the Canadian superconducting gravimeter) to decadal M7+ seismicity at or up to 3 days before luni-solar alignments. This paper showed that gravity of the total (all-masses inclusive) Earth responds strongly to Earth’s alignments with the Moon and the Sun, disturbing the Earth enough so that magnification of mechanical resonance is set off. The resonance magnification of the mantle (most of the Earth) gives rise to tectonics and, separately, strong earthquakes. This is now extended to our solar system as a whole and demonstrated.


Selected financial institutions that keep coming (the discovery of the up-peak-down pattern in M6+ seismicity ( tells us when strong earthquakes are unlikely to strike, so they are probably placing negative bets in disaster insurance markets and others)

- Come, precious!



HM The King announced the proof beyond doubt: Jesuits (Vatican) and sects make human sacrifice killing the US presidents (all 7 who died in office from Harrison to Kennedy), great women ("witches"): princess Diana, Benazir BhuttoIndira Gandhi, Rosa Luxemburg, etc.; cause World Wars, genocides (Rwanda, Bosnia), disasters (Haiti 2010 earthquake)... [9 May 2013] More >>



Red: Newton's/Kepler's missing law expresses G (and thus gravity) via speed of light c (and scale s); relates orbital and vibrational periods. Black: detailed (first analytical) form of G, accurate to at least 39 places (the absolute accuracy of NIST G-experiments*) shows gravity is expressible via c, and grave-mode of a body is not a random number as previously believed.

Levitation (Anti-gravity) Equation of the Earth-Moon system

* the 2006 NIST update closes the relationship an order of magnitude better than previous values used to, while the 2010 NIST update scores against the 2006 relationship less than half an order of magnitude better  (click equations for the paper). The above law is also a full disproof of Einstein's General Relativity and Planck's Quantum Theory.

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Proof that strong quakes are caused by astronomical alignments

Moon-driven, mechanical tectonogenesis of the Earth

Lunar synodic forcing of the Earth gravity field

~3600 yr cyclicity of Mg & Be10 in Antarctica ice cores 


- A summary presentation 


- INS/GPS navigation

Tutorial for aviation crews, NASA-STI/CASI database of world's for-Space-Program-significant Sci&Tech literature since 1915-present (Catalog #20020041935). Also as Japanese Space Agency (JAXA) #LCCN-HE9761.1-J68.

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Relativity  -  Jesuits' greatest fraud ever

(if you can't explain it in layman terms,

it's probably bullshit...):

- A. Einstein's relativity is merely a mathematically different way of writing the equations of the Newton's theory (with an additional higher-order term), is related to largest scales, and has no proof;

- M. Planck's "Quantumity" is related to smallest scales, and has no proof;

- The only referee of the Einstein's relativity paper was Planck who had a personal interest: if a no-questions-asked principle were adopted for them largest scales, the same could be expected for the smallest scales too;

- The paper was without references but had copied main ideas from Lorentz and Poincaré -- hence it plagiarized;

- AdP editor-in-chief and prominent physicist of the time, P. Drude, "committed suicide" soon after accepting the paper for publishing;

- His "suicide" happened just a few days after Drude was admitted into world's most prestigious academy of sciences, and 1 week after he wrote Preface to 2nd edition of his book -- sounds like a suicidal mind to you?

- Planck was a hardcore zionist (Jewish extremist);

- In 1917 British government made a deal (Balfour Declaration) with Zionists led by W. Rothschild, starting a long-term unrestricted partnership;

- This should have motivated British government to press one pacifist (during WWI) and astronomer A. Eddington to "prove" relativity, which he "did" in 1919 -- soon after, king unexpectedly pardoned him from firing squad for war-deserting;

- Media that then turned Einstein into a Saint were led by Nature and Times, both indirectly owned by Rothchild family (2007 combined wealth: ~$500 trillion) who financed "revolutions" and great wars in the last 1000+ years along with other richest families like Frescobaldi;

- All alleged proofs of relativity (neutron chain reaction, Mercury perihelion, galactic-scale observations...) are coarsely approximate;

- Besides the fact that only Special Relativity is applied in it, GPS does not prove any relativity (especially not General Relativity) since it did not have relativity corrections from 1970-ies - 1990-ies yet it worked then with same accuracy (SA absent) as today. Also, alleged relativity effects on GPS position are indistinguishable from environmental geophysical noise, so like with all other "relativity proofs" the "GPS proof" can never be proved;

- The only person who advocates that GPS proves relativity is N. Ashby, a relativist ("he who preaches relativity for living") who alone pushed for introducing the corrections, thus, like Planck, having a personal interest;

- N. Tesla a genius who enabled 20th century as we know it, laughed out at A.E. (see a poem on "schemes so finely spun"). It was for this reason that those who turned A.E. into a star had also pronounced Tesla "weird" and sent him to Forgottenland;

- "Bending of light by heavenly bodies" could also be a mere refraction as light passes through stellar-wrapping layers of... something;

- Fast-moving clocks might be ticking slower due to  drag/friction of moving parts (be it spring mechanism or atomic orbits) which compose clocks against... something;

- Time has no absolute definition, so it cannot "change" in relative terms either (contract or stretch);

- "Wormholes", "black holes", "time-travel", "space-time"... exist in one's head only;

- "Black holes" could also be foci of never-understood so-called Newtonian multibody systems (extended Keplerian orbits concept);

- The Standard Model of cosmology, as based on A.E. relativity, cannot account for 97% of Universe's mass, which would normally expose anyone as a crank -- but not "him";

- Relativists are desperate as the two cheaters are caught in act(ion)...

- So-called "epic experiment" (talk about big words) by NASA has found physical aether, but they claim it proves Einstein's Theory by demonstrating "space-time warping"; they forget to tell you that "space-time" is just a mathematical i.e. a non-physical entity; plus, no one has a slightest idea as to what gravity is, to begin with;

- The above "epic experiment" is as "epic" as the experiment in which they flew atomic clocks on-board airplanes thus "demonstrating" that the clocks slow down at high velocity but not why; basically, what they have thus "proved" (trivially) is that friction exists (wow!) and (erroneously) that math & physics are one the same (huh!?)

- The Large Hadron Collider,

the only thing that can instantly unmask the duo's fantasies, "broke down" before it was turned on. LHC took one decade, and world's best engineers, to make. (These things don't "break down" before ever working);

- And now that they realized they won't be able to find the graviton or other statistical mumbo-jumbo at the LHC energies in order to prove that gravity acts "on distance" (talk about black magic!), they now started talking of a need to build a yet stronger collider that will eat up tens of times the billions (trillions?) that the LHC consumed;

The Comedy goes on as they claim LHC detected "Higgs boson" so it must be that Higgs theory is correct too, where in fact it isn't (they are trying to prove a theory (Standard Model) in theory, which is nonsense; besides, if "Higgs boson" gave mass to everything as they claim, what was it that gave mass to "Higgs boson"? A Schmuck's hoson?...

Hm, not laughing yet? about this then:

"I never came upon any of my discoveries through the process of rational thinking."



Some useful MATLAB code. Use freely for non-commercial purposes, without removing the copyright notice:

% Randomly pollute a time-stamped time series for a preset percentage “p” of values, © Dr Mensur Omerbashich
A=load('c:\rsrch\tests\A00.txt');n=length(A);p=75;m=floor(p*n/100);q=n-m;k=randperm(n);B(1:m,1)=A(k(1:m),1);C(1:m,1)=A(k(1:m),2)+randn;D=[B,C];G(1:q,1)=A(k((m+1):n),1);U(1:q,1)=A(k((m+1):n),2);V=[G,U];E=[D;V];Z=sortrows(E,1);sp=sprintf('c:\\rsrch\\tests\\_output\\polluted_%d_percent.txt',p);fid=fopen(sp,'wt');fprintf(fid,'%8.3f %14.9f\n',Z');fclose all;clear all;

% Random-randomly purify a time-stamped time series at a preset percentage “p” of values, © Dr Mensur Omerbashich
A=load('c:\rsrch\tests\A00.txt');n=length(A);p=96.875;m=floor(p*n/100);q=n-m; k=randperm(n);B(1:m,1)=A(k(1:m),1);C(1:m,1)=0;D=[B,C];G(1:q,1)=A(k((m+1):n),1); U(1:q,1)=A(k((m+1):n),2);V=[G,U];E=[D;V];Z=sortrows(E,1);for i=1:n;Y(i,2)=Z(i,2);if Z(i,2)==0;Y(i,1)=0;else (i,1)=Z(i,1);end;end;X=Y;X(~any(Y,2),:)=[]; sp=sprintf('c:\\rsrch\\tests\\_output\\purf_%g%%.txt',p);fid=fopen(sp,'wt'); fprintf(fid,'%8.3f %14.9f\n',X');fclose all;clear all;


UPDATE 1/13/11: Reply to USPTO Communic. of 12/28/2010 To:USPTO

Patent dispute & request to cancel the patent-To: USPTO

Notice of patent dispute, and remedy request -To: Secretary Sebelius, DoHHS

PUBLIC NOTICE: The US Government stole this multibillion idea from king, and protected it under its name in a record-breaking time -- within a year since the idea was published in king's PhD thesis. They played dirty afterwords too: USPTO dragged king's patent application for nearly five years, "lost" filings/amendments a dozen times, provided wrong instructions at least four times, etc. Even prior to the theft, the thesis's final draft "got lost" in the US mail, thus extending oral defense for more than half a year. Two PhD committees had resigned, and many other "nuisances" occurred along the way as well. Those included harassment by Canadian & US police, SWAT team with dogs and automatic weapons breaking in king's apartment at 4 am, cops pulling king over and searching the vehicle and king (often at gunpoint with hands up, sometimes twice in a same day) over a hundred times during the last two years of king's PhD, and other forms of pressure to make king leave studies.  In late Fall of 2010, USPTO has admitted that the PhD thesis idea is identical to what the Government had patented soon after king's oral exam. (For more info, see this public notice, this blog post; and the updates here and here and here) If same happened to you, join this class-action lawsuit.













*A theoretical construct with known or specified performance characteristics but unknown or unspecified constituents & means of operation.


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