Adult Education ~ At various times throughout the year, classes are held for adults of the parish.  These programs usually deal with scripture and pertinent topics of our Catholic traditions and faith.  These programs are announced in the parish bulletin.  Times and topics can also be accessed from the News/Information link on the home page. 

Altar Servers ~ The ministry of Altar Server or Acolyte is to assist the priest; to attend to the service of the altar and to assist as needed in the celebration of Mass and other liturgical celebrations.  The ministry is open to anyone in the parish who has entered fifth grade or higher. 

Anniversary Mass ~ Couples celebrating 50 and 25 years of marriage are honored at the 12 Noon Mass on a Sunday in early February.  Pre-registration is required and the announcement of the Anniversary Mass is published in the parish bulletin and on this website.

Annual Parish Drawing ~ This fundraiser is used to pay for parish property renovations.  Tickets go on sale in February and information and tickets are sent to all families in the parish as well as being announced in the parish bulletin and on this website.  The drawing is held in late April at the parish dinner.

Bereavement Group ~ This Christian-based group has the primary function of aiding and comforting those who have lost a loved one.  It is our intent to be supportive in any way we can, both spiritually and emotionally.

For more information, contact:
Rev. Mr. Joseph T. Rooney

Charismatic Prayer Group ~ These meetings focus on praising God, opening one's self to His unconditional love for us and to His working in our lives.  Using the gifts of the Holy Spirit, prayer, hymns, scripture, teachings, sharing and intercession are important elements in these meetings.  Mass is held on the second Monday of the month.  Meetings are held regularly in the chapel every Monday at 8:00 PM. All are invited to join us!

Church and Sanctuary Guild ~ This guild is comprised of groups of parishioners who help to maintain the worship space and linens used during liturgical celebrations.  This organization is open to any parishioner.  If you would like to assist, contact Lori Shields at or             215-659-3846.

Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist ~ Candidates for Eucharistic Ministry are selected and chosen by the pastor of the parish.  Any baptized Catholic in good standing can become an Extraordinary Minister.  The final decision on becoming an extraordinary minister rests with the Archbishop of Philadelphia, Charles Chaput.  Names and recommendations are submitted to him by the pastor.  After final approval by the Archbishop, the Extraordinary Minister begins his/her ministry for an initial term of 3 years.  At the end of 3 years, the ministry can end or be renewed by the pastor and again be submitted for approval by the Archbishop. The Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist assists in the distribution of Holy Communion during the liturgy and brings Holy Communion to the sick and disabled.  Please contact Father Janton at the rectory if you are interested in becoming an extraordinary minister. For more information, contact Joe Phillips,, Coordinator.

Fifty-Five and Over Club ~ The purpose of the club is to provide entertainment, recreation, and purposeful activity to anyone, regardless of race or creed, who is over 55 years of age. The club was founded in 1980 and chartered in 1981. As a social organization, the club supports the church and the school.  Meetings are held on the 2nd & 4th Fridays of each month except Good Friday and the Fridays after Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Luncheons and trips are held throughout the year.  Contact the rectory for more information.

Holy Name Society ~ This organization is dedicated to promote the reverence and love for the name of Jesus and devoted to the canonization of Blessed John of Vercelli.  The monthly meetings are on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.  Please read their monthly newsletter, "The Spokesman."  Also, please click here for the link to our webpage.

Hospitality Committee ~ Provides light refreshments after church gatherings and various open houses throughout the year.  For more information, contact the rectory.

Lectors ~ The Lector serves as a minister of the Word at Mass by reading the Holy Scriptures to the congregations.  The Lector's primary objective is to communicate the meaning of the Scriptures, which were laid down thousands of years ago by inspired authors.  Before the Lector can communicate the meaning of a reading, he/she must have a prior understanding of the reading in the context of the book from which it was taken and in the context of other readings at Mass.  This requires thoughtful prayer and study.  The OLHC Lector organization comprises men and women who take turns reading at Masses on Sundays and Holydays.  Parishioners who possess the requisite communication skills and who are willing to commit themselves to developing an understanding of the readings and to sharing faithfully that understanding with the congregation are invited to become Lectors. For more information, contact Ray Poplas at or call the Rectory at215-886-3456.

Liturgy Committee ~ This committee prepares and coordinates the major liturgical celebrations in the Church's Liturgical year.  It also acts as an instrument of communication among the various ministries exercised in the liturgical celebrations as well as solicit opinions and suggestions from parishioners in ways to enrich the liturgy.  For more information, contact the rectory.


Parish Religious Education Program (PREP) ~ The Parish Religious Education Program is the formal religious instruction of the Holy Scriptures ~ God's Word!  It is joined with the religious instruction of our parish school in proclaiming the Gospel message, in leading people to worship and prayer in developing community, and in motivating people to serve others.  The instruction also prepares our children to receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation, First Holy Communion and Confirmation.  This educational program is available to all children who are not receiving such instruction in their daily formal educational setting.  Classes are provided for children from grades one through high school. 

For more information, contact:
Dianne Donahoe, DRE-PREP
Phone:215-887-3067   ext. 33

Rosary Group ~ This group which is open to everyone in the parish meets weekly for the purpose of praying the Rosary for world peace and other intentions of the parish community.  The group meets in the chapel every Tuesday at 7:30 PM. Click here for a beautiful website for the rosary.

Sports Program/CYO ~ CYO Sports is one component of a parish’s comprehensive youth ministry program which enables the partnership of parents, coaches, priests, religious, teachers, and adult leaders to manage and support a sports program that allows youth to grow in their relationship with God and come to better understand themselves and the Catholic Faith. Such a program:

  • employs healthy and enjoyable competition to promote the sharing of gospel values among athletes, parents, and coaches.
  • assists parish leadership in nourishing the emotional, spiritual, social and physical needs of young people.
  • encourages young people to appreciate the gifts that they possess, and challenges them to share these gifts with their community.
  • allows youth to witness the life of Christian discipleship in their coaches and adult leaders.
  • encourages youth to become responsible members of their faith community.

If interested, contact Chuck Greenberg at (215) 872-1612 or email him at

St. Vincent de Paul Society ~ The St. Vincent de Paul Society is a world wide volunteer organization. The basic unit of the organization is parish conferences. OLHC is a conference and offers tangible assistance to needy individuals and families in our parish area. An essential precept of the society is to help while conscientiously maintaining the confidentiality and dignity of those served. The services provide include food, clothing, furniture and emergency financial assistance as is needed and possible to give. Funding for financial assistance provided is through donations to POOR BOXES located in the church. Food and clothing is obtained by collections throughout the year.

For Information contact:
Michael Bravo at

Ushers ~ This group is mainly responsible for taking up the collection after the Presentation of the Gifts.  Members also assist in the procession to receive Holy Communion during Mass.  Other responsibilities include looking for volunteers to bring up the gifts, the correct distribution of parish bulletins, greeting the people upon entering the Church, assisting in the seating of worshippers, and being of assistance to anyone in need.  Ushers also help to maintain the orderliness of the Church after Masses and at the end of the liturgies on Sunday.

Youth Mass ~ A monthly event which takes place at the 10:30 AM liturgy during the school year, usually on the second Sunday of the month.  Young people are welcome to participate in the Mass by performing the following roles: lector, usher, servers, gift bearer, musicians, and leaders of song.  The Youth Ensemble accompanies the congregational singing at the Mass. 

For more information, contact the rectory at215-886-3456.

Youth Ministry ~ Our Lady Help of Christians tries to implement the directives and goals for youth in conformity with the mission and goals of the Office of Youth and Young Adults within theArchdiocese of Philadelphia.

1. To empower young people to live as disciples of Jesus Christ in our world today.
2. To draw young people to responsible participation in the like,
mission and work of the Catholic faith community.
3. To foster the total personal and spiritual grown of each person.