The Old Magicians Abode

Fantasy Role Playing project with Ball Jointed Doll (BJD) characters
Imagine, a building, stuck between worlds...

An abode built in a nexus touching a range of possible worlds, a place where you could get utterly lost, or find the home you never had.
Such a place is the Abode where the Old Magician took residence, and for a while he was content there studying realities and magic, and learning about the realms. Then the Council of Magicians sent a decree to him saying: "To keep your position as master of the Abode you must offer apprenticeship for young students of magic, as well as positions for more advanced students of magic."
Not too happy about it, he sent out a summon, but tweaked it to attract only those who he thought would not be interested, or even fit for magic studies. A clever move he thought, and sent a pair of his minions to find a "good" prospect on some world noted for its hopelessness in providing people of magic understanding. After that he sat back and figured that his future would be calm and undisturbed for quite a while longer...
That was until his minions came back with an unlikely prospect... And then came a beautiful crow flying, an illusionist on the run and a fire-breathing warrior. And after an experiment in demon summoning, the Old Magician realized that the tranquillity of the abode would now be nothing but a memory. And yet there was more to come...

This page is about the denizens of the Old Magicians abode...

Who is good - Who is bad
It all depends on who you ask

Sus’sistinako, Ren, Li Nichang, portal Bodelarian, Opal, Erendil, Alma, Bel, Lir,
Opal, Erendil,Shade, Li Nichang, Tsuki, portsl Alhambra, Hanael, Palatyne, Evaleigh,
Shinju, Sus, Opal with Candra, Palatyne, Lir, Shinju-ichi and Shinju-ni, Shade as cat, Tsuki
Little sister, Calandra, Wotatease, Evaleigh pickled, portal (Oxford), Rook, Saber, Growf & Tomomi