The Ohio Mathematics Education Leadership Council (OMELC) is an organization that intends to enhance and extend leadership in mathematics education in and for Ohio schools.

OMELC works in partnership with the Ohio Council of Teachers of Mathematics (OCTM) to include those who serve in Math Education leadership roles such as district curriculum directors, coaches, and university professors.

In 2019, OMELC refocused purpose as a facilitator of discussions regarding advocacy issues in mathematics education. OMELC is able to tap experts and leaders from around the state to help form positions and opinions surrounding these issues of advocacy.

OMELC partners with OCTM and its Ohio Journal of School Mathematics (OJSM) to disseminate these positions and recommendations to math educators and school administrators.


Each year, OMELC surveys its members to determine areas of focus for discussion.

To learn more about current and past areas of advocacy, See our Math Advocacy in Ohio page.

Membership is open to all individual interested in and committed to the purpose of the organization.