Thank You! - Everyone please welcome Emily Campbell to the OMELC Board. Jodi Bailey has resigned her position due to  many other OCTM responsibilities. The OMELC Board contacting all the nominations from our Fall 2017 meeting, and Emily stepped up to work with us for all of you! Emily comes from Cincinnati Public. We are lucky to have her!


Nina Sudnick - Athens City School District

“One person can make a difference and everyone should try.”-- John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Every morning Nina reads this quote and thinks, “What will I do to make a difference for my students today and beyond?”

How does she make this happen? Through the pursuit of the district’s K-6 Math Vision every day:
Students’ positive disposition towards mathematics allows them to use their own thinking and reasoning to discuss and learn mathematics in situations engineered by teachers who are collaborative learners, who understand student thinking and who support the development of students as problem solvers.
Nina’s 4th & 5th grade math classes are a place where the vision is reality. The foundation of the math classes are the Standards for Mathematical Practice. They dig deep into the content and share their reasoning while critiquing the reasoning of peers.
All of the excitement and energy of Nina’s classrooms has overflowed into other math classrooms throughout her district.  As the leader of the district’s Math Leadership Team she is collaborating to create a rich math environment for ALL of the district’s students.
Nina closes by saying,  “Collaboration is something I seek and am excited to continue to expand my collaboration circle at OMELC!”

Thomas Roberts - Bowling Green State University

Thomas is an assistant professor of mathematics education at Bowling Green State University where he primarily teaches mathematics education courses in the inclusive early childhood program. His research examines African American students’ relationship with and understanding of mathematics and STEM in both formal and informal learning experiences. These interests are rooted in his experiences as a classroom teacher in urban schools. Issues of equity and student voice are central themes underlying this line of inquiry.

As an OMELC board member, he would have two primary goals. First, he thinks it is critical to increase the communication of the good work mathematics education leaders are doing throughout Ohio. OMELC is an ideal organization to share these good works. Additionally, advocacy—in school, district, higher education, and political settings—for leadership in mathematics education is needed to enhance and extend leadership in mathematics education in and for Ohio schools.

OMELC is an organization for all who are interested in mathematics leadership in Ohio.  Learn more about OMELC and its role in mathematics education in Ohio from our Constitution.

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OMELC has published a statement to help explain the goals of the Ohio Learning Standards in Mathematics.  Find this statement at this link.

OMELC's Executive Board shared a letter with the State Board of Education urging their support in accepting the newly revised standards Feb. 14th 2017. Use this link to the letter