Gift Cards

Thank you so much for checking in with the After Prom gift cards! You have always been such a great supporter. This year the After Prom Committee has decided to not sell the gift cards. The time/effort compared with the profit was just not working out. It was an AWESOME program in it's beginning but now-a-days with the convenience of every store carrying the cards along with the groceries offering 4x fuel points etc. it is just getting smaller and smaller each year. :-(


I would encourage you (and any friend or family) to please purchase your gift cards with your Kroger Plus card if at all possible. Then you can have fuel points for your trouble and After Prom will still benefit from the designation on our quarterly reward checks. You just have to remember to renew your Kroger Plus Card each May with After Prom designated - our number is #80549 and it's easy!


Thank you for all of your support on this endeavor in the past!


We do still do the gift cards for large company/group orders. Please email Jill Ryland ( if you would like more info or to ask specific questions about that.

ALSO – Kroger Plus cards are an easy way to support the kids, but if you are not a Kroger shopper, we do still have some Remke reload able gift cards that give back 4% of everything purchased with them. You can keep loading and buying with them. I believe Remke has also started doing some gift card fuel pump perks as well. These cards currently have $1 on them or you can request any amount above $6 to be loaded for your purchase or to give as a gift.