President's Message

August 2011

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I am excited to be back as the President of the Oak Hills HIgh School PTA.  We have another big year planned and we will need your help.  We will continue with our amazing After Prom event.  Fundraising is already well underway and planning began before the last decoration was cleaned up last April.  Prom will be later this year on May 19 instead of early April, hopefully we will have a little more time to complete our fundraising.  We always need help the weekend of After Prom - setting up, cleaning up and chaperoning - please consider helping out for a few or several hours.  We will have our famous Fashion Show again this year on February 24th.  This is our primary fundraiser for the PTA and a wonderful event, so mark your calendars now to reserve the date.  Most of the funds support our scholarships for our kids, After Prom, Teacher mini-grants and our school support.  The Band Jam will be back again this year as well.  It was a big hit the past two years, so we are planning for another great evening this year on November 4th.

If you want to get more involved or volunteer to help with any or all of the events, please feel free to contact me.  The suport of our parents is what makes our PTA great.

Linus Ryland

May 2011

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Some 30+ parent volunteers meet at monthly PTA Board meetings to exchange information and provide events on behalf of all parents and, of course, our kids. I am in the enviable position of receiving the many positive comments that our PTA earns on behalf of the chairmen and committees who actually provide valuable services and events to our kids, our teachers and our community. While I try to express my thanks to these individuals on a frequent basis, I ask each of you to actively seek out those whom you know to be on the PTA Board and thank them for their dedication, their passion, and their service. 

Of course, the sincerest form of flattery is imitation …. so, we hope to see YOU on our board in 2011/12. Please contact any of the following people to learn about how you can get involved in PTA and be part of this wonderful Oak Hills community! 

Newly-Elected 2011/12 Officers 

President                             Linus Ryland                                                                                                                      President Designee             Melissa Hampton-Adkins                                                                                             1st VP                                  Ann Bushle                                                                                                                  2nd VP                                 Kristy Kopf                                                                                                                   3rd VP                                 Tiffany Brennan                                                                                                 Recording Secretary           Sissy Galbraith                                                                                             Corresponding Secretary    Barb Savage                                                                                                     Treasurer                             Dondi Tate                                                                                                                 Ham County Delegate         Cali Herzog                                                                                                                     Alt Ham County Delegate    Jane Miller                                                                                                         Members At Large                                                                                                                                     Bridgetown                         Stacey Drewes                                                                                                             Delhi                                   Paige Tedesco                                                                                                             Rapid Run                         Jacki Klumb                                                                                                                             

Many thanks to Melissa Hampton-Adkins and her nominating committee for compiling a strong nomination slate. The committee worked hard to include volunteers from all feeder schools, and developed a robust mix of new and veteran PTA-ers. 

Appreciation is extended to Gaylynn Ramsaur, Chris Gladfelter, Katie Dennis, Barb Center, Nora Brems, Gerry Schneider and Terry Peasley, who share great information about fellow OHHS organizations with PTA (orchestra, boosters, band, choral, etc). This information allows us to help celebrate the many accomplishments of our student body and to prevent (as much as possible) duplication of efforts, double-scheduling, etc. 

In a similar vein, we appreciate the county and state-wide education information that Pam Schlasinger, Kathy Lowry, Jane Walsh, and Linus Ryland bring to the PTA meeting each month. As you can see, being involved in PTA allows you to be informed about many facets of our kids’ education. 

The PTA echoes the appreciation of faculty and staff to Tina Parian and her Teacher Appreciation Committee, as well as Sissy Galbraith and those who helped at the Creative & Performing Arts Festiaval. Teacher Appreciation Week has become a cherished tradition at OHHS … and represents a small token of our gratitude for a passionate and devoted staff. It’s never too late to offer your personal appreciation to the teachers and staff members in your child’s life who provide immeasurable support to kids’ high school journeys – send an email today!

Our final Unit Meeting of 2010/11 is Wednesday, May 18th. Please join us at 7pm in the Media Center for a brief business meeting (2011/12 budget) and a reception to both install our new officers and to honor our fabulous award winners: 

Educator of the Year: Tiffany Coy Brennan                                                                                                                 Partners with PTA: Tim Taylor, Shannon Murray, Donnie Becker, Jill Ryland, Skeffington Formal Wear, Linus Ryland                                                                                                                                                                 Friend of Children Award: Johanna Sestito, Coach Kurry Commins, Amy Robertson-Smith, John Ritchie (Ritchie Photo) 

May 18th will also be the final PTA Board meeting of this school year, which will mark the end of my 2-year term as your PTA president. I’ve had the privilege to work with some amazing people, and I appreciate the support of our OH community. Thank you. 

“Great opportunities to help others seldom come, but small ones surround us daily.” (Sally Koch, author) 

Dondi Tate                                                                                                                                                                 233-1152                                                                                                                                            


On behalf of the OH PTA, I would like to thank those parents who volunteered their time and energy over the school year. Please look for the PTA Volunteer form at the start of next school year and use it as a way to get involved! Your information is shared with committee chairs when they are in need of help. Recruiting volunteers is becoming increasingly more difficult and we treasure each and every parent who is willing and able to give their time. Here is a list of just some of the events and programs that can't be done unless adequate volunteers are in place:

--Battle of the Bands                                    --Testing monitors                                                                                          --Spiritwear Shop                                         --Dance chaperones                                                                                       --Work Room                                                --PTA Fashion Show                                                                                     --Staff Conference Dinner                              --Afterprom                                                                                                    --Staff Appreciation Week                             --Annual Student Walk                                                                                 

Have a safe and wonderful summer!  -- Cali Herzog, PTA Volunteer Coordinator

April 2011

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Prom was held April 2nd, and our AfterProm committee out-did themselves once again! If you have ever seen the transformation that OHHS undergoes for this event, then I’m sure you understand why words cannot adequately express the gratitude that we have for Nancy Golabovski and her outstanding AP committee. From theme & decorations, to food & prizes, to fundraising, to review & sign-off with the Fire Marshall, the year-long effort that this team dedicates to provide our children with a safe and over-the-top event is extraordinary. As you might imagine, the nominal cost of the AfterProm ticket does not begin to cover the goodies and activities that are provided to over 1,000 kids. The support we receive from experienced volunteers, our elementary and middle schools, and our community is phenomenal. Please extend your appreciation to this committee and to our donors at every opportunity.

Major kudos go out to Ladies Night Out/Fashion Show chairs, Tina LaScalea and Karen Roberts, for their leadership in one of the most successful fashion shows on record! OHHS PTA would like to thank Susan Johnson (’85 alum) for donating her auctioneer services, to Springmeyer, Dulles, and Oakdale PTAs for their basket donations, to those who donated the delicious desserts, to the sponsors of our models (and all items auctioned off), and, of course, to the roughly 220 attendees who made the evening fun and fantastic!

PTA would also like to thank those who volunteered at MORP and those who will be helping out at the now-Annual Oak Hills Walk. Large school = large events, and these are only possible with the parental support we receive to ensure that our events are safe, robust and appropriately monitored. Appreciation also extends to those who made time to come to school and sell prom/after prom tickets. Although these dances are sponsored by student groups, it is critical that we provide support to their hard work, and no effort is too small.

Special appreciation is extended to Linus Ryland, our OHHS PTA President Designee and School Board Rep, who recently led the PTA awards process for OHHS PTA. We are pleased to present this year’s winners:

Partners with PTA:

Tim Taylor, Shannon Murray, Donnie Becker – Veteran’s Day program                                                                       Jill Ryland – PTA Freshman Class Rep (Channel 14 Newsletter)                                                                       Skeffington Formal Wear -They offer special deals and incentives for Oak Hills Students; great service to OHHS students over the years and many donations to our events and fundraisers                                                                                 Linus Ryland –Volunteer DJ for Band Jam, Fashion Show, and Oak Hills Walk

Friend of Children Award:

Johanna Sestito (English teacher) - Goes the extra mile to help kids prepare for college outside of class.                    Coach Kurry Cummins - He brings his ‘one heartbeat’ philosophy off the field and into the classroom, as well as the hallways.                                                                                                                                                                  Amy Robertson Smith – Amy has stayed on after her kids have graduated to lead and mentor new leadership for after prom.                                                                                                                                                       John Ritchie (Ritchie Photo) – Comes in for group and organization photos and candid photos as well as Homecoming; present at After Prom as well as taking student pictures from preschool to Seniors.                                                      Steve Groh (Photography teacher) - Gives extra time and attention to help students develop their talent; he has organized art shows and photography exhibits at coffee shops to display the students’ photos and give them the opportunity to feel the success of actually selling their work.  

Please help us congratulate all of our award winners at our May Unit Meeting & Reception on Wednesday, May 18th in the Media Center at 7 PM. At this Unit Meeting, we will also welcome our newly-elected OHHS PTA Board for the 2011/12 school year:


President                                    Linus Ryland                                                                                                    President Designee                   Melissa Hampton-Adkins                                                                                               1st VP                                        Ann Bushle                                                                                                               2nd VP                                       Kristy Kopf                                                                                                                3rd VP                                        Tiffany Brennan                                                                                                Recording Secretary                 Sissy Galbraith                                                                                             Corresponding Secretary          Barb Savage                                                                                                         Treasurer                                   Dondi Tate                                                                                                                Ham County Delegate               Cali Herzog                                                                                                                   Alt Ham County Delegate          Jane Miller


Members At Large

Bridgetown                               Stacey Drewes                                                                                                          Delhi                                         Paige Tedesco                                                                                                         Rapid Run                                Jacki Klumb                                                                                                                 

I wish all families a safe and relaxing spring break!

Dondi Tate                                                                                                                                                                 233-1152                                                                                                                                      

A Special Unit Meeting of the Oak Hills High School PTA will be held Wednesday April 27th at 7 p.m. in the Media Center for the purpose of amending the Budget. All PTA members are encouraged to attend. 

March 2011

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It gives me great pleasure to announce that Tiffany Brennan has been voted OHHS’s 2010/11 Educator of the Year! PTA voted as PTA members and as appreciative parents due to:

  • Efforts over the last year or so to o Improve overall communications with parents (esp electronic communication) 
    • Improve transparency of academic planning and engaging parents in the goal-setting process 
    • Improve students’ post-secondary planning 
  • Being one of the principal’s back-up on the PTA Board 
    • Answering questions with candor and transparency 
    • Good follow-up of issues that are raised 
  • Support of and participation in PTA events 
  • Urging to have Student Council (and others) bring back school spirit events, like Homecoming parade floats, etc
We look forward to officially recognizing Tiffany at our May Unit Meeting. In addition, Mrs. Brennan’s nomination will be forwarded to the Hamilton County Educator of the Year process.

YOUR Support = GREAT Success! The PTA would like to thank those who supported our Ladies Night Out/Fashion Show! This is PTA’s key fundraiser each year, and proceeds directly underwrite our scholarships and other student-centered programs. Huge accolades go to Tina LaScalea and her committee for an outstanding and action-packed evening! This popular annual event continues to evolve, and the bar has once again been raised on excellence. Our profound thanks to all who attended – your support enables this PTA to provide important support for our students!

Unit Meeting 
Our next Unit Meeting will be Wednesday, March 16th. It begins at 6:45 in the Media Center. This meeting is open to all PTA members; our Nominating Committee will be presenting their recommendation for the 2011/12 slate of officers.

It’s not too late to get involved! Check out our list of upcoming volunteer opportunities, including AfterProm, selling tickets for prom, the (now) annual OHHS Walk, and much more!

Dondi Tate 

February 2011

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Two of OHHS PTA’s biggest events are right around the corner, and we ask for your support and your participation. A huge thank you goes to Cali Herzog, our Volunteer Coordinator, for her tireless efforts in soliciting and matching volunteers with volunteer needs. Please contact Cali at if you can help at the following events or at any upcoming event (MORP Chaperone or ticket sales, Prom Chaperone or ticket sales, Teacher Appreciation Week, etc.). 

  • Tickets are going quickly for the OHHS Girls Night Out and Fashion Show. The theme is “Year Round Fashion Cent$”, and tickets include a full buffet dinner, bar, live auction, basket raffles and various other activities. TICKETS ARE ON SALE. 
      • See the order form in this issue of the Highlander. 
      • Order online at via PayPal. 
      • Email me or Tina LaScalea. 

  • Donate your time, talent and treasure to outstanding needs for AfterProm. 
    • Sign up to participate in the April 1st product survey that will be done at school (and can be done while you decorate for AfterProm!)
    • Continue to use your Kroger reloadable card; if you need another one, we have them readily available. 
    • Continue to order your gift cards through OHHS SCRIP. 
    • Let us know if you can help chaperone during AfterProm. 

Join us in supporting the many fun and exciting events yet to come this school year! 

Dondi Tate 

Congratulations to Tiffany Coy Brennan:OHHS PTA 2010-2011Educator of the Year

January 2011

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We are officially in the back-half of the 2010/11 school year, but we are certainly far from the finish line!  Some of PTA’s biggest events are right around the corner, and your support is critical to our success.  Success = scholarships and a safe prom night for our kids.  Please be part of these efforts:


Ø      Gather friends and family for the OHHS Girls Night Out and Fashion Show.  The theme is “Year Round Fashion Cent$”, and tickets include a full buffet dinner, bar, live auction, basket raffles and various other activities.  TICKETS ARE ON SALE.

o       See the order form in this issue of the Highlander.

o       Order online at via PayPal.

o       Email me.


Ø      Donate your time, talent and treasure to outstanding needs for AfterProm.

o       Sign up to participate in the April product survey that will be done at school.

o       Continue to use your Kroger reloadable card; if you need another one, we have them readily available.

o       Continue to order your gift cards through OHHS SCRIP.

o       Let us know if you can help chaperone during AfterProm.


Plans are also underway for another important event:  Faculty & Staff Appreciation.  The demands and expectations upon teachers in 2011 extend well beyond textbooks.  We reserve a week each spring to express our appreciation, and volunteers are needed for a number of tasks.  Please let us know if you’d like to help!


Your OHHS PTA is 30+ people who do wonderful things for our school.  Some of them lead our PTA events and activities, and some provide the critical behind-the-scenes support.  Like raising children, a successful PTA ‘takes a village’.  I want to express my appreciation to Stana Ruebusch, Ann Bushle, Kathy Lowry, Jane Walsh, and Pam Schlasinger for their support, their wisdom and their dedication to OHHS.


A personal thank you goes to Dee DelConte and Student Council for collecting 100+ toys for Joyful Toyful.  The December 15th event was able to serve 400 inner-city elementary students, many of whom may not otherwise have received a Christmas gift.


Stay warm and safe this winter season!



Dondi Tate


December 2010

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Oak Hills’ faculty do so many wonderful things, and the November 9th Veteran’s Day program was a shining example of the ‘above and beyond’ efforts that contribute to the “excellence” of OHHS.  Hearty congratulations go to Tim Taylor, Shannon Murray, and Donnie Becker for their phenomenal efforts.  82 veterans participated in this exemplary homage to those who serve and have served.  My own father participated, and he was blown away by the depth and breadth of the event.


  • PTA extends a heartfelt thank you to Melissa Hampton-Adkins for her leadership and coordination of the Veteran’s Day hospitality – she arrived at 6am to begin setting up for our honored guests!  We extend thanks to all who helped, including Sheree Perry, Sissy Galbraith, Sandy Brannon, Jane Miller, Kim Sander and Chris Gladfelter.
  • My own personal thumbs-up to Gerry Schneider for another outstanding Band Jam.  The event exceeded last year’s enthusiastic vibe and received words of thanks from students who are passionate about their music and appreciate a venue to share it.
  •  We echo the thanks and appreciation that our staff & faculty extend to Tina Parian and her committee for the conference dinner provided on November 23rd.  Having a delicious dinner and homemade desserts during an arduous 2 days of conferences is a welcome treat.  All 100+ staff members who were served send along a profound thank you to those who donated time and tasties!   
  • Thanks goes to Becky Grosse for her coordination of the OHHS Reflection program.  This is an important opportunity for students to showcase their varied artistic talents.  Results will be announced in early 2011.



The OHHS PTA nomination committee has been formed, and they will meet in January to develop a slate of officers for the 2011/12 school year.  Potential candidates from OHHS, as well as our feeder schools, should be forwarded to the committee at your earliest convenience.  Officers are elected in the spring, after which committee chairpeople will be solicited.  This is a great opportunity for veteran and new HS parents to get involved at Oak Hills – Join Us!




Our annual Ladies Night Out and Fashion Show is quickly approaching.  Tickets are on sale (order by check or by Pay Pal) – see our website for event and ordering information.  Get your table together and enjoy an over-21 girls’ night out!

OHHS Ladies Night Out & Fashion Show

February 25, 2011

Fashion Show Theme:  Year Round Fashion Cent$

Full Buffet Dinner and Open Bar

Auction, Basket Raffles, Jewelry Grab Bags, Heads-or-Tails


For those tables interested in sponsoring a model, only 5 slots remain!  Contact Tina LaScalea at 

On behalf of your OHHS PTA, we extend you best wishes for a blessed holiday season and a prosperous new year!


Dondi Tate


November 2010

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One quarter down; three to go.  We’d like to congratulate Ms. Dee DelConte and Student Council on another outstanding Homecoming Week, from the parade to the fabulously-decorated wooden OH signs to the dance … you help to bring ‘one heartbeat’ off the field and into the lives of students, faculty and alumni! 


  • More kudos go to Sissy Galbraith, Sherry Perry, Donna Hemberger and Melissa Hampton-Adkins for providing dinner to the 100 or so college recruiters here on October 13th.
  • A special shout-out to the PTA class reps – Sandy Brannon, Jill Ryland, Diane Luczaj, Shantel Buechler, Tammy Baker, Staci Lillis, Dana Price, Starla Schwing, Kelly Kremer, Kim Sander, Pam Schlasinger, Gaylynn Ramsaur - who have initiated a phenomenal class-specific email communication process for parents.  If you are not receiving these class-specific emails, please contact Tammy Nuss in the office.
  • A near-daily pat on the back goes to the Work Room crew for their tireless efforts in supporting teachers’ administrative needs.  The time they free up for our faculty is tangible and treasured.  


I hope that each of you has been able to take advantage of the myriad speakers & workshops that Tiffany Brennan and our counseling staff have been providing, particularly for college-bound students.  If you are not receiving the weekly Highland Highlights, you’ll want to contact Tammy Nuss to get on the email list.  The efforts to engage parents and students into discussing and preparing for post-high school plans are excellent, and the concise, focused sessions that I’ve attended have been an excellent source of information and a good use of time.  Even if you think you’ve ‘been there, done that’, I think you’ll find these workshops to be fresh and informative.



We continue to have numerous volunteer needs throughout the year.  Please refer to the volunteer sign- up in this issue to determine which opportunities align with your schedule.  PTA has an easy and unique opportunity coming up –> please consider serving on our nominating committee, which nominates the slate of officers for the 2011/12 school year.  1-2 meetings will take place in January to develop the slate.



We have surpassed the 500-member level, which puts us well on our way to meeting our goal of 1,000 members (including goal of 100% faculty membership).  If you have not submitted your membership dues, please do so at your earliest convenience.  See membership form in this issue.



Our next Unit Meeting will be Wednesday, November 17th.  We’ll begin at 6:45PM in the Media Center.  We will be voting on our nomination committee.  If you would like to serve on the committee and/or be considered for a 2011/12 PTA officership, please forward your names as soon as possible and/or attend this meeting.


Some schools have a “Mom’s Night”, but we do not limit ourselves to only moms!  We invite all women associated with Oak Hills – moms, grandmothers, alumni, friends, etc – to join us for:


OHHS Ladies Night Out & Fashion Show

February 29, 2011

Fashion Show Theme:  Year Round Fashion Cent$


For those tables interested in sponsoring a model, the 12 slots (one/month) are going quickly!  Contact Tina LaScalea at  Tickets are also available on our PTA website at


As always, feel free to contact me at the phone/email below with any questions or concerns.  Thanks for your support!


Dondi Tate


October 2010

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Mere weeks into the school year, your PTA has been hard at work!  Like so many organizations, it’s the behind-the-scenes activities that set us apart and contribute to OHHS’s EXCELLENT rating…..


  • Our deepest appreciation is extended to Barb and Mike Center for setting up the OHHS PTA website.  Visit us at to answer questions, get PTA event dates and to purchase gift cards (one stop shopping!).  We’re thrilled to add Christy Turner to our board as our new Webmaster J
  • A big thank you goes to Sissy Galbraith and her committee for providing hospitality at Open House.  It was a balmy evening with a lot of walking, and the refreshments were greatly appreciated by all!  We are grateful too all who donated time and treats! 
  • Major kudos go to Adrienne Schroder and her family J for the phenomenal membership efforts needed at the beginning of each school year.    Adrienne continues to be in the thick of it, and we appreciate your efforts to achieve our 1,000-member goal by getting your PTA membership sent in by the end of October.  See the membership form in this issue if you have not yet joined – thanks!
  • The AfterProm committee of PTA extends their profound thanks to all who participated in the Product Survey on September 24th.  This is a perfect example of the small ways we can all come together to support an event that serves 1,000+ OHHS students on a key night in their high school experience.  Thank You!


As discussed at Open House, our PTA class reps have once again begun to push out class-specific (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior) information and announcements – ranging from the time and location of Homecoming float building to PSAT sign-ups and deadlines to general class happenings.  If you are not receiving these emails, please send your email address (and grade(s) of children) to Tammy Nuss in the front office.  In addition to these emails, we recommend you review the “Daily News” that streams on the OHHS website.  These are the same announcements that your students hear in their advisory class each morning; they include general school announcements, club meeting times and special-interest information (i.e., scholarships).



As you can see from above, volunteers are needed for a variety of tasks and events – we have opportunities to fit every schedule – from occasional in-school ticket sales, to a ‘regular shift’ at the bookstore, to an evening of chaperoning!  Contact Cali Herzog ( to sign up!  Immediate needs include:

Ø      AfterProm – In-school Publicity:  includes working with art students to develop/select ticket and t-shirt design, in-school posters, t-shirt sales.  Great role for a newcomer J  Contact Nancy Golabovski at for information.

Ø      Assisting during the community Veteran’s Day program that is hosted by several history/government teachers on November 9th.  Needs range from helping veterans find their seats in the gym to serving lunch in the media center.  Please contact Melissa Hampton-Adkins at if you are available for part or all of this event.

Ø      Helping the Staff Appreciation Committee serve dinner to our teachers and staff during November 23rd conferences.  This is a late afternoon/early evening need.  The committee would also appreciate donations of homemade desserts.  Please contact Tina Parian at if you can help.




Ø      BAND JAM – the OHHS battle of the bands night.  Friday, November 5th in the Commons.  See details on the adjoining page or contact Gerry Schneider at 349-9257.

Ø      OHHS Ladies Night Out & Fashion Show - some schools have a “Mom’s Night”, but we do not limit ourselves to only moms!  We invite all women associated with Oak Hills – moms, grandmothers, alumni, friends, etc!  The theme is Year Round Fashion Cent$, and there are 12 openings to sponsor a model (one for each month of the year), so get your tables and models organized now!  Contact Tina LaScalea ( to reserve your month!  Tickets will be available for purchase on the OHHS PTA website ( beginning mid-October.  Proceeds support the six scholarships that PTA underwrites each year. 

Ø      REFLECTIONS – submissions for all categories are due Friday, November 19th.  If you need information about the program or need an application, contact Becky Grosse (



As always, feel free to contact me at the phone/email below with any questions or concerns.  Thanks for your support!


Dondi Tate


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