The simplest way for all parents to support OHHS is to join PTA.  For only $6, you join forces with hundreds of other parents and teachers in supporting programs and scholarships for our students.  In addition, your membership gives you a vote in PTA vision and planning.  Please print, fill out and submit your PTA membership as part of your back-to-school to-do list.  Thank You!

Please make your check payable to OHHS PTA and send in an envelope  with the form below marked PTA to the school or mail to OHHS PTA  c/o OHHS 3200 Ebenezer Rd.  Cincinnati OH, 45248. 


OHHS PTA Membership Form

Parent Name(s):___________________________________



Parent Email:______________________________________

Student(s) Name, Grade and Advisory (Homeroom):



Amount Enclosed ($6 / Member) _______________

Check One:       Staff o     /     Parent  o