Spring 2014

Feb 07 Alexei Miasnikov | Stevens Institute of Technology

On the Andrew-Curtis Conjecture

Feb 14 Holiday - No Seminar

Feb 21 Lev Shneerson | Hunter College / CUNY

On The Growth of & Free Subsemigroups of Finitely Presented Inverse Semigroups

Feb 28 Jeremy MacDonald | Stevens Institute of Technology

Effective Coherence, Discrimination, and Quasi-convexity

Mar 07 Alan Reid | University of Texas, Austin

Profinite Rigidity & Flexibility

Mar 14 Enric Ventura | Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

Inverting Automorphisms of the Free Group

Mar 21 Jim Howie | Heriot-Watt University

Sub-Direct Products of Groups

Mar 28 Asaf Hadari | Yale University

Automorphisms of Free Groups, Semidirect Products and their Associated Spectra

Apr 11 Timothy Susse | CUNY Graduate Center

Stable Commutator Length in Amalgamated Free Products

Apr 18 Spring Break - No Seminar

Apr 25 Nikolay Romanovskiy | Novosibirsk University

Logical Aspects of the Theory of Rigid Solvable Groups

May 02 Benjamin Steinberg | The City College of New York / CUNY

Hyperplane Arrangements, CAT(0) Cube Complexes, & Koszul Algebras