Spring 2013

Feb 01: Alexei Miasnikov, Stevens Institute of Technology

Non-commutative Discrete Optimization

Feb 8: Alex Lubotzky, Hebrew University - Jerusalem

Sieve Methods in Group Theory

Feb 22: Denis Serbin, Stevens Institute of Technology

Limits of Hyperbolic Groups are Z^n-Hyperbolic

Mar 01: Jennifer Tabak, Bowdoin College

Automorphisms of Diestel-Leader Groups

Mar 08: Nicholas Touikan, Carleton University

Hierarchical Accessibility of Finitely Presented Groups

Mar 15: Andrzej Zuk, Institut de Mathématiques


Mar 22: Mahmood Sohrabi, Stevens Institute of Technology

On the Elementary Equivalence of f.g. Nilpotent and Polycyclic Groups

Apr 05: Kate Juschenko, Vanderbilt University

On Simple Amenable Groups

Apr 12: Jon McCammond, University of California - Santa Barbara

Artin Groups of Euclidean Type

Apr 19: Igor Lysenok, Stevens Institute of Technology

Quadratic equations in free monoids with involution and surface train tracks

Apr 26: Kent Orr, Indiana University - Bloomington

Reflections on Group Closure, Finitely Generated Groups, and Class Field Theory

May 03: Eamonn O'Brien, University of Auckland

May 28-31: Geometric and Asymptotic Group Theory with Applications Conference

The City College of New York and the CUNY Graduate Center