Fall 2013



27 | Robert Guralnik, University of Southern California

Strongly Dense Free Subgroups of Algebraic Groups



04 | Gilbert Baumslag, The City College of New York/CUNY

Residual Properties of Groups Defined by Basic Commutators

11 | Olga Kharlampovich, Hunter College/CUNY

Right-angled Artin Groups in Topology and Group Theory

18 | Jason Behrstock, Lehman College/CUNY

Polynomial Divergence and Thick Groups

25 | Svetla Vassileva, McGill University

Logarithmic Space Complexity of Conjugacy Problems



01 | Ki Hyoung Ko, Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology

When Does a Graph Braid of Index 4 or Higher Become a Right-angled Artin group?

08 | Laura Ciobanu, University of Neuchâtel

Relatively Hyperbolic Groups with the Falsification by Fellow Traveller Property

15 | Tim Riley, Cornell University

In words, alas, drown I

22 | Jason Manning, SUNY Buffalo

A New Proof of Wise's Malnormal Special Quotient Theorem



06 | Algebra Day, The Graduate Center/CUNY

Seminars take place Fridays at 4pm.

The Graduate Center

City University of New York

Dept. of Mathematics, Room 5417

365 Fifth Avenue at 34th Street

New York NY 10016